World at War

A line of fast build kits with magazines, like the kits of "First-to-Fight", the kits are casted by IBG, Poland

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(Quickbuild Series)

Those kits are produced by IBG, Poland and published by MBK and GuidelinePublications

First 8-9 issues will contain German vehicles, then we will switch for a while to British. In future they plan to find interesting topics from other armies as well.

This "World at War" line will contain the following kits:


Kit W001 - Panzer III Ausf. A

WorldatWar/w001/00.jpg WorldatWar/w001/01.jpg WorldatWar/w001/02.jpg WorldatWar/w001/03.jpg WorldatWar/w001/04.jpg WorldatWar/w001/05.jpg WorldatWar/w001/06.jpg WorldatWar/w001/07.jpg WorldatWar/w001/08.jpg WorldatWar/w001/09.jpg WorldatWar/w001/10.jpg WorldatWar/w001/11.jpg WorldatWar/w001/12.jpg WorldatWar/w001/13.jpg WorldatWar/w001/14.jpg WorldatWar/w001/15.jpg WorldatWar/w001/16.jpg WorldatWar/w001/17.jpg WorldatWar/w001/18.jpg WorldatWar/w001/19.jpg WorldatWar/w001/20.jpg WorldatWar/w001/21.jpg WorldatWar/w001/22.jpg WorldatWar/w001/23.jpg

Kit MT72471 - Replacement tracks in resin are available by ModellTrans, Germany


For "Peter van Kempen's / OTW" preview of Kit W001 - Panzer III Ausf. A visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

For a video demo visit:

to demo - Video demo Kit W001 - Panzer III Ausf. A

Kit W002 - Panzer II Ausf. a1/a2/a3

WorldatWar/w002/01.jpg WorldatWar/w002/02.jpg WorldatWar/w002/03.jpg WorldatWar/w002/04.jpg WorldatWar/w002/05.jpg WorldatWar/w002/06.jpg WorldatWar/w002/07.jpg

built model by IBG

WorldatWar/w002/1/01.jpg WorldatWar/w002/1/02.jpg WorldatWar/w002/1/03.jpg WorldatWar/w002/1/04.jpg WorldatWar/w002/1/05.jpg

For "Robin Buckland's / Military Model Scene" review of Kit W002 - Panzer II Ausf. a1/a2/a3 visit:

logo "www.militarymodelscene.com" Website

For a video demo visit:

to demo - Video demo Kit W002 - Panzer II Ausf. a1/a2/a3

Kit W003 - Sturmgeschutz III - Prototype - (Pz.Kpfw.III 0-serien)

WorldatWar/w003/01.jpg WorldatWar/w003/02.jpg WorldatWar/w003/03.jpg WorldatWar/w003/04.jpg WorldatWar/w003/05.jpg WorldatWar/w003/06.jpg WorldatWar/w003/07.jpg WorldatWar/w003/08.jpg WorldatWar/w003/09.jpg WorldatWar/w003/10.jpg WorldatWar/w003/11.jpg WorldatWar/w003/12.jpg WorldatWar/w003/13.jpg WorldatWar/w003/14.jpg

Build model by IBG

WorldatWar/w003/1/01.jpg WorldatWar/w003/1/02.jpg WorldatWar/w003/1/03.jpg WorldatWar/w003/1/04.jpg WorldatWar/w003/1/05.jpg WorldatWar/w003/1/06.jpg

For a video demo visit:

to demo - Video demo Kit W003 - Sturmgeschutz III - Prototype - Pz.Kpfw.III 0-serien

Kit W004 - Panzer IV, Ausf. A

WorldatWar/w004/01.jpg WorldatWar/w004/02.jpg WorldatWar/w004/03.jpg WorldatWar/w004/04.jpg WorldatWar/w004/05.jpg WorldatWar/w004/06.jpg WorldatWar/w004/07.jpg WorldatWar/w004/08.jpg WorldatWar/w004/09.jpg WorldatWar/w004/10.jpg WorldatWar/w004/11.jpg WorldatWar/w004/12.jpg WorldatWar/w004/13.jpg

WorldatWar/w004/1/01.jpg WorldatWar/w004/1/02.jpg WorldatWar/w004/1/03.jpg WorldatWar/w004/1/04.jpg WorldatWar/w004/1/05.jpg WorldatWar/w004/1/06.jpg WorldatWar/w004/1/07.jpg

Note: It seems that Kit W004 - Panzer IV, Ausf. A is underscale, visit:

For "Jolyon Ralph's / Missing Lynx" comments of Kit W004 - Panzer IV, Ausf. A visit:

logo "Missing Lynx" Website

Kit W005 - Panzer II Ausf.A

WorldatWar/w005/01.jpg WorldatWar/w005/02.jpg WorldatWar/w005/03.jpg WorldatWar/w005/04.jpg WorldatWar/w005/05.jpg

Kit W006 - PanzerKampfwagen III Ausf.B

WorldatWar/w006/01.jpg WorldatWar/w006/02.jpg WorldatWar/w006/03.jpg WorldatWar/w006/04.jpg WorldatWar/w006/05.jpg WorldatWar/w006/06.jpg WorldatWar/w006/07.jpg WorldatWar/w006/08.jpg WorldatWar/w006/09.jpg WorldatWar/w006/10.jpg WorldatWar/w006/11.jpg WorldatWar/w006/12.jpg WorldatWar/w006/13.jpg

For "Patrick Storto's / OTW" preview of Kit W006 - PanzerKampfwagen III Ausf.B visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Model built by Udo Bauer

WorldatWar/w006/1/01.jpg WorldatWar/w006/1/02.jpg WorldatWar/w006/1/03.jpg WorldatWar/w006/1/04.jpg WorldatWar/w006/1/05.jpg WorldatWar/w006/1/06.jpg WorldatWar/w006/1/07.jpg

Kit W007 - Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf.B

WorldatWar/w007/01.jpg WorldatWar/w007/02.jpg WorldatWar/w007/03.jpg WorldatWar/w007/04.jpg WorldatWar/w007/05.jpg WorldatWar/w007/06.jpg WorldatWar/w007/07.jpg WorldatWar/w007/08.jpg WorldatWar/w007/09.jpg WorldatWar/w007/10.jpg WorldatWar/w007/11.jpg WorldatWar/w007/12.jpg

Kit W008 - Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.B - (1/76)

WorldatWar/w008/01.jpg WorldatWar/w008/02.jpg WorldatWar/w008/03.jpg WorldatWar/w008/04.jpg WorldatWar/w008/05.jpg

Kit W009 - Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.D - (1/76)

WorldatWar/w009/01.jpg WorldatWar/w009/02.jpg WorldatWar/w009/03.jpg WorldatWar/w009/04.jpg

Kit W010 - Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.C - (1/76)

WorldatWar/w010/01.jpg WorldatWar/w010/02.jpg WorldatWar/w010/03.jpg WorldatWar/w010/04.jpg WorldatWar/w010/05.jpg

For more information, latest releases and orders, visit:

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to I.B.G. I.B.G. Models website - (1/72 skala)

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