World at War

A line of fast build kits with magazines, like the kits of "First-to-Fight", the kits are casted by IBG, Poland

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(Quickbuild Series)

Those kits are produced by IBG, Poland and published by MBK and GuidelinePublications

First 8-9 issues will contain German vehicles, then we will switch for a while to British. In future they plan to find interesting topics from other armies as well.

This "World at War" line will contain the following kits:


Kit W001 - Panzer III Ausf. A

WorldatWar/w001/00.jpg WorldatWar/w001/01.jpg WorldatWar/w001/02.jpg WorldatWar/w001/03.jpg WorldatWar/w001/04.jpg WorldatWar/w001/05.jpg WorldatWar/w001/06.jpg WorldatWar/w001/07.jpg WorldatWar/w001/08.jpg WorldatWar/w001/09.jpg WorldatWar/w001/10.jpg WorldatWar/w001/11.jpg WorldatWar/w001/12.jpg WorldatWar/w001/13.jpg WorldatWar/w001/14.jpg WorldatWar/w001/15.jpg WorldatWar/w001/16.jpg WorldatWar/w001/17.jpg WorldatWar/w001/18.jpg WorldatWar/w001/19.jpg WorldatWar/w001/20.jpg WorldatWar/w001/21.jpg WorldatWar/w001/22.jpg WorldatWar/w001/23.jpg

Kit MT72471 - Replacement tracks in resin are available by ModellTrans, Germany


For "Peter van Kempen's / OTW" preview of Kit W001 - Panzer III Ausf. A visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

For a video demo visit:

to demo - Video demo Kit W001 - Panzer III Ausf. A

Kit W002 - Panzer II Ausf. a1/a2/a3

WorldatWar/w002/01.jpg WorldatWar/w002/02.jpg WorldatWar/w002/03.jpg WorldatWar/w002/04.jpg WorldatWar/w002/05.jpg WorldatWar/w002/06.jpg WorldatWar/w002/07.jpg

built model by IBG

WorldatWar/w002/1/01.jpg WorldatWar/w002/1/02.jpg WorldatWar/w002/1/03.jpg WorldatWar/w002/1/04.jpg WorldatWar/w002/1/05.jpg

For "Robin Buckland's / Military Model Scene" review of Kit W002 - Panzer II Ausf. a1/a2/a3 visit:

logo "www.militarymodelscene.com" Website

For a video demo visit:

to demo - Video demo Kit W002 - Panzer II Ausf. a1/a2/a3

Kit W003 - Sturmgeschutz III - Prototype - (Pz.Kpfw.III 0-serien)

WorldatWar/w003/01.jpg WorldatWar/w003/02.jpg WorldatWar/w003/03.jpg WorldatWar/w003/04.jpg WorldatWar/w003/05.jpg WorldatWar/w003/06.jpg WorldatWar/w003/07.jpg WorldatWar/w003/08.jpg WorldatWar/w003/09.jpg WorldatWar/w003/10.jpg WorldatWar/w003/11.jpg WorldatWar/w003/12.jpg WorldatWar/w003/13.jpg WorldatWar/w003/14.jpg

Build model by IBG

WorldatWar/w003/1/01.jpg WorldatWar/w003/1/02.jpg WorldatWar/w003/1/03.jpg WorldatWar/w003/1/04.jpg WorldatWar/w003/1/05.jpg WorldatWar/w003/1/06.jpg

For a video demo visit:

to demo - Video demo Kit W003 - Sturmgeschutz III - Prototype - Pz.Kpfw.III 0-serien

Kit W004 - Panzer IV, Ausf. A

WorldatWar/w004/01.jpg WorldatWar/w004/02.jpg WorldatWar/w004/03.jpg WorldatWar/w004/04.jpg WorldatWar/w004/05.jpg WorldatWar/w004/06.jpg WorldatWar/w004/07.jpg WorldatWar/w004/08.jpg WorldatWar/w004/09.jpg WorldatWar/w004/10.jpg WorldatWar/w004/11.jpg WorldatWar/w004/12.jpg WorldatWar/w004/13.jpg

WorldatWar/w004/1/01.jpg WorldatWar/w004/1/02.jpg WorldatWar/w004/1/03.jpg WorldatWar/w004/1/04.jpg WorldatWar/w004/1/05.jpg WorldatWar/w004/1/06.jpg WorldatWar/w004/1/07.jpg

Note: It seems that Kit W004 - Panzer IV, Ausf. A is underscale, visit:

For "Jolyon Ralph's / Missing Lynx" comments of Kit W004 - Panzer IV, Ausf. A visit:

logo "Missing Lynx" Website

Kit W005 - Panzer II Ausf.A

WorldatWar/w005/01.jpg WorldatWar/w005/02.jpg WorldatWar/w005/03.jpg WorldatWar/w005/04.jpg WorldatWar/w005/05.jpg

Kit W006 - PanzerKampfwagen III Ausf.B

WorldatWar/w006/01.jpg WorldatWar/w006/02.jpg WorldatWar/w006/03.jpg WorldatWar/w006/04.jpg WorldatWar/w006/05.jpg WorldatWar/w006/06.jpg WorldatWar/w006/07.jpg WorldatWar/w006/08.jpg WorldatWar/w006/09.jpg WorldatWar/w006/10.jpg WorldatWar/w006/11.jpg WorldatWar/w006/12.jpg WorldatWar/w006/13.jpg

For "Patrick Storto's / OTW" preview of Kit W006 - PanzerKampfwagen III Ausf.B visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Model built by Udo Bauer

WorldatWar/w006/1/01.jpg WorldatWar/w006/1/02.jpg WorldatWar/w006/1/03.jpg WorldatWar/w006/1/04.jpg WorldatWar/w006/1/05.jpg WorldatWar/w006/1/06.jpg WorldatWar/w006/1/07.jpg

Kit W007 - Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf.B

WorldatWar/w007/01.jpg WorldatWar/w007/02.jpg WorldatWar/w007/03.jpg WorldatWar/w007/04.jpg WorldatWar/w007/05.jpg WorldatWar/w007/06.jpg WorldatWar/w007/07.jpg WorldatWar/w007/08.jpg WorldatWar/w007/09.jpg WorldatWar/w007/10.jpg WorldatWar/w007/11.jpg WorldatWar/w007/12.jpg

Kit W008 - Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.B



Next isseu is Pz. Kpfw. IV B. First British topics will coming in 2019

(Question:)-Will have the Pz. IV B a correct 1/72 scale? New molds or use few sprues from to tiny PZ IV A?
(IBG:)-Unfortunately all the Pz. IV will be scaled like the Pz. IV A, we're sorry for that, it will be marked on the box too. But we guarantee that all the future projects will be perfect 1/72

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