Schatton Modellbau from Germany

Schatton is started with injection moulded armor kits of good/high quality in the 1/72 scale
The first kit will be released in 2012

The kits will have the same quality as the MPK and Maco kits

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Kit 72001 - DB L4500 S; Stahl-Fahrerhaus - (designed by MACO)

schatton/72001/00.jpg schatton/72001/01.jpg schatton/72001/02.jpg schatton/72001/03.jpg schatton/72001/04.jpg schatton/72001/05.jpg schatton/72001/06.jpg schatton/72001/07.jpg schatton/72001/08.jpg

With Standard and/or Einheitscab - (3D Drawings)

schatton/72001/1/01.jpg schatton/72001/1/02.jpg schatton/72001/2/01.jpg schatton/72001/2/02.jpg

Planned Future Models - (kit 72007 and 72008)

schatton/72001/1/03.jpg schatton/72001/2/03.jpg

Model built by Oto Stahl

schatton/72001/3/01.jpg schatton/72001/3/02.jpg schatton/72001/3/03.jpg schatton/72001/3/04.jpg schatton/72001/3/05.jpg schatton/72001/3/06.jpg schatton/72001/3/07.jpg

Model built by W.L. Baars

schatton/72001/4/04.jpg schatton/72001/4/05.jpg schatton/72001/4/06.jpg

schatton/72001/4/07.jpg schatton/72001/4/08.jpg schatton/72001/4/09.jpg

Possible conversions

Models built by Christian Weber

First of all the Standard truck with early steel cab with easely build trailer from the spare parts...

schatton/72001/5/01.jpg schatton/72001/5/02.jpg

Next one is a Maultier-vehicle; I used the late wooden cabine and the great Maco 3,7cm Flak 43. The Maultier suspension and tracks came from the MK 72 Marder, just with minor modifications.

schatton/72001/5/03.jpg schatton/72001/5/04.jpg schatton/72001/5/05.jpg

An another Maulter, again with steel cab and Marder suspension, armed with a Flak 37.

schatton/72001/5/06.jpg schatton/72001/5/07.jpg schatton/72001/5/08.jpg

Kit 72002 - DB L4500 S; Einheits-Holzfahrerhaus


Kit 72003 - German Einheitsanhänger - 3 ton

Most of the used parts came from MB L 4500, only axes are in Resin, quality quite ok, but again very, very poor documentation ! The quality of the pics is as bad as the original. - Albert Zrenner

schatton/72003/01.jpg schatton/72003/02.jpg schatton/72003/03.jpg schatton/72003/04.jpg schatton/72003/05.jpg schatton/72003/06.jpg schatton/72003/07.jpg schatton/72003/08.jpg

For "Modellversium" preview of Kit 72003 - - German Einheitsanhänger - 3 ton visit:

logo "Modellversium" Website

Kit 72004 - Tarpaulin Cover for Mercedes Pritsche or 3 ton

schatton/72004/01.jpg schatton/72004/02.jpg schatton/72004/03.jpg schatton/72004/04.jpg

Kit 72005 - German Truck MB L4500 A (Allrad) Stahl-Fahrerhaus

schatton/72005/01.jpg schatton/72005/02.jpg schatton/72005/03.jpg schatton/72005/04.jpg

Kit 72006 - German Truck MB L4500 A (Allrad) Einheits-Fahrerhaus

schatton/72006/01.jpg schatton/72006/02.jpg schatton/72006/03.jpg schatton/72006/04.jpg

Kit 72007 - Mercedes Benz L4500 Maultier With Metal Cab - (Pictures IPMS-DE)

schatton/72007/00.jpg schatton/72007/01.jpg schatton/72007/02.jpg schatton/72007/03.jpg schatton/72007/04.jpg schatton/72007/05.jpg schatton/72007/06.jpg schatton/72007/07.jpg schatton/72007/08.jpg schatton/72007/09.jpg

Comments Albert Zrenner

MB L 4500 R Maultier very good details, but very poor documentation, only some handwritten remarks and sketches about the assembly of the chain drive, glued into the original chassis of the 4 wheel truck. Some details missing or wrong, like rear wheel guard - not possible with chain, no info about new left side of motor hood etc. - Mr. Schatton told me via Mail, that in new boxes the correct instruction is included

I'm started with checking the manual and found it completely wrong ! Base of all "Maultier" was the type S (Standard), and not A (Allrad or 4 wheel drive). First quick info for colleagues, with the instructions from Schatton you can spoil this kit. Also there are missing in one kit two small wheels no 86. I will try to make some pics and sketches for correct building.

Pics of correct Maultier chassis: - front axle part A5 glued to leaf springs A3 & A4, no front drive ! Chain drive with parts from rear axle A9 & A10 glued to new parts 77 & 78 and A1 and then with new part 18 connect A10 to gear box of A1. - Kind regards, Zrenner Albert

schatton/72007/1/01.jpg schatton/72007/1/02.jpg schatton/72007/1/03.jpg

For "IMPS Deutschland" first look of Kit 72007 - Mercedes Benz L4500 Maultier mit "Metal" Cab visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72008 - Mercedes Benz L4500 Maultier mit "Einheits" Cab

schatton/72008/00.jpg schatton/72008/01.jpg schatton/72008/02.jpg schatton/72008/03.jpg schatton/72008/04.jpg schatton/72008/05.jpg schatton/72008/06.jpg schatton/72008/07.jpg

Model built by Stefan Roth

schatton/72008/1/01.jpg schatton/72008/1/02.jpg

For "IMPS Deutschland" first look of Kit 72008 - Mercedes Benz L4500 Maultier mit "Einheits" Cab visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72009 - Mercedes Benz L4500 A "Railway Truck"

schatton/72009/01.jpg schatton/72009/02.jpg schatton/72009/03.jpg schatton/72009/04.jpg schatton/72009/05.jpg schatton/72009/06.jpg schatton/72009/07.jpg schatton/72009/08.jpg schatton/72009/09.jpg schatton/72009/10.jpg

Kit 72010 - German 5 Tonnen Einheitsanhänger

Built model by Stefan Roth

schatton/72010/01.jpg schatton/72010/1/01.jpg

Kit 72012 - Tiefladeanhanger fur Panzerkampfwagen (Sd.Ah. 115 - Tanktransporter)

Built model by Stefan Roth

schatton/72012/01.jpg schatton/72012/02.jpg schatton/72012/03.jpg schatton/72012/04.jpg schatton/72012/05.jpg

Kit 72163 - Sonderanhänger Ost (für RSO) mit 2cm Drillingsflack - (resin kit)

schatton/72163/01.jpg schatton/72163/02.jpg schatton/72163/03.jpg schatton/72163/04.jpg schatton/72163/05.jpg

For "Rob Haelterman's / On The Way" review of kit 72163 - Sonderanhanger Ost visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72170 - German 5 cm Pak 38 auf gepanzertem Borgward Munitionsschlepper (Pz.Sfl.la)


Turned barrels from brass or aluminimum in 1/72 scale

set 7201 - 2 cm Flak-KWK 38 Rohre for Esci, Hasegawa, Revell, Vierlings Flak Sd. Kfz. 222,140/1,250/9, 1,3, 231,232,234/1,251/17,251/23, Mobelwagen, Wirbelwind, Luchs. Rohr vorne hohl

schatton/Barrels/7201/01.jpg schatton/Barrels/7201/02.jpg schatton/Barrels/7201/03.jpg schatton/Barrels/7201/04.jpg schatton/Barrels/7201/05.jpg

set 7202 - dt. 3,7 cm Flak 36/37 Messing Rohr, trichterformige Mundungsbremse, mit am Ansatz der Mundungsbremse durchsichtigen langlichen Rauchabgasschlitzen, Hasegawa, Revell.

schatton/Barrels/7202/01.jpg schatton/Barrels/7202/02.jpg schatton/Barrels/7202/03.jpg schatton/Barrels/7202/04.jpg schatton/Barrels/7202/05.jpg

set 7253 - 3cm Flak for Maco Kugelblitz
- (dt. 3 cm MK 103 Flugzeugbordkanone Hs. 129, Me410, Do335, Ju 88, He. 177 3 cm Messing dreh, bohr, fräs Rohr, 7 seitliche Rauchabgas Röhrchen durchsichtig Mündung hohl)

schatton/Barrels/7253/01.jpg schatton/Barrels/7253/02.jpg schatton/Barrels/7253/03.jpg schatton/Barrels/7253/04.jpg

set 72162 - 3,7 cm Flak 43 mit konisch hohler Mundungsbremse, mit allen Schlitzen und Rauchabgaslochern - (Late flak 37/43 - Maco flak 37/43)

schatton/Barrels/72162/01.jpg schatton/Barrels/72162/02.jpg schatton/Barrels/72162/03.jpg schatton/Barrels/72162/04.jpg

For other available barrels visit "Schatton Modellbau" website

For more information or ordering visit:

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