SANRONG - 3R Model

A Manufacturer from China, with a big line of ready built and painted (Diecast) kits, have released shortly also a quick build / easy build kit

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Kit TK7001 - Chinese PLA ZTZ-99A MTB

sanrong/TK7001/01.jpg sanrong/TK7001/02.jpg sanrong/TK7001/03.jpg sanrong/TK7001/04.jpg sanrong/TK7001/05.jpg sanrong/TK7001/06.jpg sanrong/TK7001/07.jpg sanrong/TK7001/08.jpg sanrong/TK7001/09.jpg sanrong/TK7001/10.jpg sanrong/TK7001/11.jpg sanrong/TK7001/12.jpg sanrong/TK7001/14.jpg sanrong/TK7001/15.jpg sanrong/TK7001/16.jpg sanrong/TK7001/17.jpg sanrong/TK7001/18.jpg sanrong/TK7001/19.jpg sanrong/TK7001/20.jpg sanrong/TK7001/21.jpg sanrong/TK7001/22.jpg sanrong/TK7001/23.jpg sanrong/TK7001/24.jpg sanrong/TK7001/25.jpg sanrong/TK7001/26.jpg sanrong/TK7001/27.jpg sanrong/TK7001/28.jpg sanrong/TK7001/29.jpg sanrong/TK7001/30.jpg sanrong/TK7001/31.jpg sanrong/TK7001/32.jpg sanrong/TK7001/33.jpg sanrong/TK7001/34.jpg sanrong/TK7001/35.jpg sanrong/TK7001/36.jpg sanrong/TK7001/37.jpg sanrong/TK7001/38.jpg sanrong/TK7001/39.jpg sanrong/TK7001/40.jpg sanrong/TK7001/41.jpg sanrong/TK7001/42.jpg sanrong/TK7001/43.jpg

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to moxing.net Moxing.net Website (CN)

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to Sanrong "SGshop" Website (CN)

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