A swap is not longer accepted

Due the reason that I have had the last 2 years moretimes a negative swap. After accepting the proposed swap, I have post everytime the asked kits, which by confirming are received, but I don't become kits back. After request the guys told me that they have posted the kits, but that the kits possible are lost in mail. I know this is possible, but 3 times my kits lost is me too much and not acceptable!!.

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Conditions for sale:

Click on the link below for the conditions. A sale is alone possible after accepting the conditions.

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Plastic Kits

1/76 Airfix

02314 - 6.00 Euro
02314 - 6.00 Euro


1/72 Condor

Kit 72008 - German Missiles Set 1 - Hagelkorn with Enzian - (2 different missiles)

box new - 8 Euro

Condor/72008/01.jpg Condor/72008/02.jpg Condor/72008/03.jpg Condor/72008/04.jpg Condor/72008/1/01.jpg Condor/72008/1/02.jpg Condor/72008/1/03.jpg

1/72 Force-of-Valor / Unimax

Kit 87010 - Tiger I

forceofvalor/87010/01.jpg forceofvalor/87010/02.jpg forceofvalor/87010/03.jpg forceofvalor/87010/04.jpg forceofvalor/87010/05.jpg forceofvalor/87010/06.jpg forceofvalor/87010/07.jpg forceofvalor/87010/08.jpg forceofvalor/87010/09.jpg forceofvalor/87010/10.jpg forceofvalor/87010/11.jpg forceofvalor/87010/1/01.jpg forceofvalor/87010/1/02.jpg forceofvalor/87010/1/03.jpg forceofvalor/87010/1/04.jpg forceofvalor/87010/1/05.jpg forceofvalor/87010/1/06.jpg forceofvalor/87010/1/07.jpg forceofvalor/87010/1/08.jpg forceofvalor/87010/12.jpg - 7,50 Euro

1/72 Germania Figuren - (Shipping by letterpost possible)

Kit WWI-008 - KUK Artillerzugmaschine n.09 - (shop price 21,50 Euro)

Now for 16,50 Euro

germania-fig/WWI/008/01.jpg germania-fig/WWI/008/02.jpg germania-fig/WWI/008/03.jpg germania-fig/WWI/008/04.jpg germania-fig/WWI/008/05.jpg germania-fig/WWI/008/06.jpg germania-fig/WWI/008/07.jpg germania-fig/WWI/008/08.jpg germania-fig/WWI/008/09.jpg

Kit WWI-011 - 10cm Feldhaubitze M99 mit Protze - (shop price 23,50 Euro)

Now for 17,50 Euro

germania-fig/WWI/011/01.jpg germania-fig/WWI/011/02.jpg germania-fig/WWI/011/03.jpg germania-fig/WWI/011/04.jpg germania-fig/WWI/011/05.jpg germania-fig/WWI/011/06.jpg germania-fig/WWI/011/07.jpg germania-fig/WWI/011/08.jpg

1/72 ModellTrans

5 Euro

Kit MT72085 - Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.A

Mt/MT72085/01.jpg Mt/MT72085/02.jpg Mt/MT72085/03.jpg

1/72 PST

Kit 72049 PMZ-2 (US-6) Fire Engine

box new - 9,00 Euro


Kit 72052 - PMZ-2 Zis-5 Fire Tanker

box new - 9,00 Euro


1/72 Revell

Kit 02508 - German Engineers WWII

Box new - 7,50 Euro

Revell/2508/01.jpg Revell/2508/02.jpg Revell/2508/03.jpg Revell/2508/04.jpg

Kit 02515 - German Artillery WWII

Box new - 8.50 Euro

Revell/2515/01.jpg Revell/2515/02.jpg Revell/2515/03.jpg Revell/2515/04.jpg Revell/2515/05.jpg

1/72 Science Treasury (is Hasegawa) - (without box)

Kit 12 - Kubelwagen with BMW Sidecar

Hasegawa/st/12/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/12/02.jpg Hasegawa/st/12/03.jpg Hasegawa/31112/05.jpg Hasegawa/31112/06.jpg Hasegawa/st/12/04.jpg Hasegawa/st/12/05.jpg Hasegawa/st/12/06.jpg Hasegawa/st/12/07.jpg 3,50 Euro

1/72 UM

Kit um323 BZ-38 Refueller - Shop price 11,50 Euro

um/72323/01.jpg um/72323/02.jpg um/72323/03.jpg um/72323/04.jpg um/72323/05.jpg um/72323/06.jpg um/72323/07.jpg 9,00 Euro

Kit um389 - T34 Recovery - Shop price 11,50 Euro

um/72389/01.jpg um/72389/02.jpg um/72389/03.jpg um/72389/04.jpg um/72389/05.jpg um/72389/06.jpg um/72389/07.jpg um/72389/08.jpg 9,00 Euro

Decals 1/72

Manufacturer LM Decals from Greece

Decal 72003 - The Willys MB 1/4 ton truck, Dodge WC 51/52 3/4 ton truck, Dodge WC 54 ambulance, Dodge WC 62 6x6 truck in Hellenic service (- 27 x 105 mm)

lmdecals/72003/01.jpg lmdecals/72003/02.jpg 3 Euro

1/72 "Fast Assembly kits from sModel

The boxes of sModels kits contains 2 identical kits, I offer the second kit of the boxes for around half price. The kits are from my own sModel stock.

If you are interested, please contact me by contactform / or email and inform me about which kits you are looking for

I reply with information about availability, price, shipping cost and possible way of payment etc.

Delivery: one complete kit with PE and decals - (box possible not inluded and with a copy instruction manual)

For contact form / email address, please scroll down to the bottom of this page

!!Note: prices are without cost of shipping and only for one single kit

Regarding my prices - prices are different from country to country and from shop to shop!!

1/72 sModel

720023 - 8.50 Euro (sold-DS)
720024 - 8.50 Euro (sold-DS)
720027 - 8.50 Euro
720046 - 6.50 Euro
720062 - 9.50 Euro

720063 - 9.00 Euro
720070 - 8.00 Euro
720108 - 9.00 Euro
720116 - 6.50 Euro
720150 - 8,50 Euro
720159 - 8.50 Euro

Resin and White Metal Kits

1/72 ARMO / Jadar Models

kits below, are brandnew and not left-overs or doubles

Kit 72154 - PT-91M - (modernized version of Polish MBT)

Shop price around 43 Euro

armo/72154/01.jpg armo/72154/02.jpg armo/72154/03.jpg armo/72154/04.jpg armo/72154/05.jpg armo/72154/06.jpg armo/72154/07.jpg armo/72154/08.jpg armo/72154/09.jpg armo/72154/10.jpg - 20 Euro

1/76 Firing Line - White metal with PE parts

FL-MV-001 Austion 10 Utility

sale/fl/1/01.jpg sale/fl/1/02.jpg sale/fl/1/03.jpg - 7,50 Euro

1/72 Mars, Poland

Kit 7219 Bussing Nag 900L with 88mm Flak 18

Shop price around 35 Euro

Mars/7219/01.jpg Mars/7219/02.jpg Mars/7219/03.jpg Mars/7219/04.jpg Mars/7219/05.jpg Mars/7219/06.jpg Mars/7219/07.jpg Mars/7219/08.jpg Mars/7219/09.jpg Mars/7219/10.jpg Mars/7219/11.jpg - 25 Euro

1/72 Martola - NRC

Kit 72100 - TK with 20mm FK38 canon - Polish Light Tank

nrc/72100/01.jpg nrc/72100/02.jpg nrc/72100/03.jpg nrc/72100/04.jpg - 2,50 Euro

1/72 Minairons

Kit 20GEV004 - Befehlswagen I ausf. B (1 resin kit in the box)

Shop price around 12 Euro

minairons/resin/20GEV004/01.jpg minairons/resin/20GEV004/02.jpg minairons/resin/20GEV004/03.jpg minairons/resin/20GEV004/04.jpg minairons/resin/20GEV004/05.jpg - 7,50 Euro

Built Kits

The built kits showed in this section are "old" kits in 1/76 and/or 1/72 scale from my own collection. They are replaced by more recent models or by kits in the 1/72 scale.
The kits are for sale. Regarding people that is interested in, the kits are "What you see" is "What you get". (prices are without cost of shipping) - (res= reserved for)

No items

1/72 Diecast C.D.C. srl from Italy -

Kit 3131 - Sherman M4A3 - 75mm

sale/cdc/3131/01.jpg diecast/3131-01.jpg diecast/3131-02.jpg diecast/3131-03.jpg - 15 Euro

Kit 3132 - Sherman M4A2 - 76mm

sale/cdc/3132/01.jpg diecast/3132-01.jpg diecast/3132-02.jpg diecast/3132-03.jpg - 15 Euro

Documentation, books, Magazines etc

Shipping rate within the Netherlands until 10kg is 6,95 Euro


"De Tank"

The magazine from the "Twenot", "Tweede Nederlandse Organisatie van Tankhobbyisten" - "Dutch Armour Association"

Available: - Editions 1987 < > 2011, 6 magazines pro year, contains scale drawings, pictures, articles etc. - (Dutch Language)

Price 3,50 Euro per year edition

twenot/64.jpg twenot/91.jpg twenot/143.jpg twenot/212.jpg

For more information, ordering and to know what is available visit:

logo"De Tank - Twenot magazines"

"Musee Des Blindes, - Armor Museum, Saumur, France"

"3 magazines with information - "Le Catalogue du Musee Des Blindes" - (French language)"

Price 5 Euros 3 issues - (without cost of shipping)

saumur/documentatie/01.jpg saumur/documentatie/cat01.jpg saumur/documentatie/cat02.jpg

Prospero Books
Destroyers, Frigates and Corvettes, by Robert Jackson
Language English
hard cover, 320 pages, size 17 x 15 cm
Condition: New.
Weight 580 gram
- 4 Euro



Prospero Books
Submarines of the World, by Robert Jackson
Language English
hard cover, 320 pages, size 17 x 15 cm
Condition: New.
Weight 580 gram
- 4 Euro



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I do not own a (web-)shop. You will find some reliable vendors in the "links" page.

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