A swap is not longer accepted

Due the reason that I have had the last 2 years moretimes a negative swap. After accepting the proposed swap, I have post everytime the asked kits, which by confirming are received, but I don't become kits back. After request the guys told me that they have posted the kits, but that the kits possible are lost in mail. I know this is possible, but 3 times my kits lost is me too much and not acceptable!!.

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Plastic Kits

1/72 Ace Models

Kit 72215 - Scheunentor Pak.43/41 88mm AT gun - (Out of production)

available 1 box - (shop price around 12 Euro)

Ace/72215/01.jpg Ace/72215/02.jpg Ace/72215/03.jpg Ace/72215/04.jpg Ace/72215/05.jpg Ace/72215/06.jpg Ace/72215/08.jpg Ace/72215/09.jpg 10 Euro - sold W.V.

Kit 72216 - le FH18 10,5 cm field howitzer - (Out of production)

available 1 box - (shop price around 15 Euro)

Ace/72216/01.jpg Ace/72216/02.jpg Ace/72216/03.jpg Ace/72216/04.jpg Ace/72216/05.jpg Ace/72216/06.jpg Ace/72216/07.jpg 10 Euro - res A.J.A.M.

Kit 72217 - 8.8cm Panzerabwehrkanone Pak.43 - (Out of production)

available 1 box - (shop price around 12 Euro)

Ace/72217/01.jpg Ace/72217/02.jpg Ace/72217/03.jpg Ace/72217/04.jpg Ace/72217/05.jpg Ace/72217/06.jpg Ace/72217/07.jpg 10 Euro - sold W.V.

Kit 72220 - 15cm schweres Infanteriegeschutz 33 (15cm s IG 33) - (Out of production)

available 1 box - (shop price around 12 Euro)

Ace/72220/01.jpg Ace/72220/02.jpg Ace/72220/03.jpg Ace/72220/04.jpg Ace/72220/05.jpg 10 Euro - res A.J.A.M.

Kit 72222 - 5cm Panzerabwehrkanone 38 - Pak 38 - (Out of production)

available 1 box - (shop price around 12 Euro)

Ace/72222/01.jpg Ace/72222/02.jpg Ace/72222/03.jpg Ace/72222/04.jpg Ace/72222/05.jpg Ace/72222/06.jpg 10 Euro - res A.J.A.M.

Kit 72223 - 7.5 cm Pak 97/38 - (Out of production)

available 1 box - (shop price around 12 Euro)

Ace/72223/01.jpg Ace/72223/02.jpg Ace/72223/03.jpg Ace/72223/04.jpg Ace/72223/05.jpg Ace/72223/06.jpg Ace/72223/07.jpg 10 Euro

Kit 72291 - light tank Mark.VI A/B - (Out of production)

available 1 box - (shop price around 18 Euro)

Ace/72291/01.jpg Ace/72291/02.jpg Ace/72291/03.jpg Ace/72291/04.jpg Ace/72291/05.jpg Ace/72291/06.jpg Ace/72291/07.jpg Ace/72291/08.jpg Ace/72291/09.jpg 14 Euro

Kit 72278 - SdKfz.10/4 with flak 30 and ammunition trailer - (Out of production)

available 1 box - (shop price around 22 Euro)

Ace/72278/01.jpg Ace/72278/02.jpg Ace/72278/03.jpg Ace/72278/04.jpg Ace/72278/05.jpg Ace/72278/06.jpg Ace/72278/07.jpg Ace/72278/08.jpg Ace/72278/09.jpg Ace/72278/10.jpg Ace/72278/11.jpg Ace/72278/12.jpg Ace/72278/13.jpg Ace/72278/14.jpg Ace/72278/15.jpg 18 Euro - res A.J.A.M.

Kit 72533 - 37mm Polish AT wz.36 (WW2)

available 1 box - (shop price around 11 Euro)

Ace/72533/00.jpg Ace/72533/01.jpg Ace/72533/02.jpg Ace/72533/03.jpg Ace/72533/04.jpg 8 Euro

1/76 Airfix

Kit 2314 Bofors 40mm Gun with tractor

available 2 boxes - (shop price around 8,50 Euro each)

Airfix/2314/03.jpg Airfix/2314/1/01.jpg Airfix/2314/1/02.jpg Airfix/2314/1/03.jpg Airfix/2314/1/04.jpg Airfix/2314/1/05.jpg Airfix/2314/4/01.jpg Airfix/2314/4/02.jpg Airfix/2314/4/03.jpg Airfix/2314/4/04.jpg Airfix/2314/4/05.jpg Airfix/2314/4/06.jpg 6.50 Euro

1/72 Condor

Kit 72008 - German Missiles Set 1 - Hagelkorn with Enzian - (2 different missiles)

available 1 box - (shop price around 6,50 Euro)

Condor/72008/01.jpg Condor/72008/02.jpg Condor/72008/03.jpg Condor/72008/04.jpg Condor/72008/1/01.jpg Condor/72008/1/02.jpg Condor/72008/1/03.jpg - 5 Euro

1/72 Flyhawk - Photo Ething and/or Resin parts

Kit FH72000 - JGSDF Type 74 - Conversion set for Trumpeter 07218, Pit-Road SG02

(shop price around 9 Euro)

flyhawk/72000/01.jpg flyhawk/72000/02.jpg flyhawk/72000/03.jpg flyhawk/72000/04.jpg flyhawk/72000/05.jpg flyhawk/72000/06.jpg 5 Euro

Kit FH72001 - WWII German Tools and Holders

(shop price around 11 Euro)

flyhawk/72001/01.jpg flyhawk/72001/02.jpg flyhawk/72001/03.jpg flyhawk/72001/04.jpg flyhawk/72001/05.jpg 7,50 Euro

Kit FH72002 - SdKfz. 182 Kingtiger (Henschel) - Conversion set for Dragon 7361, 7362, 7240and 7246

(shop price around 18 Euro)

flyhawk/72002/01.jpg flyhawk/72002/02.jpg flyhawk/72002/03.jpg flyhawk/72002/04.jpg flyhawk/72002/05.jpg flyhawk/72002/06.jpg flyhawk/72002/07.jpg flyhawk/72002/08.jpg flyhawk/72002/09.jpg flyhawk/72002/10.jpg flyhawk/72002/11.jpg flyhawk/72002/12.jpg 12,50 Euro

Kit FH72003 - SdKfz. 186 Jagdtiger (Henschel) - Conversion set for Trumpeter 07293

(shop price around 18 Euro)

flyhawk/72003/01.jpg flyhawk/72003/02.jpg flyhawk/72003/03.jpg flyhawk/72003/04.jpg flyhawk/72003/05.jpg flyhawk/72003/06.jpg flyhawk/72003/07.jpg flyhawk/72003/08.jpg flyhawk/72003/09.jpg flyhawk/72003/10.jpg flyhawk/72003/11.jpg flyhawk/72003/12.jpg 12,50 Euro

Kit FH72012 - Kingtiger / Jagdtiger Fenders, Skirts and Grill sets

(shop price around 12 Euro)

flyhawk/72012/01.jpg flyhawk/72012/02.jpg flyhawk/72012/03.jpg flyhawk/72012/04.jpg flyhawk/72012/05.jpg flyhawk/72012/06.jpg flyhawk/72012/07.jpg 7,50 Euro

Kit FH72018 - German Pz.Kpfw III Fender, Schurzen and Grill set

(shop price around 11 Euro)

flyhawk/72018/01.jpg flyhawk/72018/02.jpg 7,50 Euro

1/72 Hasegawa

available 1 box - (shop price around 12 Euro)

Kit 31131 - Check Point

Hasegawa/31131/01.jpg Hasegawa/31131/02.jpg Hasegawa/31131/03.jpg Hasegawa/31131/04.jpg Hasegawa/31131/05.jpg 7.00 Euro

1/72 Italeri

Kit 6130 - Battlefield Buildings

available 1 box - (shop price around 8,50 Euro)

italeri/6130/01.jpg italeri/6130/02.jpg italeri/6130/03.jpg italeri/6130/04.jpg italeri/6130/05.jpg italeri/6130/06.jpg 6,50 Euro

1/76 Matchbox

Kit PK178 - Challenger Tank - (Out of production)

available 4 boxes - (shop price (Revell) around 12 Euro)

Matchbox/pk178/01.jpg Matchbox/pk178/02.jpg Matchbox/pk178/03.jpg Matchbox/pk178/04.jpg Matchbox/pk178/05.jpg Matchbox/pk178/06.jpg Matchbox/pk178/07.jpg Matchbox/pk178/08.jpg Matchbox/pk178/09.jpg 4 Euro

1/72 Plastic Soldier

Kit WW2020007 - US Infantry Heavy Weapons 1944-45 - (Out of production)

57 hard plastic 1/72nd miniatures and 18 models depicting WW2 Late War US infantry heavy weapons

available 1 box - (shop price around 20 Euro)

psc/WW2020007/01.jpg psc/WW2020007/02.jpg psc/WW2020007/03.jpg psc/WW2020007/04.jpg psc/WW2020007/05.jpg psc/WW2020007/06.jpg psc/WW2020007/07.jpg psc/WW2020007/08.jpg psc/WW2020007/09.jpg 15 Euro

1/72 Revell

Kit 02531 - German 75mm Pak 40 with crew - (Shop price 10 Euro - out of production)

Revell/2531/01.jpg Revell/2531/02.jpg Revell/2531/03.jpg Revell/2531/04.jpg Revell/2531/05.jpg Revell/2531/06.jpg Revell/2531/07.jpg Revell/2531/08.jpg Revell/2531/09.jpg 7,50 Euro - res A.J.A.M.

Kit 03110 - Challenger 1 - available 1 box - (shop price (Revell) around 12 Euro)

Revell/3110/01.jpg Revell/3110/02.jpg Revell/3110/03.jpg Revell/3110/04.jpg Revell/3110/05.jpg Revell/3110/06.jpg Revell/3110/07.jpg Revell/3110/08.jpg Revell/3110/09.jpg Revell/3110/10.jpg Revell/3110/11.jpg Revell/3110/12.jpg Revell/3110/13.jpg Revell/3110/14.jpg Revell/3110/15.jpg 7,50 Euro

Kit 03125 - Crusader MK-III (Ex Hasegawa 31026) - (Shop price 15 Euro - out of production)

Revell/3125/01.jpg Revell/3125/02.jpg Revell/3125/03.jpg Revell/3125/04.jpg Revell/3125/05.jpg Revell/3125/06.jpg Revell/3125/07.jpg 12,50

Kit 03269 - Soviet JS-2 Soviet Heavy tank - Shop price around 16 Euro

Revell/3269/00.jpg Revell/3269/01.jpg Revell/3269/02.jpg Revell/3269/03.jpg Revell/3269/04.jpg Revell/3269/05.jpg Revell/3269/06.jpg Revell/3269/07.jpg 12,50 Euro

1/72 Trumpeter

Kit 7278 - M1A1 with Mine Roller set - Shop price around 14,50 Euro

trumpeter/7278/01.jpg trumpeter/7278/02.jpg trumpeter/7278/03.jpg trumpeter/7278/04.jpg trumpeter/7278/05.jpg trumpeter/7278/06.jpg 12 Euro

1/72 T-Model

Kit TM7201 - HMMWV M1114

(Shop price around 20 Euro)

t-model/TM7201/01.jpg t-model/TM7201/02.jpg t-model/TM7201/03.jpg t-model/TM7201/04.jpg t-model/TM7201/05.jpg t-model/TM7201/06.jpg t-model/TM7201/07.jpg t-model/TM7201/08.jpg t-model/TM7201/09.jpg t-model/TM7201/10.jpg t-model/TM7201/11.jpg t-model/TM7201/12.jpg t-model/TM7201/13.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/01.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/02.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/03.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/04.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/05.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/06.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/07.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/08.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/09.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/10.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/11.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/12.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/13.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/14.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/15.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/16.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/17.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/18.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/19.jpg 15 Euro

Kit A72001 - Modern US Military equipment

(Shop price around 16 Euro)

t-model/A72001/00.jpg t-model/A72001/18.jpg t-model/A72001/19.jpg t-model/A72001/01.jpg t-model/A72001/02.jpg t-model/A72001/03.jpg t-model/A72001/04.jpg t-model/A72001/05.jpg t-model/A72001/06.jpg t-model/A72001/07.jpg t-model/A72001/08.jpg t-model/A72001/09.jpg t-model/A72001/10.jpg t-model/A72001/11.jpg t-model/A72001/12.jpg t-model/A72001/13.jpg t-model/A72001/14.jpg t-model/A72001/15.jpg t-model/A72001/16.jpg t-model/A72001/17.jpg 10 Euro

1/72 s-Model

The boxes of sModels kits contains 2 identical kits, I offer the second kit of the boxes for around half price. - (The kits are from my own sModel stock)

Delivery: one kit/model with PE and decals - (PE & Decals if available) - (box possible not inluded and with a copy instruction manual = second kit)

For email address, please scroll down to the bottom of this page

!!Note: prices are without cost of shipping and only for one single kit/model

Regarding my prices - prices are different from country to country and from shop to shop!!

1/72 sModel

720027 - 8 Euro
720157 - 8 Euro

Resin and White Metal Kits

1/72 Germania Figuren

Parts are very high detailled and sharp casted, kits from high class!


Vietnam War

Kit CW2500 - Vietnam War, US Army Infanteriewaffen 01

Shop price 12,50 Euro

germania-fig/Weapons/Postwar/CW2500/01.jpg germania-fig/Weapons/Postwar/CW2500/02.jpg - 7,50 Euro

Kit CW2501 - Vietnam War, US Army Infanteriewaffen 02

Shop price 12,50 Euro

germania-fig/Weapons/Postwar/CW2501/01.jpg germania-fig/Weapons/Postwar/CW2501/02.jpg - 7,50 Euro


Kit WWI-011 - 10cm Feldhaubitze M99 mit Protze

Shop price 23,50 Euro

germania-fig/WWI/011/01.jpg germania-fig/WWI/011/02.jpg germania-fig/WWI/011/03.jpg germania-fig/WWI/011/04.jpg germania-fig/WWI/011/05.jpg germania-fig/WWI/011/06.jpg germania-fig/WWI/011/07.jpg - 17,50 Euro

Kit WWI-017 - Marschierende KUK Infanterie

Shop price 11,50 Euro

germania-fig/WWI/017/01.jpg germania-fig/WWI/017/02.jpg germania-fig/WWI/017/03.jpg germania-fig/WWI/017/04.jpg germania-fig/WWI/017/05.jpg - 7,50 Euro

Kit WWI-018 - KUK 15cm Autohaubitze M15

Shop price 18,50 Euro

germania-fig/WWI/018/01.jpg germania-fig/WWI/018/02.jpg germania-fig/WWI/018/03.jpg germania-fig/WWI/018/04.jpg germania-fig/WWI/018/05.jpg - 12,50 Euro - res A.J.A.M.

Kit WWI-220 - German Infanteriewaffen

Shop price 11,50 Euro

germania-fig/WWI/220/01.jpg germania-fig/WWI/220/02.jpg germania-fig/WWI/220/03.jpg germania-fig/WWI/220/04.jpg germania-fig/WWI/220/05.jpg - 7,50 Euro


Kit WWII-040 - Ardennen 1944 - Grenadiere der Waffen SS

Shop price 12,30 Euro

germania-fig/WWII/040/01.jpg germania-fig/WWII/040/02.jpg germania-fig/WWII/040/03.jpg germania-fig/WWII/040/04.jpg germania-fig/WWII/040/05.jpg germania-fig/WWII/040/06.jpg - 8,50 - res A.J.A.M. Euro

Kit WWII-100 - Heeresfeldwagen HF 7 - trabende Pferde

Shop price 27,50 Euro

germania-fig/WWII/100/01.jpg germania-fig/WWII/100/02.jpg germania-fig/WWII/100/03.jpg germania-fig/WWII/100/04.jpg germania-fig/WWII/100/05.jpg germania-fig/WWII/100/06.jpg germania-fig/WWII/100/07.jpg germania-fig/WWII/100/1/01.jpg germania-fig/WWII/100/1/02.jpg germania-fig/WWII/100/1/03.jpg - 20 Euro

Cold War period

Kit CW1016 - Unimog 404 with Pritsche & Plane

Shop price 25 Euro

germania-fig/ColdWar/CW1016/01.jpg germania-fig/ColdWar/CW1016/02.jpg germania-fig/ColdWar/CW1016/03.jpg germania-fig/ColdWar/CW1016/04.jpg germania-fig/ColdWar/CW1016/05.jpg germania-fig/ColdWar/CW1016/06.jpg germania-fig/ColdWar/CW1016/07.jpg germania-fig/ColdWar/CW1016/1/01.jpg germania-fig/ColdWar/CW1016/1/01.jpg - 20 Euro

Kit CW1017 - Unimog 404 with Radiocabin

Shop price 25 Euro

germania-fig/ColdWar/CW1017/01.jpg germania-fig/ColdWar/CW1017/02.jpg germania-fig/ColdWar/CW1017/03.jpg germania-fig/ColdWar/CW1017/04.jpg germania-fig/ColdWar/CW1017/05.jpg germania-fig/ColdWar/CW1017/06.jpg germania-fig/ColdWar/CW1017/07.jpg germania-fig/ColdWar/CW1017/08.jpg germania-fig/ColdWar/CW1017/09.jpg germania-fig/ColdWar/CW1017/1/01.jpg germania-fig/ColdWar/CW1017/1/02.jpg germania-fig/ColdWar/CW1017/1/03.jpg - 20 Euro

ExoKit, RetroKit France, Solfig - (Resin)

Kit 72221 - Russian T28 - (Turret with extra armour - Finish Version)
Shop price 22,50

solfig/72221/1/01.jpg solfig/72221/1/02.jpg

solfig/72221/01.jpg solfig/72221/02.jpg solfig/72221/03.jpg 12,50 Euro

Steel 72 - (Plastic + Resin)

Kit S72A014 - Sherman M4A3 75mm - (Armourfast kit with extra resin parts)

steel72/s72a014/01.jpg steel72/s72a014/02.jpg steel72/s72a014/03.jpg steel72/s72a014/04.jpg steel72/s72a014/05.jpg - 6,50 Euro

Ostmodels 1/72

Turret parts for KV-3 Russian Heavy tank - (for Ostmodels Kit R57 - or PST-KV220 hull)

ostru/r57/00.jpg ostru/r57/01.jpg ostru/r57/02.jpg - 2,50 Euro

1/72 Diecast C.D.C. srl from Italy - With box & Show Case

Kit 3131 - Sherman M4A3 - 75mm

sale/cdc/3131/01.jpg diecast/3131-01.jpg diecast/3131-02.jpg diecast/3131-03.jpg - 10 Euro

Kit 3132 - Sherman M4A2 - 76mm

sale/cdc/3132/01.jpg diecast/3132-01.jpg diecast/3132-02.jpg diecast/3132-03.jpg - 10 Euro

Documentation, books, Magazines etc

Shipping rate within the Netherlands until 10kg is 7,25 Euro


"De Tank"

The magazine from the "Twenot", "Tweede Nederlandse Organisatie van Tankhobbyisten" - "Dutch Armour Association"

Available: - Editions 1987 < > 2011, 6 magazines pro year, contains scale drawings, pictures, articles etc. - (Dutch Language)

Price 2 Euro per year edition - (without cost of shipping)

twenot/64.jpg twenot/91.jpg twenot/143.jpg twenot/212.jpg

For more information, ordering and to know what is available visit:

logo"De Tank - Twenot magazines"

Email to HenkofHolland:


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I do not own a (web-)shop. You will find some reliable vendors in the "links" page.

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