Conditions for a Sale

The conditions for a sale vary slightly.

- Sale in principe is possible only within the E.U. - For "Rest of the World" due to high international shipping costs, a sale deal is only possible after a number of additional criteria is met. See Dutch postal rates below

- Selling non-assembled kits - Apply the price listed with the kit.

- Selling fully assembled and painted kits - Apply the price listed with the kit.

- Sale is only possible after prior mutual agreement.

- Seller pays for cost of shipping and possible bank handling charges.

- Shipping will be on Sellers own risc, when goods lost by post, returned by wrong address or an impossible delivery etc, is not my responsability, extra costs etc. will not accepted!

- "Shipping by Letter post" not longer possible. - From 2020 onwards, goods may no loger be franked in the same way as letters. - (See "Letters an Cards to International destanations").

- Goods will be shipped only upon mutual agreement and/or after receiving payment.

- When there are multiple buyers for the same kit[s], the buyer whose payment is received first, obtains the merchandise.

Box and kit conditions

All kits come in their original boxes. Most of the boxes are like new or at least in very good condition.
All kits are complete and sealed in plastic bag, although some bags may have been opened and then re-sealed.
From some resin kits the instruction manual is missing.
For other kits see the pictures



- Payment can be made, using Paypal or by a deposit on my bank account with IBAN and BIC code. - Required info will be forwarded when applicable.

- When using Paypal for payment, you are required to add 5 procent extra - (above total price - cost of kit[s] + cost of shipping etc.) to cover the cost of the Paypal transaction I have to pay as an account holder.
- I insist on receiving the full listed and agreed upon price without deductions as a result of bank handling charges or other transactional charges.

- Bank payments WITHIN the Euro Countries Zone are exempt from bank charges.

- Bank payments OUTSIDE the Euro Countries Zone are subject to additional bank handling charges.

- All bank handling charges and PayPal transaction tax are the buyer's responsibility.

Using the Dutch Postal Service for shipments outside Europe is expensive!!
The MINIMUM weight restriction of a Petit Parcel is 2 kilograms [or 4,536 lbs]

Shipping through the Dutch Postal Service inside Europe is subject to a zone-classification system.
Check the zone-system and the applicable rates below;

Corona restrictions

Temporary surcharge for destinations outside Europe and insurance service abroad as of April 2020 - prices in RED

January 2021

Euro zone.jpg
Zones Europe and World

Postal Rates April 2021 - International destanations & (Outside Europe / World) - English language

Postal Rates January 2021 - inside the Netherlands - Dutch language

Postal Rates January 2021 - outside the Netherlands - Dutch language

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