Resin and some white metal items from the UK. Owner, Dominic Jadoul, was once part of Retrokit and now offers the other portion of the Retrokit line which he designed, under the name RetrokiT (with an upper case T on the end of the name). The RetrokiT vehicle line is now under a new name Retrotracks

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Kit R72042 - Schneider CD

retrotracks/R72042/01.jpg retrotracks/R72042/02.jpg

Kit R72050 - M75 Full Track

retrotracks/R72050/01.jpg retrotracks/R72050/02.jpg

For "Marc Mercier's / OTW" conversion of Kit Kit R72050 - M75 Full Track visit:

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Kit R72052 - M35 Mittlere Panzerwagen

retrotracks/R72052/01.jpg retrotracks/R72052/02.jpg

Kit R72053 - Pantserwagen DAF M39

retrotracks/R72053/01.jpg retrotracks/R72053/02.jpg

Kit R72054 - Lorraine 28 VDP/TSF

retrotracks/R72054/01.jpg retrotracks/R72054/02.jpg

Kit R72057 - Canon de 16cm Mle. 1893

retrotracks/R72057/01.jpg retrotracks/R72057/02.jpg

Kit R72060 - Citroen-Kegresse P28

retrotracks/R72060/01.jpg retrotracks/R72060/02.jpg

For "Jean-Claude Glineur's / OTW" conversion of Kit R72060 - Citroen-Kegresse P28 visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit R72061 - 155mm Long de Bange Mle. 1877

retrotracks/R72061/01.jpg retrotracks/R72061/02.jpg

Kit R72062 - FCM 2C

retrotracks/R72062/01.jpg retrotracks/R72062/02.jpg retrotracks/R72062/03.jpg

Kit R72063 - Lorraine 28-2

retrotracks/R72063/01.jpg retrotracks/R72063/02.jpg

Kit R72064 - Saint-Chamond (Final Model)

retrotracks/R72064/01.jpg retrotracks/R72064/02.jpg

Kit R72065 - Saint-Chamond (Late Model)

retrotracks/R72065/01.jpg retrotracks/R72065/02.jpg retrotracks/R72065/03.jpg

Kit R72066 - Char B1

retrotracks/R72066/01.jpg retrotracks/R72066/02.jpg

Kit R72067 - JPK90

retrotracks/R72067/01.jpg retrotracks/R72067/02.jpg

For "Marc Mercier's / OTW" review of Kit R72067 - JPK90 visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit R72068 - Soviet T-50 (late production model)

retrotracks/R72068/01.jpg retrotracks/R72068/02.jpg

Kit R72069 - Automobile de Guerre CGV

retrotracks/R72069/01.jpg retrotracks/R72069/02.jpg

Kit RT72070 - Belgian Ford/Marmon-Herrington


Kit RT72071 - Breda 501 - (No boxtop)

retrotracks/RT72071/01.jpg retrotracks/RT72071/02.jpg

Kit RT72072 - Belgian V.C.L. Mk.VI/47mm FRC


Kit RT72073 - AEC Regal American Red Cross Clubmobile

retrotracks/RT72073/01.jpg retrotracks/RT72073/02.jpg retrotracks/RT72073/03.jpg retrotracks/RT72073/04.jpg retrotracks/RT72073/05.jpg retrotracks/RT72073/06.jpg retrotracks/RT72073/07.jpg retrotracks/RT72073/08.jpg

For "Pascal Paleroux's / MiniTracks" inbox review of Kit RT72073 - AEC Regal American Red Cross Clubmobile visit:

logo "MiniTracks" Website

Kit RT72074 - Brossel 780B TAL

retrotracks/RT72074/01.jpg retrotracks/RT72074/02.jpg retrotracks/RT72074/03.jpg retrotracks/RT72074/04.jpg retrotracks/RT72074/05.jpg

Kit RT72075 - Lorraine 28-1 Command Car


Kit RT72076 - Berliet GPE Tank Transporter


Kit RT72077 - Citroen P104


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