'MACO' Plastic Model Kits

Owner Matthias Conrad, www.maco-germany.de, Bahnhofstr. 16, 15344 Strausberg, Deutschland / Germany, Tel.: 03341-474246

Info 2017-08 - "Out of Production" - (re-releasing under Revell label)

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Kit 7201 - SWS Schwerer WehrmachtSchlepper

maco/7201/00.jpg maco/7201/01.jpg maco/7201/02.jpg maco/7201/03.jpg maco/7201/04.jpg maco/7201/05.jpg maco/7201/1/01.jpg maco/7201/1/02.jpg maco/7201/1/03.jpg maco/7201/1/04.jpg

maco/7201/0/01.jpg maco/7201/0/02.jpg maco/7201/0/03.jpg maco/7201/0/04.jpg maco/7201/0/05.jpg maco/7201/0/06.jpg

Impression of parts

maco/7201/2/07.jpg maco/7201/2/08.jpg maco/7201/2/09.jpg maco/7201/2/10.jpg maco/7201/2/11.jpg maco/7201/2/12.jpg

maco/7201/2/13.jpg maco/7201/2/14.jpg maco/7201/2/15.jpg maco/7201/2/16.jpg maco/7201/2/17.jpg maco/7201/2/18.jpg

maco/7201/2/19.jpg maco/7201/2/20.jpg maco/7201/2/21.jpg maco/7201/2/22.jpg maco/7201/2/23.jpg maco/7201/2/24.jpg

maco/7201/2/25.jpg maco/7201/2/26.jpg maco/7201/2/27.jpg maco/7201/2/28.jpg maco/7201/2/29.jpg maco/7201/2/30.jpg

maco/7201/2/31.jpg maco/7201/2/32.jpg maco/7201/2/33.jpg maco/7201/2/34.jpg maco/7201/2/35.jpg maco/7201/2/36.jpg

Impression of built model

maco/7201/3/01.jpg maco/7201/3/02.jpg maco/7201/3/03.jpg maco/7201/3/04.jpg maco/7201/3/05.jpg maco/7201/3/06.jpg maco/7201/3/07.jpg

Built model by Lo Baars

maco/7201/4/01.jpg maco/7201/4/02.jpg maco/7201/4/03.jpg

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For "Rob Haelterman's / OTW" construction review of kit 7201 - SWS Schwerer WehrmachtSchlepper visit:

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Kit 7202 - 3,7cm Flak 43 with trailer

maco/7202/01.jpg maco/7202/02.jpg maco/7202/03.jpg maco/7202/04.jpg maco/7202/05.jpg maco/7202/05.jpg

maco/7202/2/01.jpg maco/7202/2/02.jpg maco/7202/2/03.jpg maco/7202/2/04.jpg maco/7202/2/05.jpg maco/7202/2/05.jpg

Extra accessoires - (Special edition versions)

maco/7202/08.jpg maco/7202/07.jpg

Impression of built model

maco/7202/1/01.jpg maco/7202/1/02.jpg maco/7202/1/03.jpg

maco/7202/1/04.jpg maco/7202/1/05.jpg maco/7202/1/06.jpg maco/7202/1/07.jpg maco/7202/1/08.jpg

For "Jan Etal's / Armorama" review of kit 7202 - 3,7cm Flak 43 with trailer visit:

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Kit 7203 - Munitionsanhaenger (ammunition trailer) for 3,7cm Flak

maco/7203/01.jpg maco/7203/02.jpg maco/7203/03.jpg maco/7203/04.jpg maco/7203/05.jpg maco/7203/06.jpg

maco/7203/2/01.jpg maco/7203/2/02.jpg maco/7203/2/03.jpg

Impression of built model

maco/7203/1/01.jpg maco/7203/1/02.jpg maco/7203/1/03.jpg maco/7203/1/04.jpg

For "Christopher Benjamin's / OTW" review of kit 7203 - ammunition trailer for 3,7cm Flak visit:

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For "Jan Etal's / Armorama" review of kit 7203 - Munitionsanhaenger (ammunition trailer) for 3,7cm Flak visit:

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Kit 7204 - sWS mit Panzerwerfer 42 and/or Munitionsfahrzeug (2 variants in 1)

New boxtop and Sprue's pictures

maco/7204/00.jpg maco/7204/1/01.jpg maco/7204/1/02.jpg maco/7204/2/01.jpg maco/7204/2/02.jpg maco/7204/2/03.jpg maco/7204/2/04.jpg maco/7204/2/05.jpg maco/7204/2/06.jpg maco/7204/1/03.jpg maco/7204/1/04.jpg maco/7204/1/05.jpg maco/7204/1/06.jpg

maco/7204/4/01.jpg maco/7204/4/02.jpg maco/7204/4/03.jpg maco/7204/4/04.jpg maco/7204/4/05.jpg maco/7204/4/06.jpg

Old box layout and impression built model

maco/7204/01.jpg maco/7204/02.jpg maco/7204/03.jpg maco/7204/04.jpg maco/7204/05.jpg

Built models by Lo Baars

maco/7204/3/01.jpg maco/7204/3/02.jpg maco/7204/3/03.jpg maco/7204/3/04.jpg maco/7204/3/05.jpg

Built model by Stefan ROTH

maco/7204/6/01.jpg maco/7204/6/02.jpg maco/7204/6/03.jpg maco/7204/6/04.jpg

Built model by T-izumi

maco/7204/5/01.jpg maco/7204/5/02.jpg maco/7204/5/03.jpg maco/7204/5/04.jpg maco/7204/5/05.jpg maco/7204/5/06.jpg maco/7204/5/07.jpg

For "T-izumi's" preview of kit 7204 - SWS Schwerer WehrmachtSchlepper Panzerwerfer 42 and/or Munitionsfahrzeug visit:

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The Maco kits (7205, 7208 and 7209) based on the panzer IV chassis are complete kits. The kits contain's parts for the version and the Revell panzer IV.

Kit 7205 - Flakpanzer IV Mobelwagen

maco/7205/01.jpg maco/7205/02.jpg maco/7205/3/01.jpg maco/7205/3/02.jpg maco/7205/3/03.jpg maco/7205/3/04.jpg maco/7205/3/05.jpg maco/7205/3/06.jpg maco/7205/3/07.jpg maco/7205/3/08.jpg maco/7205/3/09.jpg maco/7205/03.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinski's / OTW" preview of kit 7205 - Flakpanzer IV Mobelwagen visit:

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Testshots from built model by Christian Weber - (pictures taken from OTW website)

maco/7205/1/01.jpg maco/7205/1/02.jpg maco/7205/1/03.jpg maco/7205/1/04.jpg maco/7205/1/05.jpg maco/7205/1/06.jpg maco/7205/1/07.jpg maco/7205/1/08.jpg maco/7205/1/09.jpg maco/7205/1/10.jpg

maco/7205/2/01.jpg maco/7205/2/02.jpg maco/7205/2/03.jpg maco/7205/2/04.jpg maco/7205/2/05.jpg maco/7205/2/06.jpg maco/7205/2/07.jpg maco/7205/2/08.jpg maco/7205/2/09.jpg maco/7205/2/10.jpg

Here some shots of the Maco Flakpanzer IV Moebelwagen. Please remember, this is still not the quality, the productionline-models will have, it is a test-shot.I have to add some details to the front armour plate wich are missing on the test sprue, but this will be regulated. Anyway in my opinion is this a great kit, witch fill a big gap in the injection moulded PzKpf IV range out there.
Here are some pics of the build model, I think most of us know the gun, so just concentrate in the chassis and fighting compartment. The Maco-parts are gray, the yellow ones are Revell-parts. The parts fit very very good together. In my opinion thickness of the armour plates is okay, the hooks are maybe a little bit to thick, but I think that it is almost impossible to make them thinner in plastic. The overall and generally look is fantastic, due to my references the dimensions are more then acceptable.
Although it is possible to build the fighting compartment in fireing position with half- or complete opened armed plates, I buildt it in traveling position to place it into a dio later
In general I think that we will get a wonderful kit, witch allows to build a fantastic vehicle, looking really nice build out of the box (as I did it, I only add the antenna), but there is also enough space for detailing (f.ex. one could replace the barrel or the hooks)........ Christian Weber

Kit 7206 - SWS Schwerer WehrmachtSchlepper with 3,7cm Flak 43

maco/7206/01.jpg maco/7206/02.jpg maco/7206/1/01.jpg maco/7206/1/02.jpg maco/7206/1/03.jpg maco/7206/1/04.jpg maco/7206/1/05.jpg maco/7206/1/06.jpg maco/7206/03.jpg maco/7206/04.jpg maco/7206/05.jpg maco/7206/06.jpg maco/7206/07.jpg

maco/7206/3/01.jpg maco/7206/3/02.jpg maco/7206/3/03.jpg maco/7206/3/04.jpg maco/7206/3/05.jpg maco/7206/3/06.jpg

Model built by Alex Clark

maco/7206/4/01.jpg maco/7206/4/02.jpg maco/7206/4/03.jpg maco/7206/4/04.jpg maco/7206/4/05.jpg maco/7206/4/06.jpg

Model built by Eyton Parker

maco/7206/2/01.jpg maco/7206/2/02.jpg

For "Florin David's / www.1-72depot.com" review of kit 7206 - SWS Schwerer WehrmachtSchlepper with 3,7cm Flak 43 visit:

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For "Volker Helms" First Look of kit 7206 - SWS Schwerer WehrmachtSchlepper with 3,7cm Flak 43 visit:

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Kit 7206SE - SWS Schwerer WehrmachtSchlepper with 3,7cm Flak 43 - Special Edition (as 7206 with metal Flak-Rohr & PE Hulsenfangkorb)

maco/7206/01.jpg maco/7202/08.jpg maco/7202/07.jpg

Kit 7207 - sWS with armoured cab - cargo / Late version

maco/7207/10.jpg maco/7207/00.jpg maco/7207/1/01.jpg maco/7207/1/02.jpg maco/7207/08.jpg maco/7207/09.jpg

maco/7207/3/01.jpg maco/7207/3/02.jpg maco/7207/3/03.jpg maco/7207/3/04.jpg maco/7207/3/05.jpg maco/7207/3/06.jpg

maco/7207/01.jpg maco/7207/02.jpg maco/7207/03.jpg maco/7207/04.jpg maco/7207/05.jpg maco/7207/06.jpg maco/7207/07.jpg

Model built by Patrice Dauga

maco/7207/2/01.jpg maco/7207/2/02.jpg maco/7207/2/03.jpg

Model built by Jaroslav Kotlaba

maco/7207/4/01.jpg maco/7207/4/02.jpg maco/7207/4/03.jpg maco/7207/4/04.jpg

Kit 7208 - Flakpanzer IV "Kugelblitz"

maco/7208/01.jpg maco/7208/02.jpg maco/7208/03.jpg maco/7208/04.jpg maco/7208/05.jpg maco/7208/06.jpg maco/7208/07.jpg maco/7208/08.jpg maco/7208/10.jpg maco/7208/11.jpg maco/7208/12.jpg

Built testmodel by Chris Weber - (pictures taken from Braille Scale Discussion Group)

maco/7208/1/01.jpg maco/7208/1/02.jpg maco/7208/1/03.jpg maco/7208/1/04.jpg maco/7208/1/05.jpg maco/7208/1/06.jpg

Painted testmodel by Chris Weber - (pictures taken from Braille Scale Discussion Group)

maco/7208/2/01.jpg maco/7208/2/02.jpg maco/7208/2/03.jpg maco/7208/2/04.jpg maco/7208/2/05.jpg maco/7208/2/06.jpg maco/7208/2/07.jpg


I get one of the first testshots of the Kugelblitz from Maco. Although the serial production ones will be better, I have to admit this is a really great kit. One of my "wish-kits" becomes true...
The kit is a conversion, based on the Panzer IV H from Revell, and the whole Revell-tank is included. I think we'll not have to talk about the PIV, so here is the Kugelblitz-sprue.
I built the kit OOTB - the Maco parts fit perfect to the Revell hull, fitting in general is very good. Building went quite fast and was just fun, I really enjoyed building it. On the pics You can see the yellow parts are Revell ones, the gray parts came from Maco. I only drilled out the exhaust and the top of the barrels (BTW casting and moulding of the barrels is very crisp and I think, there is no need to use brass barrels). The turret is a little masterpiece, all hatches can be assembled open,the gun could be lift up and down.
At least some pictures of the painted model,I choose the ambush cammo scheme. Painting is done with Tamiya acrillics, and just a little bit weathered with artist oils. At least I add an antenna - and that was all! In my opinion this is a fantastic kit, and modellers will like it, neither they are beginners or professionals, it is a very interesting subject anyway. Please do not note the MG-barrel, I have no idea when I bended it, saw this after taking the pictures...
Thank You for watching..... Christian Weber

Model built by Olav Hauke
This is the MACO kit with the Schatton barrels. With late PzKpfw. IV exthausts from Dragon, extra armor above the grills and reduced number of return rollers to three
- Olav Hauke

pz4/kug/1/01.jpg pz4/kug/1/02.jpg pz4/kug/1/03.jpg pz4/kug/1/04.jpg

Kit 7209 - Flakpanzer IV "Ostwind" with 3,7cm flak 43

maco/7209/01.jpg maco/7209/02.jpg maco/7209/03.jpg maco/7209/08.jpg maco/7209/09.jpg maco/7209/05.jpg maco/7209/06.jpg maco/7209/07.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinski's / OTW" comparison kit Maco 7209 with Hasegawa 31147 - Flakpanzer IV "Ostwind" with 3,7cm flak 43 visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 7210 - Flakpanzer III "Ostwind" with 3,7cm flak 43

maco/7210/01.jpg maco/7210/02.jpg maco/7210/03.jpg maco/7210/04.jpg maco/7210/05.jpg

Information by Matthias Conrad

The assault gun school (Sturmgeschuetz-Schule) "Burg"/ west of Berlin had AA tanks Flakpanzer III "Ostwind" and "Wirbelwind" in development. All parts of at least 6 AA tanks "Ostwind" and "Wirbelwind"(Inventories of the Wehrmacht and delivery lists of industry) were in Burg at the beginning of 1945. The probability is very high that the tanks were used. There everything was used, which could shoot!
Sturmgeschuetz-Brigade "Schill"/ Infantriedivition "Ferdinand von Schill"

For more information about Flakpanzer III versions visit:

to panzermodell.de Website Panzer-Modell.de

Kit 7211 - sWS with armoured cab - with 3,7cm flak 43

maco/7211/01.jpg maco/7211/02.jpg maco/7211/03.jpg maco/7211/04.jpg maco/7211/05.jpg maco/7211/06.jpg maco/7211/07.jpg maco/7211/08.jpg

Model built by Jordi Cerezo

maco/7211/2/01.jpg maco/7211/2/02.jpg maco/7211/2/03.jpg maco/7211/2/04.jpg maco/7211/2/05.jpg maco/7211/2/06.jpg

The source of this model were the kits 7202 and 7207 with some modifications because I made it previous to MACO released the kit 7211. - Jordi Cerezo

maco/7211/2/07.jpg maco/7211/2/08.jpg maco/7211/2/09.jpg maco/7211/2/10.jpg maco/7211/2/11.jpg maco/7211/2/12.jpg

For "Rob Haelterman's / OTW" preview of kit 7211 - sWS with armoured cab - with 3,7cm Flak 43 visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 7212 - sWS "armoured cab" with 2 cm Flak-Vierling 38"

(with the new Flak-Vierling 38 from Revell)

maco/7212/01.jpg maco/7212/02.jpg maco/7212/03.jpg maco/7212/04.jpg maco/7212/05.jpg

Kit 7213 - SdKfz. 7/2 with 37mm flak 43

maco/7213/01.jpg maco/7213/02.jpg maco/7213/03.jpg maco/7213/04.jpg maco/7213/05.jpg maco/7213/06.jpg maco/7213/07.jpg

Model built by Lo Baars

maco/7213/1/01.jpg maco/7213/1/02.jpg maco/7213/1/03.jpg maco/7213/1/04.jpg maco/7213/1/05.jpg

Kit 7214 - Flakpanzer III "Wirbelwind" - (2cm flakvierling 38)

maco/7214/01.jpg maco/7214/02.jpg maco/7214/03.jpg maco/7214/04.jpg maco/7214/05.jpg

Kit 7215 - Flakpanzer IV "Wirbelwind" - (2cm flakvierling 38) - (2 different turrets)

maco/7215/01.jpg maco/7215/02.jpg maco/7215/03.jpg maco/7215/04.jpg maco/7215/05.jpg maco/7215/06.jpg maco/7215/07.jpg maco/7215/08.jpg maco/7215/09.jpg maco/7215/10.jpg maco/7215/11.jpg maco/7215/12.jpg

Pictures by Christian Weber - model with turned brass barrels from RBModel

maco/7215/1/01.jpg maco/7215/1/02.jpg maco/7215/1/03.jpg maco/7215/1/04.jpg maco/7215/1/05.jpg maco/7215/1/06.jpg

Finished model by Christian Weber

maco/7215/2/01.jpg maco/7215/2/02.jpg maco/7215/2/03.jpg maco/7215/2/04.jpg maco/7215/2/05.jpg maco/7215/2/06.jpg

Kit 7216 - Pz. IV Mobelwagen with flakvierling

maco/7216/01.jpg maco/7216/02.jpg maco/7216/03.jpg maco/7216/04.jpg maco/7216/05.jpg

Model built by Peter Batin

maco/7216/2/01.jpg maco/7216/2/02.jpg maco/7216/2/03.jpg maco/7216/2/04.jpg maco/7216/2/05.jpg maco/7216/2/06.jpg

Kit 7217 - Sd.Kfz.7 final variant with 3,7 cm Flak 43

maco/7217/01.jpg maco/7217/02.jpg maco/7217/03.jpg maco/7217/04.jpg

Model built by Peter Batin

maco/7217/1/01.jpg maco/7217/1/02.jpg maco/7217/1/03.jpg maco/7217/1/04.jpg

Kit 7218 - Sd.Kfz.7 final variant with tarpauline

maco/7218/01.jpg maco/7218/02.jpg maco/7218/03.jpg maco/7218/04.jpg maco/7218/05.jpg maco/7218/06.jpg maco/7218/07.jpg maco/7218/08.jpg maco/7218/09.jpg maco/7218/10.jpg

3D drawings

maco/7218/2/01.jpg maco/7218/2/02.jpg maco/7218/2/03.jpg

Pictures built test model

maco/7218/1/03.jpg maco/7218/1/04.jpg maco/7218/1/05.jpg

Built model by W.L. Baars

maco/7218/3/01.jpg maco/7218/3/02.jpg maco/7218/3/03.jpg

Model built by Stefan ROTH

maco/7218/4/01.jpg maco/7218/4/02.jpg

For "Augusto Versiani's / IPMS RIO" review & pictures built model of Kit 7218 - Sd.Kfz.7 final variant with tarpauline visit:

logo "IPMS Rio" Forum

Kit 7219 - Munitionsanhänger für mittlere Flak

maco/7219/01.jpg maco/7219/02.jpg maco/7219/03.jpg maco/7219/04.jpg

Kit 7220 - Pz.Kpf.Wg. II Ausf. L "Luchs" - (release date end of september 2016)
Kit 7220SE - Pz.Kpf.Wg. II Ausf. L "Luchs" with metal parts - (release date end of september 2016)
Kit 7220 1+1 - Pz.Kpf.Wg. II Ausf. L "Luchs" - (2 kits in a box) - (release date end of september 2016)
Kit 7221 - Pz.Kpf.Wg. II Ausf. L "Luchs" with extra armor - (release date end of 2016)

maco/7220/01.jpg maco/7220SE/01.jpg maco/7220+1/01.jpg maco/7221/01.jpg

Panzer II Ausf L Luchs - (3D Drawings)

maco/7220/1/01.jpg maco/7220/1/02.jpg maco/7220/1/03.jpg maco/7220/1/04.jpg maco/7220/1/05.jpg maco/7220/1/06.jpg maco/7220/1/07.jpg

Panzer II Ausf L Luchs - (contruction)

maco/7220/2/01.jpg maco/7220/2/02.jpg maco/7220/2/03.jpg maco/7220/2/04.jpg maco/7220/2/05.jpg maco/7220/2/06.jpg maco/7220/2/07.jpg

Kit 7220 - Pz.Kpf.Wg. II Ausf. L "Luchs"

maco/7220/01.jpg maco/7220/02.jpg maco/7220/03.jpg maco/7220/04.jpg maco/7220/05.jpg maco/7220/06.jpg maco/7220/07.jpg maco/7220/08.jpg maco/7220/09.jpg maco/7220/10.jpg maco/7220/11.jpg maco/7220/12.jpg maco/7220/13.jpg maco/7220/14.jpg maco/7220/15.jpg maco/7220/16.jpg

Model built by Peter Batin

maco/7220/3/01.jpg maco/7220/3/02.jpg maco/7220/3/03.jpg maco/7220/3/04.jpg maco/7220/3/05.jpg maco/7220/3/06.jpg

For "Mazdie's / Greenmats Club" preview Kit 7220 - Pz.Kpf.Wg. II Ausf. L "Luchs" visit:

logo"Greenmats Club", website - (use Google translator)

For "HenkofHolland's / OTW" preview of Kit 7220 - Pz.Kpf.Wg. II Ausf. L "Luchs" visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 7220SE - Pz.Kpf.Wg. II Ausf. L "Luchs" - (as 7220 - with extra metal & PE parts)

maco/7220SE/01.jpg maco/7221SE/02.jpg maco/7221SE/03.jpg maco/7221SE/04.jpg

Kit 7220 1+1 - Pz.Kpf.Wg. II Ausf. L "Luchs" - (as 7220 - with 2 identical kits in the box)


Kit 7221 - Pz.Kpf.Wg. II Ausf. L "Luchs" - with extra armor - (as 7220 - with small extra sprue)

maco/7221/01.jpg maco/7221/02.jpg maco/7221/03.jpg maco/7221/04.jpg maco/7221/05.jpg maco/7220/07.jpg maco/7220/08.jpg maco/7220/09.jpg maco/7220/10.jpg maco/7220/11.jpg maco/7220/12.jpg maco/7220/13.jpg maco/7220/14.jpg maco/7220/15.jpg maco/7220/16.jpg maco/7221/06.jpg maco/7221/07.jpg

Model built by W.L. Baars

maco/7221/1/01.jpg maco/7221/1/02.jpg maco/7221/1/03.jpg maco/7221/1/04.jpg

Kit 7221SE - Pz.Kpf.Wg. II Ausf. L "Luchs" - with extra armor - (as 7221 - with small extra metal & PE parts)

maco/7221SE/01.jpg maco/7221SE/02.jpg maco/7221SE/03.jpg maco/7221SE/04.jpg

Kit 7221+1 - Pz.Kpf.Wg. II Ausf. L "Luchs" - with extra armor - (as 7221 - with 2 identical kits in the box)


Kit 7222 - schwerer Wehrmachtschlepper mit Mischlaufwerk/Stahllaufrollen & Tarpaulin

maco/7222/01.jpg maco/7222/02.jpg maco/7222/03.jpg maco/7222/05.jpg

maco/7222/1/01.jpg maco/7222/1/02.jpg maco/7222/1/03.jpg maco/7222/1/04.jpg maco/7222/1/05.jpg maco/7222/1/06.jpg

Kit 722X - 3D drawings - Flak43 3.7 cm Flakzwilling gun with trailer - (new kit - release date unknown)

maco/722X/01.jpg maco/722X/02.jpg maco/722X/03.jpg maco/722X/04.jpg

Kit 72?? - Trailer for SdKfz. 7 - (in pipeline - release date unknown)

Pictures from Scale ModelWorld - Telford 2014, by Paul Giles

maco/ahw/01.jpg maco/ahw/02.jpg maco/ahw/03.jpg maco/ahw/04.jpg maco/ahw/05.jpg


Kit 72101 - Werkzeug-Set fur Fahrzeuge - limited Edition -

This is the MACO Tool set #72101. It does not have any special package, the tools come in a clear zip-lock bag. Seems like the tools are from the sprue of the MACO kit 7201 of the SWS Schwerer Wehrmachtschlepper - (The set contains 10 identical sprue's)

maco/72101/01.jpg maco/72101/02.jpg maco/72101/03.jpg

Kit 72102 - (Standard-, Ost- and Winterkette) Tracks for PzKpfWg III/IV - (conversion set)

Usable for Pz. III, Pz. IV, Hornisse, Nashorn, Hummel, Munition Pz. IV, Bergepanzer III, from Attack, Dragon, Hasegawa, Italeri, Hobbyboss, MilitaryWheels, Mirage, Revell and Trumpeter - (The set contains 4 identical sprue's)

maco/72102/01.jpg maco/72102/02.jpg maco/72102/03.jpg maco/72102/04.jpg maco/72102/05.jpg maco/72102/06.jpg maco/72102/07.jpg

Comments and test shots by Christian Weber

I was lucky to get one of the first test shots of the injection moulded track sets for PzKpfWg III/IV from Maco. Here the first one (Ostkette) assembled on a Revell-Hummel. The test-shots are very good in my opinion, although there are a few missed links, whitch will be corrected for serial production. I assembled the right side of the running gear by gluing part after part, using the single track-links for the places the track lays around the idler and sprocket wheel.
For the left side I decided to glue all the tracks together, and BEND them around sprocket and idler. My opinion: This is the best way! I had to cut the teeth of the sprocket, but everything else went fantastic, it is fast and with no complication. You see on the pics some "white lines" on the parts of the tracks, where the bending points are. I think, after painting this will be looking very well.


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These are the Wintertracks, once again I've decided to bend them around sprocket and idler wheels, what worked very well. Please remember that this is the pre-series sprue, Maco is still working about it to make the quality better. Like You can see on the pics, some of the track links seem to be broken, but this is just a matter of sprue producing, the serial ones will be much better I guess.


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