July 2017
"GRAN" is back on the market, the label is changed to GRANE

Owner of the company is Andrey Novikov since 1986

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Kit 7208 - S75/SAM-2 Guideline Missile Launcher'

gran/7208/00.jpg gran/7208/01.jpg gran/7208/02.jpg gran/7208/03.jpg gran/7208/04.jpg gran/7208/05.jpg gran/7208/06.jpg gran/7208/07.jpg gran/7208/08.jpg

SAM SA-2 Guideline
The antiaircraft-missile system of average range C-75 (SAM SA-2 Guideline). Main designer is A A. Raspletin. Being derived from the S-25 anti-aircraft missile system, the S-75 was fielded in 1957 and became a nightmare for US Air Force.
This Russian defense surface-to-air missile is in early times deployed in many old former-states of Russia. This missile was in early time available in the 1/76 scale by Airfix. But, the Gran Ltd. kit is from a higher grade and is much more detailled.

Kit 7209 - S125 "Neva" - (SA-3 "GOA") - (this kit is very original, never made by other manufacturers!!)

gran/7209/01.jpg gran/7209/2/01.jpg gran/7209/2/012.jpg gran/7209/03.jpg gran/7209/04.jpg gran/7209/05.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

gran/7209/1/01.jpg gran/7209/1/02.jpg

Model built by Al Magnus


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Model built by Udo Bauer

ZEBRANO 72021 is an interesting kit but expensive. The chassis of PST is in my eyes from less quality. I have combinated the Trumpeter 7282 with GRAN 7209. I will build the mobile complex S-125 Newa / Petchora on T-55
On the Internet these fla-rocket complexes can be seen in Polish and Cuban air defense (with minor differences
Question: What is the elastic tube on the right side? I suspect that the Poles have created prepared places for the vehicles. There are communications (power supply, data transmission). The cables are connected to the vehicle and protected by a flexible metal tube (the Kopex tube) in front of the jet when the rocket is launched
In some photos, the cables can also be seen without a protective tube. So, however, it looks more interesting from my point of view on the model

zebrano/72021/2/01.jpg zebrano/72021/2/02.jpg zebrano/72021/2/03.jpg zebrano/72021/2/04.jpg zebrano/72021/2/05.jpg zebrano/72021/2/06.jpg zebrano/72021/2/07.jpg zebrano/72021/2/08.jpg zebrano/72021/2/09.jpg

Kit 7210 - S200 "Angara" - (SA-5 "Gammon")

gran/7210.jpg gran/gran7210.jpg

Kit 7212, - GAZ-39 371 "Vodnik" GAS-39 371 "Vodnik"

gran/7212/01.jpg gran/7212/02.jpg gran/7212/03.jpg gran/7212/04.jpg gran/7212/05.jpg

Kit 7213 - BRDM GAZ-39 371 "Vodnik" BRDM GAS-39 371 "Vodnik"

gran/7213/01.jpg gran/7213/02.jpg gran/7213/03.jpg gran/7213/04.jpg gran/7213/05.jpg

Model built by Zbigniew Perski

gran/7213/1/01.jpg gran/7213/1/02.jpg gran/7213/1/03.jpg gran/7213/1/04.jpg gran/7213/1/05.jpg

Kit 7214 - APC GAZ-39 371 "Vodnik" BTR GAS-39 371 "Vodnik"

gran/7214/01.jpg gran/7214/02.jpg gran/7214/03.jpg gran/7214/04.jpg gran/7214/05.jpg

GAZ-39371 "Vodnik"
GAZ-39371 "Vodnik" came to be the first multipurpose military cross-country vehicle of a new generation. The vehicle is designed by applying a modular construction. Any military module can be mounted in 15 minutes. Service tests of GAZ-39371 "Vodnik" proved to have high dynamic properties, road ability and flotation ability on any ground.
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Kit 72304 - S125 "Pechora"

gran/72304/01.jpg gran/72304/02.jpg gran/72304/03.jpg gran/72304/04.jpg gran/72304/05.jpg gran/72304/06.jpg

Kit 72310 - SAM S-200 - SA-5 Gammon Missile - (January 2019) - (re-release kit 7210)

gran/72310/01.jpg gran/72310/02.jpg

Built model by Grane

gran/72310/1/01.jpg gran/72310/1/02.jpg gran/72310/1/03.jpg gran/72310/1/04.jpg

Kit 72320 - SAM "Rapier" FSA/FSB1 Anti-Aircraft system

gran/72320/01.jpg gran/72320/02.jpg gran/72320/03.jpg gran/72320/04.jpg gran/72320/05.jpg

Built model by Grane

gran/72320/1/01.jpg gran/72320/1/02.jpg

Kit 72321 - SAM "Rapier Darkfire" FSA2 Anti-Aircraft system - (new kit 2018)

gran/72321/01.jpg gran/72321/02.jpg gran/72321/03.jpg gran/72321/04.jpg

Built model by Grane

gran/72321/1/01.jpg gran/72321/1/02.jpg gran/72321/1/03.jpg gran/72321/1/04.jpg gran/72321/1/05.jpg gran/72321/1/06.jpg

Kit 72505 - Gaz-69

gran/72505/00.jpg gran/72505/01.jpg gran/72505/08.jpg gran/72505/02.jpg gran/72505/03.jpg gran/72505/04.jpg gran/72505/05.jpg gran/72505/06.jpg gran/72505/07.jpg gran/72505/09.jpg gran/72505/10.jpg

Model built by Igor Leonov

gran/72505/1/01.jpg gran/72505/1/02.jpg gran/72505/1/03.jpg gran/72505/1/04.jpg gran/72505/1/05.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

The Russian Jeep GAZ-69 was in the NVA and the WP, the carrier vehicle in addition to its original task as a vehicle for staff, a widely used radio station the R-125. The GAZ-69 was also a launch vehicle for anti-tank missiles, miners, and airborne groups of transport and traction devices for non-rebound guns, grenade launchers and rocket launchers

gran/72505/2/01.jpg gran/72505/2/02.jpg gran/72505/2/03.jpg gran/72505/2/04.jpg

Kit 72522 - URAL-4320 mit 23 mm Flak ZU-23-2

(combinated kit with Gran ZU-23-2 and ICM Ural-4320)

gran/72522/01.jpg gran/72522/00.jpg gran/72522/09.jpg gran/72522/10.jpg gran/72522/02.jpg gran/72522/03.jpg gran/72522/04.jpg gran/72522/05.jpg gran/72522/06.jpg gran/72522/07.jpg gran/72522/08.jpg

Kit 72601 - M50 Quad - (soon)

gran/72601/01.jpg gran/72601/02.jpg gran/72601/03.jpg

Kit 72607 - Zu-23 30M1-4 - (new kit 2017)

gran/72607/01.jpg gran/72607/02.jpg

Kit 72612 - ZU-23*2

gran/72612/00.jpg gran/72612/01.jpg gran/72612/02.jpg gran/72612/03.jpg

Built model by Gran

gran/72612/1/01.jpg gran/72612/1/02.jpg gran/72612/1/03.jpg gran/72612/1/04.jpg gran/72612/1/06.jpg

PST kits in collaboration with the manufacturer GRAN

Kit 72066 (PST) - S-125 "Newa" on T-55 Chassis - collaboration between "Gran/PST"

Pst/72066/01.jpg Pst/72066/02.jpg Pst/72066/03.jpg Pst/72066/04.jpg Pst/72066/05.jpg Pst/72066/06.jpg Pst/72066/07.jpg Pst/72066/08.jpg

Built model by Gran

Pst/72066/1/01.jpg Pst/72066/1/02.jpg Pst/72066/1/03.jpg

Built model by Philip Bonnet

Pst/72066/2/01.jpg Pst/72066/2/02.jpg Pst/72066/2/03.jpg Pst/72066/2/04.jpg Pst/72066/2/05.jpg

The S-125 (NATO: SA-3 Goa) is a low-altitude surface-to-air missile system developed, manufactured, and deployed by the Russians. Designed to track and destroy low-altitude targets such as aircraft, helicopters, and cruise missiles, the system has been proliferated to over 30 countries in recent years.

Voka - Gran Ltd has also airplanes in the scale 1/72

Kit 7202 - F-80C Shooting Star
Kit 7203 - LA-11 "Fang"
Kit 7204 - Mig-15 bis "Fagot"
Kit 7205 - Mig-15 Uti "Midget

gran/7202.jpg gran/7203.jpg gran/7204.jpg gran/7205.jpg

Fighter Lavochkin La-11
La-11- was based on the La-9 and developed as a long range fighter intended to protect the bombers during their missions. Both took part in Korean war in 1950-1953.
Fighter MiG-15 bis Fagot
Fighter MiG-15 bis Fagot is a legendary plane of the 50-sí a soldier-plane having participated in many armed conflicts and local wars. MiG-15 bis deserved the year-long respect of pilots for its perfect flight characteristics, powerful armament, and survivability.

kit 7206 - Mig 15


kit 7207 - Mi-1 "Hare" Helicopter - (model built by Mark Deliduka)

gran/7207/01.jpg gran/7207/02.jpg gran/7207/03.jpg

Mi-1 Hare
First M.L. Mill design house helicopter was to be liaison aircraft and got GM-1 designation (Millís Helicopter-1).

Kit 7211 - LA-9 "Fritz"
Kit 7235 - LA-5

gran/7211.jpg gran/7235.jpg

Fighter La-9
Lavochkin La-9 was developed in 1946 and 1559 aircraft were built during the serial production. Further it became the base for constructing of the fighter La-11. The La-9 took part in Korean war in 1950-1953. Max. speed-690 km/h. Armament: 4*23 mm guns
Fighter La-5
In the autumn 1942, Hitler's pilots for the first time met an unknown fighter under Stalingrad.In 28 air-combats against the pilots of 49 IAP1 VA, where the army testing of the La-5 took place, Germans lost 16 planes. In that way, the first acquaintance of Luftwaffe occurred with the La-5 fighter created in the DD of A.S. Lavochkin.

Kit 7237 - P40E Kittyhawk
Kit 7238 - P40 Tomahawk
Kit 7239 - Spitfire MK1 / MK5
Kit 7240 - IA-58 "Pucara"

gran/7237.jpg gran/7238.jpg gran/7239.jpg gran/7240.jpg

Kit 7241 - SU-15 TM
Kit 7248 - PE-2 "Buck"
Kit 7249 - PE-3

gran/7241.jpg gran/7248.jpg gran/7249.jpg

July 2017 - Manufacturer "Gran" is back in production with new name / label "GRANE"

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