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Kit gmu72001 - Yaz-200 Army Truck with 2 axcle trailer 2-AP-3

YAZ-200 is "licenced" production of MAZ-200 and also the same vehicle as GARBUZ model (different sprue layout)
- MAZ was produced in Minsk Automobile Plant (now Belorussia), YAZ in Yaroslavl Automobile Plant but it looks like the original model 200 was produced in Yaroslavl initialy with wooden cabin, later with tinny cabin and this later model was also produced in Minsk. - Note Ondrej Repka

GMU/gmu72001/01.jpg GMU/gmu72001/02.jpg GMU/gmu72001/03.jpg GMU/gmu72001/04.jpg GMU/gmu72001/05.jpg GMU/gmu72001/06.jpg GMU/gmu72001/07.jpg GMU/gmu72001/08.jpg GMU/gmu72001/09.jpg GMU/gmu72001/10.jpg GMU/gmu72001/11.jpg

Kit gmu72002 - 2 axcle trailer 2-AP-3

GMU/gmu72002/01.jpg GMU/gmu72002/02.jpg GMU/gmu72002/03.jpg GMU/gmu72002/04.jpg GMU/gmu72002/05.jpg GMU/gmu72002/06.jpg GMU/gmu72002/07.jpg GMU/gmu72002/08.jpg GMU/gmu72002/09.jpg GMU/gmu72002/10.jpg

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