Gecko Heavy Industries models - Resin 1/72

The master of the kits are made by a German modeller and is a member of the Swedish SIG.
The kits are in the 1/72 wargaming scale and need some experience in reworking and / or upgrading for collectors.
The kits come without decals, but a generic set is available from the manufacturer that will fit most of the models

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Kit 72001 - Stridsvagn m/41

gecko/72001/01.jpg gecko/72001/02.jpg gecko/72001/03.jpg gecko/72001/04.jpg gecko/72001/05.jpg gecko/72001/06.jpg

Kit 72002 - Stormartillerivagn m/43

gecko/72002/01.jpg gecko/72002/02.jpg gecko/72002/03.jpg gecko/72002/04.jpg gecko/72002/05.jpg gecko/72002/06.jpg gecko/72002/07.jpg

Kit 72003 - PBV301 (figure not included)

gecko/72003/01.jpg gecko/72003/02.jpg gecko/72003/03.jpg gecko/72003/04.jpg gecko/72003/05.jpg gecko/72003/06.jpg gecko/72003/07.jpg gecko/72003/08.jpg gecko/72003/09.jpg

Kit 72004 - Klargöringsbil 9711 Dallas-Jeep

The kit is aimed at modelers of Swedish Aircraft and diorama as the Jeep helped service and tow Saab Viggens and Grypens up until the 1990s

gecko/72004/01.jpg gecko/72004/02.jpg gecko/72004/03.jpg gecko/72004/04.jpg gecko/72004/05.jpg

Kit 72005 - KP Terrängbil m/42 VKPF / SKPF

gecko/72005/00.jpg gecko/72005/01.jpg gecko/72005/02.jpg gecko/72005/03.jpg gecko/72005/04.jpg gecko/72005/05.jpg gecko/72005/06.jpg gecko/72005/07.jpg

Kit 72006 - InfanteriKanonvagen - IKV Production Version - (master by Luigi Cuccaro)

gecko/72006/01.jpg gecko/72006/02.jpg gecko/72006/03.jpg gecko/72006/04.jpg gecko/72006/05.jpg gecko/72006/06.jpg gecko/72006/07.jpg gecko/72006/08.jpg

Kit 72007 - InfanteriKanonvagen - IKV Prototype Version - (master by Luigi Cuccaro)

gecko/72007/01.jpg gecko/72007/02.jpg gecko/72007/03.jpg gecko/72007/04.jpg gecko/72007/05.jpg gecko/72007/06.jpg gecko/72007/07.jpg

Kit 72008 - Bärgningsbandvagn BGBV 82

gecko/72008/00.jpg gecko/72008/01.jpg gecko/72008/02.jpg gecko/72008/03.jpg gecko/72008/04.jpg gecko/72008/05.jpg gecko/72008/06.jpg

Kit 72009 - Brobandvagn Brobvn 941

gecko/72009/00.jpg gecko/72009/01.jpg gecko/72009/02.jpg gecko/72009/03.jpg gecko/72009/04.jpg gecko/72009/05.jpg gecko/72009/06.jpg gecko/72009/07.jpg

Kit 72010 - Jeep J20 Dallas Klärgoring 9712 as used by the Flygvapnet to ferry airmen around bases in winter

gecko/72010/01.jpg gecko/72010/02.jpg gecko/72010/03.jpg gecko/72010/04.jpg gecko/72010/05.jpg gecko/72010/06.jpg gecko/72010/07.jpg

Kit 72011 - Swedish Bandkanon BK1 - Self propelled 155 mm Howitzer

gecko/72011/01.jpg gecko/72011/02.jpg gecko/72011/03.jpg gecko/72011/04.jpg

Kit 72012 - Dodge Rädningsbil 922

gecko/72012/01.jpg gecko/72012/02.jpg gecko/72012/03.jpg gecko/72012/04.jpg gecko/72012/05.jpg gecko/72012/06.jpg

Kit 72013 - Scania Rädningsterrängbil 4112

gecko/72013/01.jpg gecko/72013/02.jpg gecko/72013/03.jpg gecko/72013/04.jpg gecko/72013/05.jpg

Kit 72014 - Volvo C303 TGB11 - (No decals)

gecko/72014/01.jpg gecko/72014/02.jpg gecko/72014/03.jpg gecko/72014/04.jpg gecko/72014/05.jpg gecko/72014/06.jpg

Kit 72015 - Volvo C303 Pansarvarnspjasterrangbil - (No decals)

gecko/72015/01.jpg gecko/72015/02.jpg gecko/72015/03.jpg gecko/72015/04.jpg gecko/72015/05.jpg gecko/72015/06.jpg

Kit 72016 - Volvo C304 TGB13 - (No decals)

gecko/72016/01.jpg gecko/72016/02.jpg gecko/72016/03.jpg gecko/72016/04.jpg gecko/72016/05.jpg

Kit 72017 - Volvo C304 TGB1312-1316

Note July 2020: - Decals will be made available for 72017 in the future. The printer lost the file in the last 2 months, so there is a delay. Kits 72014 <-> 72016 will NOT get decals at all as they only need licence plates which can be made by one self

gecko/72017/01.jpg gecko/72017/02.jpg gecko/72017/03.jpg gecko/72017/04.jpg gecko/72017/05.jpg gecko/72017/1/01.jpg gecko/72017/06.jpg gecko/72017/07.jpg gecko/72017/08.jpg gecko/72017/09.jpg

Kit 72018 - Volvo 306 can be built as the TGB 21 troop transport or TGB 22 transport for the RBS 70 anty aircraft missile system, which is included

gecko/72018/01.png gecko/72018/02.jpg gecko/72018/03.jpg gecko/72018/04.jpg gecko/72018/05.jpg

Kit 72019 - PvKV m/43 can be built as the early or late version which has anarmoured roof.

gecko/72019/01.jpg gecko/72019/02.jpg gecko/72019/03.jpg gecko/72019/04.jpg

Kit 72020 - can be built in all Strv m/42 variants TM, TH, TV, EH as well as the IKV 73 (some are not externaly discernible)

gecko/72020/01.jpg gecko/72020/02.jpg gecko/72020/03.jpg gecko/72020/04.jpg

Kit 72021 - Strv 74 is in only one version, as the internal transmission difference could not discerned externaly

gecko/72021/01.jpg gecko/72021/02.jpg gecko/72021/03.jpg gecko/72021/04.jpg gecko/72021/05.jpg gecko/72021/06.jpg

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