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Kit 72001 - Ringtrichter Richtungshörer Horchgerat (RRH)

fpw/72001/01.jpg fpw/72001/02.jpg fpw/72001/03.jpg fpw/72001/04.jpg fpw/72001/05.jpg

Built model by Ondrej Repka

The first & second pictures shows it in transport configuration towed by Praga RV (First to fight kit) with Stromagregat (24V powerplant) loaded on the lorry.
The third picture shows Horchgerät in working position with retractable chassis towed out by Praga RV with 150 cm Flakscheinwerfer mit Stromagregat (own production) in the background.
I made also some detail photos to show the details I added (scale on right side operator position, the headphones of the operators, the cloth courtains placed on circular holders etc.) - Ondrej Repka

fpw/72001/1/01.jpg fpw/72001/1/02.jpg fpw/72001/1/03.jpg fpw/72001/1/04.jpg fpw/72001/1/05.jpg fpw/72001/1/06.jpg

Kit 72002 - Krupp L.K.A.1 (Leichte Kampfwagen für Ausland)

fpw/72002/01.jpg fpw/72002/02.jpg

Kit 72003 - Faun L900 D587 Panzer Transporter (open cab)

Pictures by Tony Ivey

fpw/72003/01.jpg fpw/72003/02.jpg fpw/72003/03.jpg fpw/72003/04.jpg fpw/72003/05.jpg fpw/72003/06.jpg fpw/72003/07.jpg fpw/72003/08.jpg fpw/72003/09.jpg fpw/72003/10.jpg fpw/72003/11.jpg

fpw/72003/1/01.jpg fpw/72003/1/02.jpg fpw/72003/1/03.jpg fpw/72003/1/04.jpg fpw/72003/1/05.jpg

Kit 72004 - Faun L900 D587 Heavy Cargo Truck (closed cab) and alternate Panzer Transporter


Kit 72005 - Schienenwolf

fpw/72005/01.jpg fpw/72005/02.jpg fpw/72005/03.jpg fpw/72005/04.jpg

Kit 72006 - Sd.Kfz. 247 Ausf.B - (in collaboration with Triumph Des Willens)

fpw/72006/01.jpg fpw/72006/02.jpg

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