First to Fight

A manufacturer / publisher from Poland that released "Quick build" kits in combination with a small information magazine. First release in September 2013.

On the occasion of the upcoming in 2014 75 anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, 1 September 1939, the trial in your hands a unique series of notebooks moving closer to Polish Defense War 1939. The collection, in particular, applies to weapons, uniforms and various military formations of the parties involved in this conflict and more or less famous battles and episodes. Invasion of Poland 1939, constitutes a very important, although sometimes forgotten, in the history of Polish. There is no way to imagine the ethos of the Polish struggle for independence without the memory of these heroic and sometimes tragic events.

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Magazine / Kit 01 - Polish TKS Light Panzer - (Sprueparts pictures from Miniwojna-Blogspot)

firsttofight/01/01.jpg firsttofight/01/02.jpg firsttofight/01/03.jpg firsttofight/01/04.jpg firsttofight/01/05.jpg firsttofight/01/06.jpg firsttofight/01/07.jpg firsttofight/01/08.jpg firsttofight/01/09.jpg firsttofight/01/10.jpg firsttofight/01/11.jpg firsttofight/01/12.jpg firsttofight/01/13.jpg

Built model by FirstofFight

firsttofight/01/1/01.jpg firsttofight/01/1/02.jpg firsttofight/01/1/03.jpg firsttofight/01/1/04.jpg

Built model by Marcin Mizielinski

firsttofight/01/2/01.jpg firsttofight/01/2/02.jpg firsttofight/01/2/03.jpg firsttofight/01/2/04.jpg

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Magazine / Kit 02 - German light tank Pz.Kpfw. IA - (Sprueparts pictures from Miniwojna-Blogspot)

firsttofight/2/01.jpg firsttofight/2/02.jpg firsttofight/2/03.jpg firsttofight/2/04.jpg

firsttofight/02/2/01.jpg firsttofight/02/2/02.jpg firsttofight/02/2/03.jpg firsttofight/02/2/04.jpg firsttofight/02/2/05.jpg firsttofight/02/2/06.jpg firsttofight/02/2/07.jpg

Model built by Przemek Sobusik

firsttofight/02/1/01.jpg firsttofight/02/1/02.jpg firsttofight/02/1/03.jpg firsttofight/02/1/04.jpg

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Magazine / Kit 03 - C2P

firsttofight/03/1/01.jpg firsttofight/03/1/02.jpg firsttofight/03/1/03.jpg

firsttofight/03/01.jpg firsttofight/03/02.jpg firsttofight/03/03.jpg firsttofight/03/04.jpg firsttofight/03/05.jpg firsttofight/03/06.jpg firsttofight/03/07.jpg

Model built by Marcin Mizielinski

firsttofight/03/2/01.jpg firsttofight/03/2/02.jpg firsttofight/03/2/03.jpg firsttofight/03/2/04.jpg

For "Leonid Postny's / 1-72Depot" review about kit First to Fight 03 Polish C2P Tractor , and to carry on an ACE 72533 Wz.36 visit:

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Magazine / Kit 04 - SdKfz. 265 Panzerbefehlwagen I Ausf. B

firsttofight/04/01.jpg firsttofight/04/02.jpg firsttofight/04/03.jpg firsttofight/04/04.jpg firsttofight/04/05.jpg

Magazine / Kit 05 - Polish TK3 Light Panzer with mg

firsttofight/05/01.jpg firsttofight/05/02.jpg firsttofight/05/03.jpg firsttofight/05/04.jpg

firsttofight/05/1/01.jpg firsttofight/05/1/02.jpg firsttofight/05/1/03.jpg firsttofight/05/1/04.jpg firsttofight/05/1/05.jpg

Model built by Marcin Mizielinski

firsttofight/05/2/01.jpg firsttofight/05/2/02.jpg firsttofight/05/2/03.jpg firsttofight/05/2/04.jpg

Magazine / Kit 06 - Kfz. 13

firsttofight/06/01.jpg firsttofight/06/02.jpg firsttofight/06/03.jpg firsttofight/06/04.jpg firsttofight/06/05.jpg

Model by Adam Chodororowski (tankmodels.pl)

firsttofight/06/1/01.jpg firsttofight/06/1/02.jpg firsttofight/06/1/03.jpg firsttofight/06/1/04.jpg firsttofight/06/1/05.jpg firsttofight/06/1/06.jpg firsttofight/06/1/07.jpg firsttofight/06/1/08.jpg firsttofight/06/1/09.jpg firsttofight/06/1/10.jpg firsttofight/06/1/11.jpg firsttofight/06/1/12.jpg firsttofight/06/1/13.jpg

Model by Vojislav Jereb

firsttofight/06/2/01.jpg firsttofight/06/2/02.jpg firsttofight/06/2/03.jpg firsttofight/06/2/04.jpg

Magazine / Kit 07 - Polski WZ-34 Armoured Car

firsttofight/07/01.jpg firsttofight/07/02.jpg firsttofight/07/03.jpg firsttofight/07/04.jpg firsttofight/07/05.jpg firsttofight/07/06.jpg firsttofight/07/07.jpg firsttofight/07/08.jpg firsttofight/07/09.jpg firsttofight/07/10.jpg firsttofight/07/11.jpg firsttofight/07/12.jpg firsttofight/07/13.jpg

Model built by Przemek Sobusik

firsttofight/07/2/01.jpg firsttofight/07/2/02.jpg firsttofight/07/2/03.jpg firsttofight/07/2/04.jpg firsttofight/07/2/05.jpg firsttofight/07/2/06.jpg

Model built by Marcin Mizielinski

firsttofight/07/1/01.jpg firsttofight/07/1/02.jpg firsttofight/07/1/03.jpg firsttofight/07/1/04.jpg firsttofight/07/1/05.jpg firsttofight/07/1/06.jpg firsttofight/07/1/07.jpg firsttofight/07/1/08.jpg

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Magazine / Kit 08 - Pz. II Ausf. B


Model by Adam Chodororowski (tankmodels.pl)

firsttofight/08/1/01.jpg firsttofight/08/1/02.jpg firsttofight/08/1/03.jpg firsttofight/08/1/04.jpg firsttofight/08/1/05.jpg firsttofight/08/1/06.jpg

Magazine / Kit 09 - WZ34-II Armoured Car


Model built by Przemek Sobusik

firsttofight/09/1/01.jpg firsttofight/09/1/02.jpg firsttofight/09/1/03.jpg firsttofight/09/1/04.jpg firsttofight/09/1/05.jpg firsttofight/09/1/06.jpg firsttofight/09/1/07.jpg firsttofight/09/1/08.jpg firsttofight/09/1/09.jpg

Model built by Marcin Mizielinski

firsttofight/09/2/01.jpg firsttofight/09/2/02.jpg firsttofight/09/2/03.jpg firsttofight/09/2/04.jpg firsttofight/09/2/05.jpg firsttofight/09/2/06.jpg

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Correction set for Kit 07 - WZ.34 / Kit 09 - WZ.34-II - (By Tank Models Kit - 72021)

firsttofight/72021/01.jpg firsttofight/72021/02.jpg firsttofight/72021/03.jpg firsttofight/72021/04.jpg firsttofight/72021/05.jpg firsttofight/72021/06.jpg

Magazine / Kit 10 - Pz. II Ausf. C

Sprue pictures by Jeff Hamblen

firsttofight/10/01.jpg firsttofight/10/1/01.jpg firsttofight/10/1/02.jpg firsttofight/10/1/03.jpg firsttofight/10/1/04.jpg firsttofight/10/1/05.jpg firsttofight/10/1/06.jpg

Model by Adam Chodororowski (tankmodels.pl)

firsttofight/10/2/01.jpg firsttofight/10/2/02.jpg firsttofight/10/2/03.jpg firsttofight/10/2/04.jpg firsttofight/10/2/05.jpg firsttofight/10/2/06.jpg

For "Michal Derela's / OTW" review Kit 10 - Pz. II Ausf. C visit:

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Magazine / Kit 11 - Polish Fiat 621 L

firsttofight/11/01.jpg firsttofight/11/02.jpg firsttofight/11/03.jpg firsttofight/11/04.jpg firsttofight/11/05.jpg firsttofight/11/06.jpg firsttofight/11/07.jpg firsttofight/11/08.jpg firsttofight/11/19.jpg firsttofight/11/10.jpg firsttofight/11/11.jpg

Model by Adam Chodororowski (tankmodels.pl)

firsttofight/11/1/01.jpg firsttofight/11/1/02.jpg firsttofight/11/1/03.jpg firsttofight/11/1/04.jpg firsttofight/11/1/05.jpg firsttofight/11/1/06.jpg firsttofight/11/1/07.jpg

Finished model by Marcin Mizielinski

firsttofight/11/2/01.jpg firsttofight/11/2/02.jpg

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Magazine / Kit 12 - PzKpfw II Ausf.D

firsttofight/12/01.jpg firsttofight/12/02.jpg firsttofight/12/03.jpg firsttofight/12/04.jpg firsttofight/12/05.jpg firsttofight/12/06.jpg firsttofight/12/07.jpg firsttofight/12/08.jpg firsttofight/12/09.jpg firsttofight/12/10.jpg firsttofight/12/11.jpg firsttofight/12/12.jpg firsttofight/12/13.jpg firsttofight/12/14.jpg firsttofight/12/15.jpg firsttofight/12/16.jpg

Model by Adam Chodororowski (tankmodels.pl)

firsttofight/12/1/01.jpg firsttofight/12/1/02.jpg firsttofight/12/1/03.jpg firsttofight/12/1/04.jpg

For "Peter van Kempen's / OTW" review Kit 12 - PzKpfw II Ausf.D visit:

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Magazine / Kit 13 - Renault FT-17 octagonal turret w/gun (early version)

firsttofight/13/01.jpg firsttofight/13/02.jpg firsttofight/13/03.jpg firsttofight/13/04.jpg firsttofight/13/05.jpg firsttofight/13/06.jpg firsttofight/13/07.jpg firsttofight/13/08.jpg firsttofight/13/09.jpg

Model by Adam Chodororowski (tankmodels.pl)

firsttofight/13/1/01.jpg firsttofight/13/1/02.jpg firsttofight/13/1/03.jpg firsttofight/13/1/04.jpg firsttofight/13/1/05.jpg firsttofight/13/1/06.jpg

Finished model by Marcin Mizielinski

firsttofight/13/2/01.jpg firsttofight/13/2/02.jpg firsttofight/13/2/03.jpg firsttofight/13/2/04.jpg

Magazine / Kit 14 - Panzer III Ausf. E

Model by Adam Chodororowski (tankmodels.pl)

firsttofight/14/01.jpg firsttofight/14/02.jpg firsttofight/14/14.jpg firsttofight/14/03.jpg firsttofight/14/04.jpg firsttofight/14/05.jpg firsttofight/14/06.jpg firsttofight/14/07.jpg firsttofight/14/08.jpg firsttofight/14/09.jpg firsttofight/14/10.jpg firsttofight/14/11.jpg firsttofight/14/12.jpg firsttofight/14/13.jpg

Model by Lo Baars

firsttofight/14/1/01.jpg firsttofight/14/1/02.jpg

Model by Jorge Thorvaldsson

Converted to version F using Trumpeter's Stug III ausf. B lower hull, Dragon's air intakes, upgraded by using Part's Pzkpfw. III Ausf.M fenders and a lot scratch builded details.

firsttofight/14/2/01.jpg firsttofight/14/2/02.jpg firsttofight/14/2/03.jpg firsttofight/14/2/04.jpg firsttofight/14/2/05.jpg firsttofight/14/2/06.jpg firsttofight/14/2/07.jpg firsttofight/14/2/08.jpg

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Magazine / Kit 15 - Polish tankette TKS w/Hotchkiss wz. 25

Model by Adam Chodororowski (tankmodels.pl)

firsttofight/15/01.jpg firsttofight/15/02.jpg

firsttofight/15/1/01.jpg firsttofight/15/1/02.jpg firsttofight/15/1/03.jpg firsttofight/15/1/04.jpg firsttofight/15/1/05.jpg

Finished model by Marcin Mizielinski

firsttofight/15/2/01.jpg firsttofight/15/2/02.jpg firsttofight/15/2/03.jpg firsttofight/15/2/04.jpg

Magazine / Kit 16 - German Infantry - (3 same sprue's in the box)

firsttofight/16/01.jpg firsttofight/16/02.jpg firsttofight/16/03.jpg firsttofight/16/04.jpg

Magazine / Kit 17 - Fiat 621 with MG

firsttofight/17/01.jpg firsttofight/17/02.jpg firsttofight/17/03.jpg firsttofight/17/04.jpg firsttofight/17/05.jpg firsttofight/17/06.jpg

Finished model by Marcin Mizielinski

firsttofight/17/1/01.jpg firsttofight/17/1/02.jpg firsttofight/17/1/03.jpg firsttofight/17/1/04.jpg firsttofight/17/1/05.jpg

Combination kit 17(Fiat 621) with kit 15(Polish tankette TKS w/Hotchkiss wz. 25), built by Vojislav Jereb

firsttofight/17/2/01.jpg firsttofight/17/2/02.jpg firsttofight/17/2/03.jpg firsttofight/17/2/04.jpg firsttofight/17/2/05.jpg firsttofight/17/2/06.jpg

Magazine / Kit 18 - German Command Staff - (3 same sprue's in the box)

firsttofight/18/01.jpg firsttofight/18/02.jpg firsttofight/18/03.jpg

Magazine / Kit 19 - Polish Infantry

firsttofight/19/01.jpg firsttofight/19/02.jpg firsttofight/19/03.jpg firsttofight/19/04.jpg

Finished model by Marcin Mizielinski

firsttofight/19/1/01.jpg firsttofight/19/1/02.jpg firsttofight/19/1/03.jpg firsttofight/19/1/04.jpg firsttofight/19/1/05.jpg firsttofight/19/1/06.jpg firsttofight/19/1/07.jpg

Magazine / Kit 20 - German Infantry

firsttofight/20/01.jpg firsttofight/20/02.jpg firsttofight/20/03.jpg

Magazine / Kit 21 - FT-17 with Berliet Turret

firsttofight/21/01.jpg firsttofight/21/02.jpg firsttofight/21/03.jpg firsttofight/21/04.jpg firsttofight/21/05.jpg

Model by Adam Chodororowski (tankmodels.pl)

firsttofight/21/1/01.jpg firsttofight/21/1/02.jpg firsttofight/21/1/03.jpg firsttofight/21/1/04.jpg firsttofight/21/1/05.jpg

Finished model by Marcin Mizielinski

firsttofight/21/2/01.jpg firsttofight/21/2/02.jpg firsttofight/21/2/03.jpg firsttofight/21/2/04.jpg

Magazine / Kit 22 - German Pak 36 AT Gun - (There are 2 guns and 6 figures in the box)

firsttofight/22/01.jpg firsttofight/22/02.jpg firsttofight/22/03.jpg firsttofight/22/04.jpg

For "Christian Florescu's / WW2Germans" review Kit 22 - German Pak 36 AT Gun visit:

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Magazine / Kit 23 - Polish infantry officers, 1939


Finished model by Marcin Mizielinski

firsttofight/23/1/01.jpg firsttofight/23/1/02.jpg

Magazine / Kit 24 - Kfz. 14

firsttofight/24/01.jpg firsttofight/24/02.jpg firsttofight/24/03.jpg firsttofight/24/04.jpg firsttofight/24/05.jpg firsttofight/24/06.jpg firsttofight/24/07.jpg firsttofight/24/08.jpg

Magazine / Kit 25 - Polish Bofors 37 mm wz. 36

firsttofight/25/01.jpg firsttofight/25/02.jpg firsttofight/25/03.jpg firsttofight/25/04.jpg

Finished model by Marcin Mizielinski

firsttofight/25/1/01.jpg firsttofight/25/1/02.jpg firsttofight/25/1/03.jpg firsttofight/25/1/04.jpg firsttofight/25/1/05.jpg

Magazine / Kit 26 - 7TP (single turret)

firsttofight/26/01.jpg firsttofight/26/02.jpg firsttofight/26/05.jpg firsttofight/26/03.jpg firsttofight/26/04.jpg firsttofight/26/05.jpg firsttofight/26/06.jpg firsttofight/26/07.jpg firsttofight/26/08.jpg firsttofight/26/09.jpg

Model built by Marcin Mizielinski

firsttofight/26/1/01.jpg firsttofight/26/1/02.jpg firsttofight/26/1/05.jpg firsttofight/26/1/03.jpg firsttofight/26/1/04.jpg firsttofight/26/1/05.jpg firsttofight/26/1/06.jpg

For "Michal Derela 's / OTW" review Kit 26 - 7TP (single turret) visit:

logo "On The Way" Website

Magazine / Kit 27 - Polish infantry support weapons

firsttofight/27/01.jpg firsttofight/27/02.jpg firsttofight/27/03.jpg

Model built by Marcin Mizielinski

firsttofight/27/1/01.jpg firsttofight/27/1/02.jpg firsttofight/27/1/05.jpg firsttofight/27/1/03.jpg firsttofight/27/1/04.jpg firsttofight/27/1/05.jpg firsttofight/27/1/06.jpg firsttofight/27/1/07.jpg

Magazine / Kit 28 - Polish Vickers E double turret

firsttofight/28/01.jpg firsttofight/28/02.jpg firsttofight/28/03.jpg firsttofight/28/04.jpg firsttofight/28/05.jpg firsttofight/28/06.jpg firsttofight/28/07.jpg firsttofight/28/08.jpg firsttofight/28/09.jpg

firsttofight/28/1/01.jpg firsttofight/28/1/02.jpg firsttofight/28/1/03.jpg firsttofight/28/1/04.jpg firsttofight/28/1/05.jpg

Model built by Marcin Mizielinski

firsttofight/28/2/01.jpg firsttofight/28/2/02.jpg firsttofight/28/2/05.jpg firsttofight/28/2/03.jpg firsttofight/28/2/04.jpg firsttofight/28/2/05.jpg firsttofight/28/2/06.jpg

Magazine / Kit 29 - Vickers E

firsttofight/29/01.jpg firsttofight/29/1/01.jpg firsttofight/29/1/02.jpg firsttofight/29/1/03.jpg firsttofight/29/1/04.jpg firsttofight/29/02.jpg firsttofight/29/03.jpg firsttofight/29/04.jpg firsttofight/29/05.jpg

Magazine / Kit 30 - Praga RV Truck

firsttofight/30/01.jpg firsttofight/30/02.jpg firsttofight/30/03.jpg firsttofight/30/04.jpg firsttofight/30/05.jpg firsttofight/30/06.jpg firsttofight/30/07.jpg firsttofight/30/08.jpg firsttofight/30/09.jpg firsttofight/30/10.jpg

Model built by Stefan ROTH

firsttofight/30/1/01.jpg firsttofight/30/1/02.jpg

Magazine / Kit 31 - 7,5 cm LeIG 18 - German Infantry Gun (WWII)

firsttofight/31/01.jpg firsttofight/31/02.jpg firsttofight/31/03.jpg firsttofight/31/04.jpg firsttofight/31/05.jpg firsttofight/31/06.jpg firsttofight/31/07.jpg firsttofight/31/08.jpg firsttofight/31/09.jpg

Model built by Marcin Mizielinski

firsttofight/31/1/01.jpg firsttofight/31/1/02.jpg firsttofight/31/1/03.jpg firsttofight/31/1/04.jpg firsttofight/31/1/05.jpg

Magazine / Kit 32 - 7TP double turret Polish light tank

firsttofight/32/01.jpg firsttofight/32/02.jpg firsttofight/32/03.jpg firsttofight/32/04.jpg

Magazine / Kit 33 - Polish Field Cannon 75mm Schneider

firsttofight/33/01.jpg firsttofight/33/02.jpg

Magazine / Kit 34 - PRAGA RV polish truck ( troop transporter )

firsttofight/34/01.jpg firsttofight/34/02.jpg firsttofight/34/03.jpg firsttofight/34/04.jpg firsttofight/34/05.jpg firsttofight/34/06.jpg firsttofight/34/07.jpg

Model built by Stefan ROTH

firsttofight/34/1/01.jpg firsttofight/34/1/02.jpg

Magazine / Kit 35 - 2cm Flak 30 (two in the box)

firsttofight/35/01.jpg firsttofight/35/02.jpg firsttofight/35/03.jpg firsttofight/35/04.jpg firsttofight/35/05.jpg firsttofight/35/06.jpg firsttofight/35/07.jpg firsttofight/35/08.jpg firsttofight/35/09.jpg firsttofight/35/10.jpg firsttofight/35/11.jpg firsttofight/35/12.jpg firsttofight/35/13.jpg firsttofight/35/14.jpg firsttofight/35/15.jpg firsttofight/35/16.jpg firsttofight/35/17.jpg firsttofight/35/18.jpg firsttofight/35/19.jpg firsttofight/35/20.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

firsttofight/35/1/01.jpg firsttofight/35/1/02.jpg firsttofight/35/1/03.jpg firsttofight/35/1/04.jpg firsttofight/35/1/05.jpg

Magazine / Kit 36 - Polski bofors 40 mm
pictures taken from marinswarganing-wordpress.com

firsttofight/36/01.jpg firsttofight/36/02.jpg firsttofight/36/03.jpg firsttofight/36/04.jpg firsttofight/36/05.jpg firsttofight/36/06.jpg firsttofight/36/07.jpg firsttofight/36/08.jpg firsttofight/36/09.jpg firsttofight/36/10.jpg

Magazine / Kit 37 - 10,5cm leFH 18 German Field Howitzer

Sprue pictures by Jef Hamblen

firsttofight/37/01.jpg firsttofight/37/02.jpg firsttofight/37/03.jpg firsttofight/37/04.jpg firsttofight/37/05.jpg firsttofight/37/06.jpg firsttofight/37/07.jpg

Model by Vojislav Jereb

firsttofight/37/1/01.jpg firsttofight/37/1/02.jpg firsttofight/37/1/03.jpg

Magazine / Kit 38 - Pz.Kpfw 35(t) or (LT vz.35 - FtF release (Czecho)Slovak variant)

firsttofight/38/01.jpg firsttofight/38/02.jpg firsttofight/38/03.jpg firsttofight/38/04.jpg firsttofight/38/05.jpg firsttofight/38/06.jpg firsttofight/38/07.jpg firsttofight/38/08.jpg firsttofight/38/09.jpg firsttofight/38/10.jpg firsttofight/38/11.jpg firsttofight/38/12.jpg

For "Marins Wargaming" preview Kit 38 - Pz.Kpfw 35(t) or (LT vz.35) visit:

logo "Marinswargaming" Blog

Magazine / Kit 39 - Pz.Kpfw 35(t) Command

firsttofight/39/01.jpg firsttofight/39/02.jpg firsttofight/39/03.jpg firsttofight/39/04.jpg firsttofight/39/05.jpg firsttofight/39/06.jpg firsttofight/39/07.jpg firsttofight/39/08.jpg firsttofight/39/09.jpg firsttofight/39/10.jpg firsttofight/39/11.jpg firsttofight/39/12.jpg firsttofight/39/13.jpg firsttofight/39/14.jpg firsttofight/39/15.jpg

Model built by Vojoslav Jereb

firsttofight/39/1/01.jpg firsttofight/39/1/02.jpg firsttofight/39/1/03.jpg firsttofight/39/1/04.jpg

Magazine / Kit 40 - Hanomag SdKfz. 251/1 Ausf.A

firsttofight/40/01.jpg firsttofight/40/02.jpg firsttofight/40/03.jpg firsttofight/40/04.jpg firsttofight/40/05.jpg firsttofight/40/06.jpg firsttofight/40/07.jpg firsttofight/40/08.jpg firsttofight/40/09.jpg firsttofight/40/10.jpg firsttofight/40/11.jpg firsttofight/40/12.jpg firsttofight/40/13.jpg firsttofight/40/14.jpg firsttofight/40/15.jpg

Detail pictures by Jeff Hamblen

firsttofight/40/1/01.jpg firsttofight/40/1/02.jpg firsttofight/40/1/03.jpg firsttofight/40/1/04.jpg firsttofight/40/1/05.jpg firsttofight/40/1/06.jpg firsttofight/40/1/07.jpg firsttofight/40/1/08.jpg firsttofight/40/1/09.jpg firsttofight/40/1/10.jpg firsttofight/40/1/11.jpg

Built model by W.L. Baars

firsttofight/40/2/01.jpg firsttofight/40/2/02.jpg firsttofight/40/2/03.jpg

Model built by Stefan ROTH

firsttofight/40/3/01.jpg firsttofight/40/3/02.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinski's / OTW" comparison Kit 040, 043 & 053- Hanomag SdKfz. 251/1 Ausf.A & B visit:

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For "www.net-maquettes.com " Sdkfz.251/6 Ausf. A Walk Around visit:

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Possible variants on the SdKfz. 251 Ausf. A

Rivetted version, looking simular as Dragon Kit 7308 - SdKfz. 251/2 Ausf. C - Rivetted Version

dragon/7308/1/01.jpg dragon/7308/1/05.jpg dragon/7308/1/03.jpg dragon/7308/1/04.jpg

SdKfz. 251 Ausf. A variants with closed top and turrets with a different lay-out (dummy turrets?) - (training vehicles?)

251/13/251A/1/01.jpg 251/13/251A/1/02.jpg 251/13/251A/1/06.jpg 251/13/251A/1/07.jpg 251/13/251A/1/08.jpg firsttofight/40/16.jpg

Magazine / Kit 41 - SdKfz. 11 ( tractor for field gun FH 18 ) - (gun not included)

firsttofight/41/1/01.jpg firsttofight/41/1/02.jpg firsttofight/41/1/03.jpg

Spruepart pictures from Marins Wargaming

firsttofight/41/01.jpg firsttofight/41/00.jpg firsttofight/41/02.jpg firsttofight/41/03.jpg firsttofight/41/04.jpg firsttofight/41/05.jpg firsttofight/41/06.jpg firsttofight/41/07.jpg firsttofight/41/08.jpg firsttofight/41/09.jpg firsttofight/41/10.jpg firsttofight/41/11.jpg firsttofight/41/12.jpg firsttofight/41/13.jpg firsttofight/41/14.jpg firsttofight/41/15.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

firsttofight/41/2/01.jpg firsttofight/41/2/02.jpg firsttofight/41/2/03.jpg firsttofight/41/2/04.jpg

For "Marins Wargaming" review of Kit 41 - SdKfz. 11 visit:

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Magazine / Kit 42 - Half track fiat 621 C4p ( tractor of field gun 100mm 14/19)

firsttofight/42/01.jpg firsttofight/42/02.jpg firsttofight/42/03.jpg firsttofight/42/04.jpg firsttofight/42/05.jpg firsttofight/42/06.jpg firsttofight/42/07.jpg firsttofight/42/08.jpg firsttofight/42/09.jpg firsttofight/42/10.jpg firsttofight/42/11.jpg firsttofight/42/12.jpg firsttofight/42/13.jpg

Model built by Tankmodels.pl

firsttofight/42/1/01.jpg firsttofight/42/1/02.jpg firsttofight/42/1/03.jpg firsttofight/42/1/04.jpg firsttofight/42/1/05.jpg firsttofight/42/1/06.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

firsttofight/42/2/01.jpg firsttofight/42/2/02.jpg firsttofight/42/2/03.jpg firsttofight/42/2/04.jpg

For "Marins Wargaming" review of Kit 42 - Half track fiat 621 C4p ( tractor of field gun 100mm 14/19) visit:

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Magazine / Kit 43 - Sd.Kfz.251/6 half-track

firsttofight/43/01.jpg firsttofight/43/02.jpg firsttofight/43/03.jpg firsttofight/43/04.jpg

For "Marins Wargaming" review of Kit 43 - Sd.Kfz.251/6 half-track visit:

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Magazine / Kit 44 - C4P Polish Artillery Tractor, Early production

firsttofight/44/01.jpg firsttofight/44/02.jpg firsttofight/44/03.jpg firsttofight/44/04.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

firsttofight/44/1/01.jpg firsttofight/44/1/02.jpg firsttofight/44/1/03.jpg firsttofight/44/1/04.jpg

Magazine / Kit 45 - Schneider 75mm Polish Field Cannon on DS wheels

firsttofight/45/01.jpg firsttofight/45/02.jpg firsttofight/45/03.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

firsttofight/45/1/01.jpg firsttofight/45/1/02.jpg firsttofight/45/1/03.jpg firsttofight/45/1/04.jpg

Magazine / Kit 46 - LiG 18 German Infantry Gun on DS wheels

Sprue part pictures by Jeff Hamblen

firsttofight/46/01.jpg firsttofight/46/02.jpg firsttofight/46/03.jpg firsttofight/46/04.jpg

Magazine / Kit 47 - Sd.Kfz.222 - German Light Armored Car

firsttofight/47/01.jpg firsttofight/47/02.jpg firsttofight/47/03.jpg firsttofight/47/04.jpg firsttofight/47/05.jpg firsttofight/47/06.jpg firsttofight/47/07.jpg firsttofight/47/08.jpg firsttofight/47/09.jpg

Magazine / Kit 48 - Sd.Kfz.221 - German Light Armored Car

firsttofight/48/01.jpg firsttofight/48/02.jpg firsttofight/48/03.jpg firsttofight/48/04.jpg firsttofight/48/05.jpg firsttofight/48/06.jpg

For "Rob Haelterman's / OTW" review Dan Taylor Modelworks upgrade set Kit C-72133 for Kit 48 - Sd.Kfz.221 visit:

logo "On The Way" Website - part 1 - (Dan Taylor set)

logo "On The Way" Website - part 2 - (kit 48 with Dan Taylor set)

Magazine / Kit 49 - Polish howitzer 100 mm wz.14 / 19

firsttofight/49/01.jpg firsttofight/49/02.jpg firsttofight/49/03.jpg firsttofight/49/04.jpg firsttofight/49/05.jpg firsttofight/49/06.jpg firsttofight/49/07.jpg firsttofight/49/08.jpg firsttofight/49/09.jpg firsttofight/49/10.jpg

3D Drawings

firsttofight/49/1/01.jpg firsttofight/49/1/02.jpg firsttofight/49/1/03.jpg firsttofight/49/1/04.jpg

Built model by Vojislav Jereb

firsttofight/49/2/01.jpg firsttofight/49/2/02.jpg firsttofight/49/2/03.jpg firsttofight/49/2/04.jpg

Magazine / Kit 50 - Polish Krupp Protze

firsttofight/50/01.jpg firsttofight/50/02.jpg firsttofight/50/03.jpg firsttofight/50/04.jpg firsttofight/50/05.jpg firsttofight/50/06.jpg firsttofight/50/07.jpg firsttofight/50/08.jpg firsttofight/50/09.jpg firsttofight/50/10.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

firsttofight/50/1/01.jpg firsttofight/50/1/02.jpg firsttofight/50/1/03.jpg firsttofight/50/1/04.jpg

Magazine / Kit 51 - Krupp Protze Kfz.69

firsttofight/51/01.jpg firsttofight/51/02.jpg firsttofight/51/03.jpg firsttofight/51/04.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

firsttofight/51/1/01.jpg firsttofight/51/1/02.jpg firsttofight/51/1/03.jpg firsttofight/51/1/04.jpg

Magazine / Kit 52 - 100mm Polish wz. 14/19 Howitzer, Early Version

firsttofight/52/01.jpg firsttofight/52/02.jpg firsttofight/52/03.jpg firsttofight/52/04.jpg

Magazine / Kit 53 - SdKfz. 251/4 Ausf. A

firsttofight/53/01.jpg firsttofight/53/02.jpg firsttofight/53/03.jpg firsttofight/53/04.jpg firsttofight/53/05.jpg

Magazine / Kit 54 - Sd.Kfz.223

firsttofight/54/01.jpg firsttofight/54/02.jpg firsttofight/54/03.jpg

Magazine / Kit 55 - Polish Artillery Crew

firsttofight/55/01.jpg firsttofight/55/02.jpg firsttofight/55/03.jpg firsttofight/55/04.jpg firsttofight/55/05.jpg firsttofight/55/06.jpg firsttofight/55/07.jpg firsttofight/55/08.jpg firsttofight/55/09.jpg firsttofight/55/10.jpg firsttofight/55/11.jpg

Magazine / Kit 56 - German Artillery Crew (WWII)

firsttofight/56/01.jpg firsttofight/56/02.jpg firsttofight/56/03.jpg

Magazine / Kit 57 - Polish Anti Aircraft Crew

firsttofight/57/01.jpg firsttofight/57/02.jpg firsttofight/57/03.jpg

Magazine / Kit 58 - Krupp Protze Kfz.70


Pictures by Jeff Hamblen

firsttofight/58/02.jpg firsttofight/58/03.jpg firsttofight/58/04.jpg firsttofight/58/05.jpg firsttofight/58/06.jpg firsttofight/58/07.jpg

Magazine / Kit 59 - Sd.Kfz.247 Ausf.A

firsttofight/59/01.jpg firsttofight/59/02.jpg

Built model by Vojislav Jereb

firsttofight/59/1/01.jpg firsttofight/59/1/02.jpg firsttofight/59/1/03.jpg firsttofight/59/1/04.jpg

Magazine / Kit 60 - Skoda 100mm Howitzer on DS wheels


Magazine / Kit 61 - Krupp-Protze Kfz. 81 Truck

Spruepart pictures by Jeff Hamblen

firsttofight/61/01.jpg firsttofight/61/02.jpg firsttofight/61/03.jpg firsttofight/61/04.jpg firsttofight/61/05.jpg firsttofight/61/06.jpg firsttofight/61/07.jpg firsttofight/61/08.jpg firsttofight/61/09.jpg firsttofight/61/10.jpg

Magazine / Kit 62 - C4P Polish Heavy Artillery Tractor


Magazine / Kit 63 - Panzerbefehlswagen III Ausf. E

firsttofight/63/01.jpg firsttofight/63/02.jpg

Magazine / Kit 64 - SdKfz. 231 - 6 wheeler

firsttofight/64/00.jpg firsttofight/64/01.jpg firsttofight/64/02.jpg firsttofight/64/03.jpg

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