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On their facebook page, there is a good choice of versions as far as country (Sweden, Norway, Finland, The Netherlands), operation (IFOR, KFOR, SFOR) and versions (Transport, ambulance, EOD, intervention) are concerned. It seems that the sprues are the same and allow to obtain every version and that only the decals differ between the different packagings

Kit (?) - SISU XA-180 PATRIA

finmilmodels/XA-180/00.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/01.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/02.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/03.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/04.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/05.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/06.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/07.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/08.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/09.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/1/01.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/1/02.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/1/03.jpg

Kit KFOR/NATO version

finmilmodels/KFOR-NATO/02.jpg finmilmodels/KFOR-NATO/03.jpg finmilmodels/KFOR-NATO/04.jpg finmilmodels/KFOR-NATO/05.jpg finmilmodels/KFOR-NATO/06.jpg finmilmodels/KFOR-NATO/07.jpg finmilmodels/KFOR-NATO/08.jpg finmilmodels/KFOR-NATO/09.jpg finmilmodels/KFOR-NATO/10.jpg finmilmodels/KFOR-NATO/11.jpg finmilmodels/KFOR-NATO/12.jpg finmilmodels/KFOR-NATO/13.jpg finmilmodels/KFOR-NATO/14.jpg finmilmodels/KFOR-NATO/15.jpg

Impression of other variants

finmilmodels/XA-180/2/01.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/2/02.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/2/03.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/2/04.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/2/05.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/2/06.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/2/07.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/2/08.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/2/09.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/2/10.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/2/11.jpg

Model under construction by Emmanuel Rondags

finmilmodels/XA-180/3/01.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/3/02.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/3/03.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/3/04.jpg finmilmodels/XA-180/3/05.jpg

Possible planned future modellen

A45 Truck variants

finmilmodels/A45/01.jpg finmilmodels/A45/02.jpg finmilmodels/A45/03.jpg finmilmodels/A45/04.jpg

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