Croco Models from Latvia

A started manufacturer from Latvia, owner Leonid Shilin, mastermodeller - Sergei Kulakov

In the future they has planned to do rare Japanese cars and tanks of second world war and also the American technique of 60-70's

Email for orders leonidas-1@rambler.ru and sniff23@inbox.lv, clients can pay with "Paypal". Shipping of one model in any country of the world - 7 $, total for 2-3 models - 9 $.

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Information owner:

Now we are preparing to manufacture small Japanese tractors in the framework of the project "Japanese armored vehicles of the second World War" (the author of idea - Leonid Shilin, mastermodeller - Sergei Kulakov). Also working on the American river boats of times of the Vietnam war. In secret, I can say, that boxes with Japanese tractors and tanks modellers will find Japanese tea or Sakura petals, with American - something from things of Vietman war era. - owner Leonid Shilin


croco/72001/00.jpg croco/72001/01.jpg croco/72001/02.jpg croco/72001/03.jpg croco/72001/04.jpg croco/72001/05.jpg croco/72001/06.jpg croco/72001/07.jpg

For an " Mike Lamm's / IPMS USA" review of Kit 72001 - JAPANESE TYPE 92 JYU-SOKOSHA TANKETTE visit:

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Kit 72002 - USA M76 "Otter" - (tractor amphibian)

croco/72002/00.jpg croco/72002/01.jpg croco/72002/02.jpg croco/72002/03.jpg croco/72002/04.jpg croco/72002/05.jpg croco/72002/06.jpg croco/72002/07.jpg croco/72002/08.jpg croco/72002/09.jpg croco/72002/10.jpg

Kit 72003 - Lars-1

croco/72003/01.jpg croco/72003/02.jpg croco/72003/03.jpg croco/72003/04.jpg croco/72003/05.jpg croco/72003/06.jpg

Kit 72010 - IRM "Zhuk"


Kit 72011 - CVTH-6 Howitzer



- Perforated metal plate


- Venturi tubes for Soviet aircraft in 1/72.

croco/parts/01/01.jpg croco/parts/01/02.jpg croco/parts/01/03.jpg

Planned future models:

croco/future/01.jpg croco/future/02.jpg croco/future/03.jpg

"Croco" kits are available by:

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to MaxModels72 Website MaxModels, Russia

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