A resin manufacturer from Russia, produced in the 1/72 scale a line of historical Russian "Naval" and "Fortress" guns, but has also other items as warships in other scales
owner of the company is Dmitriy Nedogonov

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Kit 72001 - 152mm/45 Canet Gun on Pedestal Mount

combrig/72001/01.jpg combrig/72001/02.jpg combrig/72001/03.jpg

Kit 72002 - 203mm/45 Obukhov Gun

combrig/72002/01.jpg combrig/72002/02.jpg

Kit 72003 - 102mm/60 Obukhov Gun

combrig/72003/01.jpg combrig/72003/02.jpg combrig/72003/03.jpg

Kit 72004 - Russian 6" Siege Gun Model 1877

combrig/72004/01.jpg combrig/72004/02.jpg combrig/72004/03.jpg

Kit 72005 - Russian 42-line (106.7mm) Siege Gun Model 1877

combrig/72005/01.jpg combrig/72005/02.jpg

Kit 72006 - Russian 6" Gun Model 1877

combrig/72006/01.jpg combrig/72006/02.jpg

Kit 72007 - Russian 6" Gun Model 1904

combrig/72007/01.jpg combrig/72007/02.jpg combrig/72007/03.jpg

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