1/72 resin vehicle accessoires from Czech Republic

BlackDog made resin armor kit accessoires of good/high quality. The details are crisp, in acurate scale and easy to build.

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Kit 72001 - USMC LAV - 25 Iraq war accessory set (TRUMPETER)

blackdog/72001/01.jpg blackdog/72001/02.jpg blackdog/72001/03.jpg blackdog/72001/04.jpg blackdog/72001/05.jpg blackdog/72001/06.jpg

For Christopher Benjamin's review of kit 72001 - USMC LAV - 25 Iraq war accessory set (TRUMPETER), visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72002 - M1126 STRYKER Iraq war accessory set (TRUMPETER)

blackdog/72002/01.jpg blackdog/72002/02.jpg blackdog/72002/03.jpg blackdog/72002/04.jpg blackdog/72002/05.jpg blackdog/72002/06.jpg

Kit 72003 - M1A1 ABRAMS Iraq war accessory set (DRAGON)

blackdog/72003/01.jpg blackdog/72003/02.jpg blackdog/72003/03.jpg blackdog/72003/04.jpg blackdog/72003/05.jpg blackdog/72003/06.jpg

Kit 72004 - AAVP7A1 RAM/RS accessory set (DRAGON)

blackdog/72004/01.jpg blackdog/72004/02.jpg blackdog/72004/03.jpg blackdog/72004/04.jpg blackdog/72004/05.jpg blackdog/72004/06.jpg

Kit 72005 - AAVP7A1 RAM/RS EAAK accessory set (DRAGON)

blackdog/72005/01.jpg blackdog/72005/02.jpg blackdog/72005/03.jpg blackdog/72005/04.jpg blackdog/72005/05.jpg blackdog/72005/06.jpg

For Christopher Benjamin's review of kit 72005 - AAVP7A1 RAM/RS EAAK accessory set (DRAGON), visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72006 - M2 BRADLEY Iraq war accessory set (DRAGON)

blackdog/72006/01.jpg blackdog/72006/02.jpg blackdog/72006/03.jpg blackdog/72006/04.jpg blackdog/72006/05.jpg blackdog/72006/06.jpg

Kit 72007 - T72 M1 CZ - conversion set (REVELL)

blackdog/72007/01.jpg blackdog/72007/02.jpg blackdog/72007/03.jpg blackdog/72007/04.jpg blackdog/72007/05.jpg blackdog/72007/06.jpg

blackdog/72007/07.jpg blackdog/72007/08.jpg

Kit 72008 - M4A3 sandbags accessory set (DRAGON)

blackdog/72008/01.jpg blackdog/72008/02.jpg blackdog/72008/03.jpg blackdog/72008/04.jpg blackdog/72008/05.jpg blackdog/72008/06.jpg

For Dave Showel's review of kit 72008 - M4A3 sandbags accessory set (DRAGON), visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72009 - US modern equipment accessory set 1

blackdog/72009/01.jpg blackdog/72009/02.jpg

Kit 72010 - US modern equipment accessory set 2

blackdog/72010/01.jpg blackdog/72010/02.jpg

Kit 72011 - US modern equipment accessory set 3

blackdog/72011/01.jpg blackdog/72011/02.jpg

Kit 72012 - US tank crew and civilian

blackdog/72012/01.jpg blackdog/72012/02.jpg blackdog/72012/03.jpg

Kit 72013 - Panther G turret - conversion set (DRAGON 7233)

blackdog/72013/01.jpg blackdog/72013/02.jpg blackdog/72013/03.jpg

Kit 72014 - USMC LAV-R accessories set (TRUMPETER)

blackdog/72014/01.jpg blackdog/72014/02.jpg blackdog/72014/03.jpg blackdog/72014/04.jpg blackdog/72014/05.jpg blackdog/72014/06.jpg

Kit 72015 - US M113 A3 accessories set (TRUMPETER)

blackdog/72015/01.jpg blackdog/72015/02.jpg blackdog/72015/03.jpg blackdog/72015/04.jpg blackdog/72015/05.jpg blackdog/72015/06.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han

blackdog/72015/1/01.jpg blackdog/72015/1/02.jpg blackdog/72015/1/03.jpg blackdog/72015/1/04.jpg blackdog/72015/1/05.jpg blackdog/72015/1/06.jpg blackdog/72015/1/07.jpg

Kit 72016 - M3 Half Track + amphibian vehicle (ACADEMY)

blackdog/72016/01.jpg blackdog/72016/02.jpg blackdog/72016/03.jpg

blackdog/72016/04.jpg blackdog/72016/05.jpg blackdog/72016/06.jpg blackdog/72016/07.jpg

blackdog/72016/08.jpg blackdog/72016/09.jpg blackdog/72016/10.jpg blackdog/72016/11.jpg

For Christopher Benjamin's review of kit 72016 - M3 Half Track + amphibian vehicle (ACADEMY), visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72017 - M60 A1 accessories set (REVELL)

blackdog/72017/01.jpg blackdog/72017/02.jpg blackdog/72017/03.jpg blackdog/72017/04.jpg blackdog/72017/05.jpg blackdog/72017/06.jpg

Kit 72018 - Sd. Kfz. 9 Famo accessories set (REVELL)

blackdog/72018/01.jpg blackdog/72018/02.jpg blackdog/72018/03.jpg blackdog/72018/04.jpg blackdog/72018/05.jpg blackdog/72018/06.jpg

For Christopher Benjamin's review of kit 72018 - Sd. Kfz. 9 Famo accessories set (REVELL), visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72019 - Canvas for Opel Blitz (ACADEMY)

blackdog/72019/01.jpg blackdog/72019/02.jpg

Kit 72020 - Sturmgeschutz III E accessory set (TRUMPETER)

blackdog/72020/01.jpg blackdog/72020/02.jpg blackdog/72020/03.jpg

Kit 72021 - M4A3 Iwo Jima accessories set (DRAGON)

blackdog/72021/01.jpg blackdog/72021/02.jpg blackdog/72021/03.jpg

Kit 72022 - Turret for King Tiger (DRAGON)

blackdog/72022/01.jpg blackdog/72022/02.jpg blackdog/72022/03.jpg

Kit 72023 - T35/85 composite turret turret


Kit 72024 - Food supplies accessories set


Kit 72025 - Barrels accessories set


Kit 72026 - Ammo boxes accessories set


Kit 72027 - Egyptian SPG 122mm conversion set

blackdog/72027/01.jpg blackdog/72027/02.jpg blackdog/72027/03.jpg blackdog/72027/04.jpg blackdog/72027/05.jpg

Kit 72028 - Israeli equipment - accessories set 1

blackdog/72028/01.jpg blackdog/72028/02.jpg

Kit 72029 - Israeli equipment - accessories set 2

blackdog/72029/01.jpg blackdog/72029/02.jpg

Kit 72030 - Israeli equipment - accessories set 3

blackdog/72030/01.jpg blackdog/72030/02.jpg

Kit 72031 - IDF M 113 Fitter conversion set

blackdog/72031/01.jpg blackdog/72031/02.jpg blackdog/72031/03.jpg blackdog/72031/05.jpg blackdog/72031/06.jpg

Kit 72032 - IDF M 113 Command vehicle conversion set

blackdog/72032/01.jpg blackdog/72032/02.jpg blackdog/72032/03.jpg blackdog/72032/04.jpg blackdog/72032/05.jpg

Kit 72033 - German WW2 equipment accessories set

blackdog/72033/01.jpg blackdog/72033/02.jpg blackdog/72033/03.jpg blackdog/72033/04.jpg

Kit 72034 - US equipment (Vietnam war) accessories set

blackdog/72034/01.jpg blackdog/72034/02.jpg blackdog/72034/03.jpg blackdog/72034/04.jpg

For "Will Alcott's / OTW" review of Kit 72034 - US equipment (Vietnam war) accessories, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72035 - IDF M 113 Experimental complete kit

blackdog/72035/01.jpg blackdog/72035/02.jpg blackdog/72035/03.jpg blackdog/72035/04.jpg blackdog/72035/05.jpg

Kit 72036 - LVT A4 accessories set

blackdog/72036/01.jpg blackdog/72036/02.jpg blackdog/72036/03.jpg blackdog/72036/04.jpg blackdog/72036/05.jpg

Kit 72037 - German Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. N accessories set

blackdog/72037/01.jpg blackdog/72037/02.jpg blackdog/72037/03.jpg blackdog/72037/04.jpg blackdog/72037/05.jpg

Kit 72038 - US equipment (WW2) accessories set

blackdog/72038/01.jpg blackdog/72038/02.jpg blackdog/72038/03.jpg blackdog/72038/04.jpg blackdog/72038/05.jpg

Kit 72039 - British Chevrolet 30 cwt accessories set

blackdog/72039/01.jpg blackdog/72039/02.jpg blackdog/72039/03.jpg blackdog/72039/04.jpg blackdog/72039/05.jpg

Kit 72040 - M4A3E2 JUMBO conversion set

blackdog/72040/01.jpg blackdog/72040/02.jpg blackdog/72040/03.jpg blackdog/72040/04.jpg blackdog/72040/05.jpg

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW / Modelling the Sherman" preview of kit 72040 - M4A3E2 JUMBO conversion set , visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72041 - British ARV Sherman complete kit

blackdog/72041/01.jpg blackdog/72041/02.jpg blackdog/72041/03.jpg blackdog/72041/04.jpg blackdog/72041/05.jpg

For Rob Haelterman's" preview of kit 72041 - British ARV Sherman, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72042 - Panther Ausf. D detail set

blackdog/72042/01.jpg blackdog/72042/02.jpg blackdog/72042/03.jpg blackdog/72042/04.jpg blackdog/72042/05.jpg

Kit 72043 - British Sherman hessian tape camo

blackdog/72043/01.jpg blackdog/72043/02.jpg blackdog/72043/03.jpg blackdog/72043/04.jpg blackdog/72043/05.jpg

Kit 72044 - IDF M113 Nagman conversion set

blackdog/72044/01.jpg blackdog/72044/02.jpg blackdog/72044/03.jpg blackdog/72044/04.jpg blackdog/72044/05.jpg

Kit 72045 - IDF M113 Kasman conversion set

blackdog/72045/01.jpg blackdog/72045/02.jpg blackdog/72045/03.jpg blackdog/72045/04.jpg blackdog/72045/05.jpg

Kit 72046 - M 109 A2 complete kit

blackdog/72046/01.jpg blackdog/72046/02.jpg blackdog/72046/03.jpg blackdog/72046/04.jpg blackdog/72046/05.jpg

Kit 72047 - T 55 Enigma conversion set

blackdog/72047/01.jpg blackdog/72047/02.jpg blackdog/72047/03.jpg blackdog/72047/04.jpg blackdog/72047/05.jpg

Kit 72048 - Sherman accessories set

blackdog/72048/01.jpg blackdog/72048/02.jpg blackdog/72048/03.jpg blackdog/72048/04.jpg blackdog/72048/05.jpg

Kit 72049 - Cromwell hesian tape camo net

blackdog/72049/01.jpg blackdog/72049/02.jpg blackdog/72049/03.jpg blackdog/72049/04.jpg blackdog/72049/05.jpg

Kit 72050 - M-24 Chaffe accessories set

blackdog/72050/01.jpg blackdog/72050/02.jpg blackdog/72050/03.jpg blackdog/72050/04.jpg blackdog/72050/05.jpg

Kit 72051 - US modern tank crew

blackdog/72051/01.jpg blackdog/72051/02.jpg blackdog/72051/03.jpg blackdog/72051/04.jpg

Kit 72052 - Israeli tank crew

blackdog/72052/01.jpg blackdog/72052/02.jpg blackdog/72052/03.jpg blackdog/72052/04.jpg

Kit 72053 - German modern tank crew

blackdog/72053/01.jpg blackdog/72053/02.jpg blackdog/72053/03.jpg blackdog/72053/04.jpg

Kit 72054 - DB L-4500 cargo accessories set

blackdog/72054/01.jpg blackdog/72054/02.jpg blackdog/72054/03.jpg blackdog/72054/04.jpg blackdog/72054/05.jpg

Kit 72055 - Tentage+bedrolls - accessories set 1

blackdog/72055/01.jpg blackdog/72055/02.jpg blackdog/72055/03.jpg blackdog/72055/04.jpg blackdog/72055/05.jpg

Kit 72056 - Tentage+bedrolls - accessories set 2

blackdog/72056/01.jpg blackdog/72056/02.jpg blackdog/72056/03.jpg blackdog/72056/04.jpg blackdog/72056/05.jpg

Kit 72057 - Tentage+bedrolls - accessories set 3

blackdog/72057/01.jpg blackdog/72057/02.jpg blackdog/72057/03.jpg blackdog/72057/04.jpg blackdog/72057/05.jpg

Kit 72058 - Sd. Kfz. 263 accessories set

blackdog/72058/01.jpg blackdog/72058/02.jpg blackdog/72058/03.jpg blackdog/72058/04.jpg

Kit 72059 - StuG. III accessories set

blackdog/72059/01.jpg blackdog/72059/02.jpg blackdog/72059/03.jpg blackdog/72059/04.jpg

Kit 72060 - T-54 A conversion set

blackdog/72060/01.jpg blackdog/72060/02.jpg blackdog/72060/03.jpg blackdog/72060/04.jpg

Kit 72061 - Centrurion Mk.III complete kit

blackdog/72061/01.jpg blackdog/72061/02.jpg blackdog/72061/03.jpg blackdog/72061/04.jpg

Kit 72062 - Tiran 4 conversion set

blackdog/72062/01.jpg blackdog/72062/02.jpg blackdog/72062/03.jpg blackdog/72062/04.jpg

Kit 72063 - British SAS Jeep North Africa 1942 accessories set

blackdog/72063/01.jpg blackdog/72063/02.jpg blackdog/72063/03.jpg blackdog/72063/04.jpg

Kit 72064 - British SAS Chevrolet N2 north Africa 1942 accessories set

blackdog/72064/01.jpg blackdog/72064/02.jpg blackdog/72064/03.jpg blackdog/72064/04.jpg

Kit 72065 - British SAS Jeep & Chevrolet north Africa 1942 accessories set

blackdog/72065/01.jpg blackdog/72065/02.jpg blackdog/72065/03.jpg blackdog/72065/04.jpg

Kit 72066 - Magach 6B IDF conversion set

blackdog/72066/01.jpg blackdog/72066/02.jpg blackdog/72066/03.jpg blackdog/72066/04.jpg

For "Francesco Giovagnorio's / OTW" review of Kit 72066 - Magach 6B IDF conversion set, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72067 - Pz. Kpfw. II ausf C accessories set

blackdog/72067/01.jpg blackdog/72067/02.jpg blackdog/72067/03.jpg blackdog/72067/04.jpg

Kit 72068 - Opel Blitz accessories set

blackdog/72068/01.jpg blackdog/72068/02.jpg blackdog/72068/03.jpg blackdog/72068/04.jpg

Kit 72069 - DUKW accessories set

blackdog/72069/01.jpg blackdog/72069/02.jpg blackdog/72069/03.jpg blackdog/72069/04.jpg

Kit 72070 - DUKW canvas accessories set

blackdog/72070/01.jpg blackdog/72070/02.jpg blackdog/72070/03.jpg blackdog/72070/04.jpg

Kit 72071 - Merkava Mk III accessories set

blackdog/72071/01.jpg blackdog/72071/02.jpg blackdog/72071/03.jpg blackdog/72071/04.jpg

Kit 72072 - IDF M113 with sandbags conversion set

blackdog/72072/01.jpg blackdog/72072/02.jpg blackdog/72072/03.jpg blackdog/72072/04.jpg

Kit 72073 - IDF M113 with loudspeaker conversion set

blackdog/72073/01.jpg blackdog/72073/02.jpg blackdog/72073/03.jpg blackdog/72073/04.jpg

Kit 72074 - M3 Scout car accessories set

blackdog/72074/01.jpg blackdog/72074/02.jpg blackdog/72074/03.jpg blackdog/72074/04.jpg

Kit 72075 - Pz.Kpfw. IV F1 accessories set

blackdog/72075/01.jpg blackdog/72075/02.jpg blackdog/72075/03.jpg blackdog/72075/04.jpg

Kit 72076 - Churchill Mk IV accessories set

blackdog/72076/01.jpg blackdog/72076/02.jpg blackdog/72076/03.jpg blackdog/72076/04.jpg

Kit 72077 - Sd.Kfz. 251 accessories set

blackdog/72077/01.jpg blackdog/72077/02.jpg blackdog/72077/03.jpg blackdog/72077/04.jpg

Kit 72078 - Sd.Kfz 7 accessories set

blackdog/72078/01.jpg blackdog/72078/02.jpg blackdog/72078/03.jpg blackdog/72078/04.jpg

Kit 72079 - M 10 accessories set

blackdog/72079/01.jpg blackdog/72079/02.jpg blackdog/72079/03.jpg blackdog/72079/04.jpg

Kit 72080 - Sd.Kfz. 10 with Sd.Ah. 32 accessories set

blackdog/72080/01.jpg blackdog/72080/02.jpg blackdog/72080/03.jpg blackdog/72080/04.jpg

Kit 72081 - Landrover 110 Defender

blackdog/72081/01.jpg blackdog/72081/02.jpg blackdog/72081/03.jpg blackdog/72081/04.jpg blackdog/72081/05.jpg

Kit 72082 - US Jeep - accessoires set

blackdog/72082/01.jpg blackdog/72082/02.jpg blackdog/72082/03.jpg blackdog/72082/04.jpg

Kit 72083 - Beobachtungspanzer UE (f), selbstfahrlafette 3,7cm Pak 36 - (Conversion for sModel UE)

blackdog/72083/01.jpg blackdog/72083/02.jpg blackdog/72083/03.jpg blackdog/72083/04.jpg

Kit 72084 - GMC 353 accessories set
Kit 72085 - M4A1 accessories set
Kit 72086 - Sd.Ah. 32 and Sd.Ah. 24 complete kit
Kit 72087 - M3A3 Accessories set
Kit 72088 - Landrover 110 Defender - (Complete kit)
Kit 72089 - T938 Cargo accessoires set

blackdog/72084/01.jpg blackdog/72085/01.jpg blackdog/72086/01.jpg blackdog/72087/01.jpg blackdog/72088/01.jpg blackdog/72089/01.jpg

Kit 72090 - SdKfz. 222 accessoires set
Kit 72091 - British Equipment Accessoires set
Kit 72092 - Aircraft Crash handling and Salvage Crane (CVCC)
Kit 72093 - SdKfz.251 Ausf. D with Hotchkiss turret
Kit 72094 - IDF M151 accessories set
Kit 72095 - British AS-90 SPB accessories set

blackdog/72090/01.jpg blackdog/72091/01.jpg blackdog/72092/01.jpg blackdog/72093/01.jpg blackdog/72094/01.jpg blackdog/72095/01.jpg

Kit 72096 - Bedford QL accessories set
Kit 72097 - Chevrolet C15A accessories set
Kit 72098 - T34/85 factory 122 mode 1945 conversion set
Kit 72099 - US M 26 Pershing accessories set
Kit 72100 - British Warrior accessories set
Kit 72101 - M4A3 105MM HVSS accessories set

blackdog/72096/01.jpg blackdog/72097/01.jpg blackdog/72098/01.jpg blackdog/72099/01.jpg blackdog/72100/01.jpg blackdog/72101/01.jpg

Kit 72102 - Opel Blitz Omnibus accessories set
Kit 72103 - FWD Model B Lorry accessories set
Kit 72104 - Zil 157 Soviet army truck accessories set
Kit 72105 - Opel 3.6-47 Omnibus Stabwagen accessories set
Kit 72106 - Voman Omnibus 7 or 660 accessories set
Kit 72107 - M35 Gun Truck conversion set

blackdog/72102/01.jpg blackdog/72103/01.jpg blackdog/72104/01.jpg blackdog/72105/01.jpg blackdog/72106/01.jpg blackdog/72107/01.jpg

Kit 72108 - M 48 Vietnam war accessories set
Kit 72109 - Frame fascine for Churchill MK IV
Kit 72110 - M1A2 TUSK Accessories Set for Tiger Model
Kit 72111 - M 109 A6 Paladin Accessories Set for Riich Model

blackdog/72108/01.jpg blackdog/72109/01.jpg blackdog/72110/01.jpg blackdog/72111/01.jpg

Dioramasets / Vingettes

Kit D71001 - Cobblestone street
Kit D71002 - Factory entrance
Kit D71003 - Africa base
Kit D71004 - Destroyed T34 base
Kit D71005 - Iraq street base

blackdog/D72001/01.jpg blackdog/D72002/01.jpg blackdog/D72003/01.jpg blackdog/D72004/01.jpg blackdog/D72005/01.jpg

Kit D71006 - Rock base
Kit D71007 - Africa column base
Kit D71008 - Russian village house base
Kit D71009 - House ruin (Europe) base
Kit D71010 - Middle east street base

blackdog/D72006/01.jpg blackdog/D72007/01.jpg blackdog/D72008/01.jpg blackdog/D72009/01.jpg blackdog/D72010/01.jpg

Kit D71011 - Poster pillar
Kit D71012 - Destroyed bridge base
Kit D71013 - Africa road with sign base
Kit D71014 - Street with house ruin base
Kit D71015 - Kiosk - tobbaco/newspape

blackdog/D72011/01.jpg blackdog/D72012/01.jpg blackdog/D72013/01.jpg blackdog/D72014/01.jpg blackdog/D72015/01.jpg

Kit D71016 - Cathedral ruin base
Kit D71017 - Middle East market
Kit D71018 - Ruined house with railway crossing
Kit D71019 - Destroyed Panther base
Kit D71020 - Skulls

blackdog/D72016/01.jpg blackdog/D72017/01.jpg blackdog/D72018/01.jpg blackdog/D72019/01.jpg blackdog/D72020/01.jpg

Kit D72021 - Destroyed Jagdpanzer base
Kit D72022 - Middle East street N2 base
Kit D72023 - Street with house ruin N2 base
Kit D72024 - Wall with gate base
Kit D72025 - Middle East highway base

blackdog/D72021/01.jpg blackdog/D72022/01.jpg blackdog/D72023/01.jpg blackdog/D72024/01.jpg blackdog/D72025/01.jpg

Kit D72026 - Roadblocks
Kit D72028 - Ruined factory with railroad base
Kit D72029 - Ruined house (Italy) base

blackdog/D72026/01.jpg blackdog/D72028/01.jpg blackdog/D72029/01.jpg

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