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Kit aam7201 - Russian Aircraft Resque and Firefighting (ARFF) truck AA-60 - (MAZ-7310-160.01)

AA-60 Firefighting truck containing: 192 parts (on 11 plastic frames); adhesive masks; open/closed doors; 5 marking variants Kyiv ( 2 options), Zhukovsky, Almaty (2 options) airports)

aamodels/aam7201/00.jpg aamodels/aam7201/01.jpg aamodels/aam7201/02.jpg aamodels/aam7201/03.jpg aamodels/aam7201/04.jpg aamodels/aam7201/05.jpg aamodels/aam7201/06.jpg aamodels/aam7201/07.jpg aamodels/aam7201/08.jpg aamodels/aam7201/09.jpg aamodels/aam7201/10.jpg aamodels/aam7201/11.jpg aamodels/aam7201/12.jpg aamodels/aam7201/13.jpg

Kit aam7215 - S-125 “Neva" Surface-to Air missile system

new mould - Light based on Gran model, but it have another moulding and one more sprue with some ground additions that made this kit much better then Gran's one. The Gran don't issue it's S-125 kit for about 5 years and it is possible that we'll never see it again

aamodels/aam7215/01.jpg aamodels/aam7215/08.jpg aamodels/aam7215/09.jpg aamodels/aam7215/10.jpg aamodels/aam7215/11.jpg aamodels/aam7215/03.jpg aamodels/aam7215/04.jpg aamodels/aam7215/05.jpg aamodels/aam7215/06.jpg aamodels/aam7215/07.jpg

Kit aam7217 - SA-3 “GOA" (S-125 M “Neva-SC") missile system on T-55 chassis

aamodels/aam7217/00.jpg aamodels/aam7217/01.jpg aamodels/aam7217/02.jpg aamodels/aam7217/03.jpg aamodels/aam7217/04.jpg aamodels/aam7217/05.jpg aamodels/aam7217/06.jpg aamodels/aam7217/07.jpg aamodels/aam7217/08.jpg aamodels/aam7217/09.jpg aamodels/aam7217/10.jpg aamodels/aam7217/11jpg aamodels/aam7217/12.jpg aamodels/aam7217/13.jpg aamodels/aam7217/14.jpg aamodels/aam7217/15.jpg aamodels/aam7217/16.jpg aamodels/aam7217/17.jpg aamodels/aam7217/18.jpg aamodels/aam7217/19.jpg aamodels/aam7217/20.jpg aamodels/aam7217/21.jpg aamodels/aam7217/22.jpg aamodels/aam7217/23.jpg aamodels/aam7217/24.jpg aamodels/aam7217/25.jpg aamodels/aam7217/26.jpg aamodels/aam7217/27.jpg aamodels/aam7217/28.jpg aamodels/aam7217/29.jpg

Built model by Modelsvit

aamodels/aam7217/1/01.jpg aamodels/aam7217/1/02.jpg aamodels/aam7217/1/03.jpg aamodels/aam7217/1/04.jpg

Info February 2017

- "A&A Models", is brand of Ukrainian "Modelsvit" manufacturer. "Modelsvit" themselves are making airplanes models in 1/72 scale and are known for a models of soviet aircraft prototypes models. This brand "A&A Models" is, maybe, their first try in 72nd scale ground vehicle models. Unfortunately this model is only announced now, so there is no information about kit content for this moment

- "A&A Models" is a "Modelsvit" subsidiary created in February 2017, and was created because of "Modelsvit is moving to a new level of development, while A&A Models brand will be used for realization of wide range of models, created by old technologies"
Source: http://scalemodels.ru/news/11196-anons-AA-Models-jak-11-v-1-48.html

Info October 2018

Follow info A&A prepair some new kits with S-125. It are S-125 based on MAZ-543 and T-55. Both Polish vehicles.

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