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Kit 72-01 - MAZ-200 Soviet Cargo Truck

GarbuzModels/72-01/00.jpg GarbuzModels/72-01/01.jpg GarbuzModels/72-01/02.jpg GarbuzModels/72-01/03.jpg GarbuzModels/72-01/04.jpg GarbuzModels/72-01/05.jpg GarbuzModels/72-01/06.jpg GarbuzModels/72-01/07.jpg GarbuzModels/72-01/08.jpg GarbuzModels/72-01/09.jpg GarbuzModels/72-01/10.jpg GarbuzModels/72-01/11.jpg GarbuzModels/72-01/12.jpg GarbuzModels/72-01/13.jpg GarbuzModels/72-01/14.jpg GarbuzModels/72-01/15.jpg GarbuzModels/72-01/16.jpg GarbuzModels/72-01/17.jpg GarbuzModels/72-01/18.jpg GarbuzModels/72-01/19.jpg

Kit 72-03 - TZ-200, Soviet Fuel Tanker on MAZ-200

One sprue has been replaced in this model - (The body was replaced with a tank)

GarbuzModels/72-03/00.jpg GarbuzModels/72-03/01.jpg GarbuzModels/72-03/02.jpg GarbuzModels/72-03/03.jpg GarbuzModels/72-03/04.jpg GarbuzModels/72-03/05.jpg GarbuzModels/72-03/06.jpg GarbuzModels/72-03/07.jpg GarbuzModels/72-03/08.jpg GarbuzModels/72-03/09.jpg GarbuzModels/72-03/10.jpg GarbuzModels/72-03/11.jpg

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