4DPuzzleModel is a manufacturer from China. (Maybe the same manufacturer as 4DModel)
- The military vehicles are announced as models in the 1/72 scale.
- 4D Puzzle Model has released 2 variants of the Russian S-300
- Those models looks much better then the tanks from 4DModel
- Or the models are correct 1/72 is me unknown

- You can found the models on Internet and E-Bay. - (prices around 10 to 15 US Dollar)

If the scale is acceptable, the models are possible acceptable for starters and modellers with experience to scratch.

Click on the pictures

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Kit 1 - S-300 SAM TEL 5P85D

4dpuzzle/1/01.jpg 4dpuzzle/1/02.jpg 4dpuzzle/1/03.jpg 4dpuzzle/1/04.jpg 4dpuzzle/1/05.jpg 4dpuzzle/1/06.jpg 4dpuzzle/1/07.jpg 4dpuzzle/1/08.jpg 4dpuzzle/1/09.jpg 4dpuzzle/1/10.jpg 4dpuzzle/1/11.jpg

4dpuzzle/1/1/01.jpg 4dpuzzle/1/1/02.jpg 4dpuzzle/1/1/03.jpg 4dpuzzle/1/1/04.jpg 4dpuzzle/1/1/05.jpg 4dpuzzle/1/1/06.jpg 4dpuzzle/1/1/07.jpg 4dpuzzle/1/1/08.jpg

Kit 2 - S-300 PMU 30N6E2 "TOMB STONE" Radar vehicle

4dpuzzle/2/01.jpg 4dpuzzle/2/02.jpg 4dpuzzle/2/03.jpg 4dpuzzle/2/04.jpg 4dpuzzle/2/05.jpg

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Kit 3 - RT 2PM Topol SS-25

4dpuzzle/3/01.jpg 4dpuzzle/3/02.jpg 4dpuzzle/3/03.jpg 4dpuzzle/3/04.jpg 4dpuzzle/3/05.jpg 4dpuzzle/3/06.jpg 4dpuzzle/3/07.jpg

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