1/72 Mars Figures

Mars is a figure producer from (Russia?), most historical fugures, but has released also some military figures from WW-II

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Kit 72001 - Russian Paratroopers "Spetznaz" - (copy from Esci kit 240 figures)


Kit 72002 - Muiahideen (Afghaan War) - (copy from Esci kit 238 figures)


Kit 72003 - Modern U.S. Soldiers - (copy from Esci kit 239 figures)


Kit 72008 - Russian Heavy Weapon Team - (conversion from Esci kit 203 figures)


Kit 72012 - Soviet Assault Group WWII - (conversion from Esci kit 203 figures)
Built and painted figures by Marcin Mizielinski

marsfig/72012/01.jpg marsfig/72012/1/01.jpg marsfig/72012/1/02.jpg

Kit 72013 - German Autocrew in Action - (mix from Airfix and Matchbox figures)


Kit 72017 - US Infantry with 37mm gun WWII - (mix from Matchbox figures)


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