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This website is an extension of my modeling hobby and serves to inform only. It is NOT possible to order merchandise directly from me.
I do not own a (web-)shop. You will find some reliable vendors in the "links" page.

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Site for 1/72 and 1/76 scale Military Modellers.

Welcome to my Web-Site which is dedicated to scale 1/72 and 1/76 military modeling.


Dear visitors,

Many people have hobbies and enjoy collecting all sorts of items, so not surprisingly, there are also people who collect items from World War 2. In my childhood I started building and collecting the well known cardboard construction kits and at a later stage, models of wooden ships and finally militairy vehicles.

After my tour of duty in the Dutch Army, up to about the age of 30, I didn't do any modeling. Then by coincidence I came into contact with people who were into military modeling. After a period of building hobbyshop kits, I took up building-from-scratch based on available shop kits. During an exposition of my models in "The fortress of Hook of Holland, The Netherlands", I became a member of the modeling club "TWENOT", which is a Dutch abbreviation of the "Second Dutch Organization of Tank hobbyists". I got so much feed back from this organization, that I began to build high quality models, resulting in several foreign companies becoming interested in my models.

I came into contact with some manufacturers, specifically in Scotland, the U.S.A., Germany and Australia. I have had business deals with some of these companies. The models I built at the request of these clients were eventually released by these companies. I also built on request for private people. I have built several models for a compagny named "Ostmodels" in Australia, with a market in Australia, Japan and the U.S.A, and for a compagny named "Milicast" in Scotland, with a market in Europe and the U.S.A. The other compagnies were Mr Panzer in Italy, Fine Cast Models (FCM) and Fine Scale Factory (FSF) both in Germany.

These models were built with the help of drawings, photographs, blue prints, etc. After a master model is finished, it is sent to the ordering company. The individual parts are then made on a casting strip after which a mould of silicone rubber is made. This is almost the same material as used by dentists to make dentures. By pouring liquid resin or melted soft metal into the moulds, the individual parts of the kit are casted. Casting with resin is very tricky because air bubbles can easily destroy the parts. Casting with soft metal is less difficult but weight restrictions make it too heavy for airmail shipping.

You can make only a restricted number of castings from one mould. When the mould is too soft it may last longer, but the finished parts tend to be distorted. When the mould is too stiff, the mould could easily be destroyed while removing the parts. On average a mould will last for about 20 or 30 castings. Silicone rubber and liquified resin are expensive. The entire process of casting and preparing the finished item for transportation is quite time consuming, hence such products are expensive, much more expensive than the common plastic (assembly-) kits available in hobby shops. Those kits are made using injection metal moulds and will last for thousands of castings. However a proper metal mould will costs anywhere from Euro 10.000 to Euro 100.000 or even more and many thousands of models need to be sold to make it profitable. This is obviously out of range for a hobbyist.

A few years ago I stopped making master models altogether, leaving that kind of work to a new and younger generation.

Over the years I began to realize that there was a significant absence of useful detailed information about military modeling at the small scales' level such as availability and quality of models and the history behind the actual vehicles that they represent. I am aware that much info can be found on the internet but it is often scattered over many different sites that makes searching for it more complicated. In other words: where do I find what I am looking for? Not all manufacturers have their own website and the info available in most online shops is often rather limited.

With this in mind, about 15 years ago, I started my own website with the intention to provide additional information all in one and the same site. My site was built and is maintained with the support of modelers, manufacturers and shop owners and has steadily grown over those years to what it is today. A rather unique collection of inside information in general, instruction manuals, contributions of photo galleries of finished models from all over the world and much more. This website is a showcase of my modeling hobby.

Thanks for your attention.Henk Timmerman, alias Henk of Holland.

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    Henk of Holland Information:

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    Henk of Holland Tips and Tricks

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    Accessoires, barrels, shells, Photo Etching Sets and "Diorama" accessoires etc.

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    Masters made by Henk of Holland

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    Information about well known manufacturers of diecast kits

    Manufacturers of die-cast kits in scales 1/76 and 1/72

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    Manufacturers of resin kits and accessoires in scales 1/76 and 1/72

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    Manufacturers of kits casted in white metal and/or bronze

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    Henk of Holland Model summary:

    Pictures of vehicles from various countries. Also providing information which models and their possible variants are available on the market.







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    Other Information

    Dutch East-Indies - K.N.I.L. [Royal Netherlands Indies Army]

    The first two urls are linked to other websites. These websites provide more information about the Japanese war effort in the Dutch East-Indies

    Russian Hetzer

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    Manufacturers of "quick assembly" kits

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    Manufacturers of plastic kits in scales 1/76 and 1/72

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    Manufacturers of plastic kits in scale 1/144

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    Manufacturers of plastic kits in scales 1/87 and 1/72, as well as some other small scales

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    Work done by Modeling Friends:

    A picture show of finished models and diorama's built by several modelers with special reference to master modelers Gabriele Zenoni and Alexandru Giersch and to diorama builders Roman Skiba and Walter Hendriksma.

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    War Museums

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    Drawings, plans and illustrated books of military vehicles

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    Other Scales

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    These URLs are linked to other informative and interesting websites.

    Reproductions of Panzers based on modern Tanks

    Military Modeling related websites

    Tank Museum Bovington, UK - Several interesting movies available at YouTube.

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    Victory Day parade on Red Square, Moscow, Russia, 09 May 2015

    Here I would like to take the opportunity to express my appreciation to all people who have helped me by contributing information over the years.
    There are just far too many people to mention everyone by name personally.

    The website is supported with a donation by: The following shop keepers and / or manufacturers have provided me with one or more review samples

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    This website is an extension of my modeling hobby and serves to inform only. It is NOT possible to order merchandise directly from me.
    I do not own a (web-)shop. You will find some reliable vendors in the "links" page.

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