HUNOR - Product

1/72 "HUNOR Product", from Hungary.

Owner Andras Karacsonyi, HUNOR MODEL Ltd., Adres: 2471, Baracska, Temple Street 2 /Telefon: +36/20-362-2441, email:

Hunor Product is a part of Armada Hobby & Hunor Figures, Hungary.

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Hunor Product and Armada Hobby were introduced on 8-9 November 2009, on the modellingshow in Telford, UK.

hunor/new/show/01.jpg hunor/new/show/02.jpg hunor/new/show/03.jpg hunor/new/show/04.jpg

Kits from new line

Note for kits HP72001 - HP72021 - "No decals included from 2010"

Kit 72001 - M39 Csaba Armoured car - (normal version)

hunor/new/72001/01.jpg hunor/new/72001/02.jpg hunor/new/72001/03.jpg hunor/new/72001/04.jpg hunor/new/72001/05.jpg hunor/new/72001/06.jpg

Model built by Laszlo Somogyi

hunor/new/72001/1/01.jpg hunor/new/72001/1/02.jpg hunor/new/72001/1/03.jpg hunor/new/72001/1/04.jpg

Kit 72002 - M39 Csaba Armoured car - (commander version with a smaller turret and aerial radio frame)

hunor/new/72002/01.jpg hunor/new/72002/02.jpg hunor/new/72002/03.jpg hunor/new/72002/04.jpg hunor/new/72002/05.jpg

For an "Doug Chaltry" review about kit 72002 - M39 Csaba Armoured car - (Command version) visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

For an "Erwin Bovyn" construction review about kit 72002- M39 Csaba Armoured car - Command version visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72003 - 38M Toldi I Light Tank

hunor/new/72003/01.jpg hunor/new/72003/1/01.jpg hunor/new/72003/1/02.jpg hunor/new/72003/1/03.jpg hunor/new/72003/02.jpg

Model built by Laszlo Somogyi

hunor/new/72003/03.jpg hunor/new/72003/04.jpg hunor/new/72003/05.jpg hunor/new/72003/06.jpg hunor/new/72003/07.jpg

Kit 72004 - 42M Toldi II Light Tank

hunor/new/72004/01.jpg hunor/new/72004/02.jpg hunor/new/72004/03.jpg hunor/new/72004/04.jpg hunor/new/72004/05.jpg hunor/new/72004/06.jpg

Kit 72005 - Heavy Toldi with side skirts

hunor/new/72005/01.jpg hunor/new/72005/02.jpg hunor/new/72005/03.jpg

Kit 72006 - Jagd-Toldi

hunor/new/72006/01.jpg hunor/new/72006/02.jpg hunor/new/72006/03.jpg hunor/new/72006/04.jpg

Kit 72007 - 40m Turan I Heavy Tank

hunor/new/72007/01.jpg hunor/new/72007/02.jpg hunor/new/72007/03.jpg hunor/new/72007/04.jpg hunor/new/72007/05.jpg

For an "Scale Fan Hobby Shop / You Tube" preview about kit 72007 - 40m Turan I Heavy Tank visit:

logo "Scale Fan Hobby Shop - Russia" - You Tube

Kit 72008 - 41M Turan II Heavy Tank

hunor/new/72008/01.jpg hunor/new/72008/02.jpg hunor/new/72008/03.jpg hunor/new/72008/04.jpg hunor/new/72008/05.jpg

For an "Stephen Brezinski" review about kit 72008 - 41M Turan II visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

For an "Scale Fan Hobby Shop / You Tube" preview about kit 72008 - 41M Turan II Heavy Tank visit:

logo "Scale Fan Hobby Shop - Russia" - You Tube

Kit 72009 - 41M Turan II with side skirts

hunor/new/72009/01.jpg hunor/new/72009/02.jpg hunor/new/72009/03.jpg hunor/new/72009/04.jpg hunor/new/72009/05.jpg

Kit 72010 - 43M Turan I - Command Version

hunor/new/72010/01.jpg hunor/new/72010/02.jpg hunor/new/72010/03.jpg

Kit 72011 - 44M Turan III 75mm Tank w/sides skirts

hunor/new/72011/01.jpg hunor/new/72011/02.jpg hunor/new/72011/03.jpg

Kit 72012 - 43M Zrinyi II with 105mm gun II Heavy Tank

hunor/new/72012/01.jpg hunor/new/72012/02.jpg hunor/new/72012/03.jpg hunor/new/72012/04.jpg hunor/new/72012/05.jpg

For an "Stephen Brezinski" review about kit 72012 - 43M Zrinyi II with 105mm gun II visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72013 - 43M Zrinyi II with sideskirs

hunor/new/72013/01.jpg hunor/new/72013/02.jpg hunor/new/72013/03.jpg hunor/new/72013/04.jpg hunor/new/72013/05.jpg

Kit 72014 - 44M Zrinyi I 72mm gun

hunor/new/72014/01.jpg hunor/new/72014/02.jpg hunor/new/72014/03.jpg hunor/new/72014/04.jpg

Kit 72015 - CV33 35M Light Tank - (in cooperation with DOC Models)

hunor/new/72015/01.jpg hunor/new/72015/02.jpg hunor/new/72015/03.jpg hunor/new/72015/04.jpg

Kit 72016 - 45M Vadasz TAS Hungarian Tank Hunter

hunor/new/72016/01.jpg hunor/new/72016/02.jpg hunor/new/72016/03.jpg hunor/new/72016/04.jpg

Model built by Laszlo Somogyi

hunor/new/72016/1/01.jpg hunor/new/72016/1/02.jpg

Built model posted by Armada/Hunor

hunor/new/72016/2/01.jpg hunor/new/72016/2/02.jpg hunor/new/72016/2/03.jpg hunor/new/72016/2/04.jpg

Built model posted by Armada/Hunor

hunor/new/72016/3/01.jpg hunor/new/72016/3/02.jpg hunor/new/72016/3/03.jpg hunor/new/72016/3/04.jpg

Kit 72017 - 44M Vadasz TAS Hungarian Heavy Tank

hunor/new/72017/01.jpg hunor/new/72017/02.jpg hunor/new/72017/03.jpg

Models built by Laszlo Somogyi

hunor/new/72017/1/01.jpg hunor/new/72017/1/02.jpg hunor/new/72017/1/03.jpg

hunor/new/72017/2/01.jpg hunor/new/72017/2/02.jpg hunor/new/72017/2/03.jpg hunor/new/72017/2/04.jpg hunor/new/72017/2/05.jpg

Kit 72018 - 40M Nimrod AA Tank

hunor/new/72018/01.jpg hunor/new/72018/02.jpg hunor/new/72018/03.jpg hunor/new/72018/04.jpg hunor/new/72018/05.jpg

Model built by Laszlo Somogyi

hunor/new/72018/1/01.jpg hunor/new/72018/1/02.jpg hunor/new/72018/1/03.jpg hunor/new/72018/1/04.jpg hunor/new/72018/1/05.jpg hunor/new/72018/1/06.jpg hunor/new/72018/1/07.jpg

hunor/new/72018/2/01.jpg hunor/new/72018/2/02.jpg hunor/new/72018/2/03.jpg hunor/new/72018/2/04.jpg hunor/new/72018/2/05.jpg hunor/new/72018/2/06.jpg hunor/new/72018/2/07.jpg hunor/new/72018/2/08.jpg

Kit 72019 - "Lehel" Ambulance

hunor/new/72019/01.jpg hunor/new/72019/02.jpg hunor/new/72019/03.jpg

Kit 72020 - Ford V8/51 Truck

hunor/new/72020/01.jpg hunor/new/72020/02.jpg hunor/new/72020/03.jpg

Kit 72021 - Ford V8/51 Fuel Tanker

hunor/new/72021/01.jpg hunor/new/72021/02.jpg hunor/new/72021/03.jpg hunor/new/72021/04.jpg

Model built by Laszlo Somogyi

hunor/new/72021/1/01.jpg hunor/new/72021/1/02.jpg hunor/new/72021/1/03.jpg hunor/new/72021/1/04.jpg

For an "Scale Fan Hobby Shop / You Tube" preview about kit 72021 - Ford V8/51 Fuel Tanker visit:

logo "Scale Fan Hobby Shop - Russia" - You Tube

Kit 72022 - 39M Ford G917 truck (open cab)

hunor/new/72022/01.jpg hunor/new/72022/02.jpg

For an "Scale Fan Hobby Shop / You Tube" preview about kit 72022 - 39M Ford G917 truck (open cab) visit:

logo "Scale Fan Hobby Shop - Russia" - You Tube

Kit 72023 - 40M Ford G917 truck

hunor/new/72023/01.jpg hunor/new/72023/02.jpg hunor/new/72023/03.jpg

For an "Scale Fan Hobby Shop / You Tube" preview about kit 72023 - 40M Ford G917 truck visit:

logo "Scale Fan Hobby Shop - Russia" - You Tube

Kit 72024 - 43M Ford V3000 truck

hunor/new/72024/01.jpg hunor/new/72024/02.jpg hunor/new/72024/03.jpg

Kit 72026 - 39M US Ford V8 Truck 1939

hunor/new/72026/01.jpg hunor/new/72026/02.jpg

Kit 72027 - Ford 1917 Kfz. 31

hunor/new/72027/01.jpg hunor/new/72027/02.jpg

Kit 72030 - Ford G917 Tanker


For an "Scale Fan Hobby Shop / You Tube" preview about kit 72030 - Ford 1917 Tanker visit:

logo "Scale Fan Hobby Shop - Russia" - You Tube

Kit 72031 - Ford V3000 Kfz.31

hunor/new/72031/01.jpg hunor/new/72031/02.jpg

For an "Scale Fan Hobby Shop / You Tube" preview about kit 72031 - Ford V3000 Kfz.31 visit:

logo "Scale Fan Hobby Shop - Russia" - You Tube

Kit 72032 - 40M US Ford V8 Truck 1940

hunor/new/72032/01.jpg hunor/new/72032/02.jpg

Kit 72033 - Trailer "Uhri"

hunor/new/72033/01.jpg hunor/new/72033/02.jpg

Kit 72034 - 42M Ford G917 Ambulance

hunor/new/72034/01.jpg hunor/new/72034/02.jpg

Kit 72035 - 42M Ford G917 Radio

hunor/new/72035/01.jpg hunor/new/72035/02.jpg

Kit 72036 - Ford AA Ambulance


Kit 72037 - 2 Wheels trailer for 35M Ansaldo (tank included)


Kit 72038 - 4 Wheels trailer for 35M Ansaldo (tank included)


Kit 72041 - Hungarian Krupp Protze - Commander version

hunor/new/72041/01.jpg hunor/new/72041/02.jpg hunor/new/72041/03.jpg

Model built by Laszlo Somogyi

hunor/new/72041/1/01.jpg hunor/new/72041/1/02.jpg hunor/new/72041/1/03.jpg hunor/new/72041/1/04.jpg

Kit 72042 - Hungarian MAVAG-Ford Marmon Herrington heavy truck with 4 wheel trailer - (2 Ansaldo Light tanks included)

hunor/new/72042/01.jpg hunor/new/72042/04.jpg hunor/new/72042/02.jpg hunor/new/72042/03.jpg

Kit 72043 - Hungarian MAVAG-Ford Marmon Herrington 6x6 heavy truck with 2 wheel trailer - (2 Ansaldo Light tanks included)

hunor/new/72043/01.jpg hunor/new/72043/04.jpg hunor/new/72043/02.jpg hunor/new/72043/03.jpg

Kit 72044 - 37M Hansa-Lloyd Artillery Tractor

hunor/new/72044/01.jpg hunor/new/72044/02.jpg

Kit 72045 - Hungarian Opel Blitz Truck

hunor/new/72045/01.jpg hunor/new/72045/02.jpg

Kit 72049 - Ford V8 Cabriolet

hunor/new/72049/01.jpg hunor/new/72049/02.jpg hunor/new/72049/03.jpg hunor/new/72049/04.jpg

Model built by Laszlo Somogyi

hunor/new/72049/1/01.jpg hunor/new/72049/1/02.jpg hunor/new/72049/1/03.jpg hunor/new/72049/1/04.jpg

Kit 72050 - 37M Mavag Ford V8 Staff Car


Model built by Laszlo Somogyi

hunor/new/72050/1/01.jpg hunor/new/72050/1/02.jpg hunor/new/72050/1/03.jpg hunor/new/72050/1/04.jpg

1/72 Budapest Tram's

Kit 72051 - BVVV F&H Tram

hunor/new/72051/01.jpg hunor/new/72051/02.jpg hunor/new/72051/03.jpg hunor/new/72051/04.jpg hunor/new/72051/05.jpg hunor/new/72051/06.jpg hunor/new/72051/07.jpg

Kit 72053 - Tram Passenger Trailer - (short)


Kit 72054 - Tram Passenger Trailer - (long)


Kit 72055 - 37M Raba Botond Truck

hunor/new/72055/01.jpg hunor/new/72055/02.jpg hunor/new/72055/03.jpg

Kit 72056 - 37M Raba Botond with Canvas

hunor/new/72056/01.jpg hunor/new/72056/02.jpg hunor/new/72056/03.jpg

Kit 72058 - 38M Raba Botond Radio Truck


1/72 Austro-Hungarian Armoured Train's

Info by Neil Lyall

A bit of information about these fairly obscure armoured trains, for anyone wondering how and where to use them;
These components can be used to make any of the 10 Austro-Hungarian Armoured trains that began to see service from 1914 through to the end of WWI. They saw service on all the fronts where the Austro Hungarian Armies fought.
After WWI the surviving trains went to Yugoslavia, Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. After WWII commenced, Hungary used its trains, and those of Poland, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia fell into German hands.
Panzerzug 24 was created from these captured trains and saw service from March 1940 to January 1945. It served in Germany, briefly in Denmark, also in Serbia, Croatia, Italy, France, & Poland However it underwent many upgrades during the WWII and the Hunor pieces are good for 1914 up till mid 1940.
In January 1945 along with Panzerzug 62 (a BP 42 type),the trains were cut off by the Russians and the crews blew the trains up around 07.45h on January 16, and accompanied by their 38(t) tanks the crew marched off to regain their own lines, harrassed constantly by Russian air attacks.
However by 1945 Panzerzug 24 no longer resembled the Hunor train pieces, having been upgraded with replacement stock and larger locomotives.
Information, as always from Professor Sawodny's "German Armored Trains 1904-1945" - Neil Lyall

Kit 72200 - Armoured Train "Blasting Carriage"


Kit 72201 - Armoured Train Locomotive

hunor/new/72201/01.jpg hunor/new/72201/02.jpg hunor/new/72201/03.jpg

Kit 72202 - Armoured Train Gun Wagon

hunor/new/72202/01.jpg hunor/new/72202/02.jpg hunor/new/72202/03.jpg

Kit 72203 - Armoured Train Casemate Wagon

hunor/new/72203/01.jpg hunor/new/72203/02.jpg hunor/new/72203/03.jpg

Kit 72206 - VIII Armoured Train WWI & WWII


3D drawings

hunor/new/72206/1/01.jpg hunor/new/72206/1/02.jpg hunor/new/72206/1/03.jpg hunor/new/72206/1/04.jpg hunor/new/72206/1/05.jpg

Kit 72208 - MAV 377 Locomotive


Kit 72209 - Armoured Train "Flat" Gun Motor carriage

hunor/new/72209/01.jpg hunor/new/72209/02.jpg hunor/new/72209/03.jpg

Kit 72210 - Armoured Train "Flat" with Gun Turret


Kit 72211 - MAV Livestock Wagon

hunor/new/72211/01.jpg hunor/new/72211/02.jpg

Kit 72212 - MAV Tanker Wagon

hunor/new/72212/01.jpg hunor/new/72212/02.jpg hunor/new/72212/03.jpg

Kit 72213 - Open Wagon - (High Wall)

hunor/new/72213/01.jpg hunor/new/72213/02.jpg

Kit 72214 - Open Wagon - (Low Wall)

hunor/new/72214/01.jpg hunor/new/72214/02.jpg

Kit 72215 - MAV two axle passenger car

hunor/new/72215/01.jpg hunor/new/72215/02.jpg hunor/new/72215/03.jpg hunor/new/72215/04.jpg

Kit 72216 - MAV two axle medical car

hunor/new/72216/01.jpg hunor/new/72216/02.jpg hunor/new/72216/03.jpg hunor/new/72216/04.jpg

Kit 72220 - Flat Wagon - (Long)


Kit 72221 - Flat Wagon - (Long) with 2x Ford Truck


Kit 72225 - Railway Track - Straight (3 pieces)

hunor/new/72225/01.jpg hunor/new/72225/02.jpg

Kit 72226 - Railway Track - Straight (6 pieces)

hunor/new/72226/01.jpg hunor/new/72226/02.jpg

1/72 Civil Cars

Kit 72150 - Glaeser Steyr Cabrio

hunor/new/72150/01.jpg hunor/new/72150/02.jpg hunor/new/72150/03.jpg hunor/new/72150/04.jpg

Kit 72151 - Ford V8 Limousine

hunor/new/72151/01.jpg hunor/new/72151/02.jpg hunor/new/72151/03.jpg

Kit 72152 - Ford V8 Ambulance

hunor/new/72152/01.jpg hunor/new/72152/02.jpg

Hunor Easy - (Quick Built)
August 2017: "Out of Production"

Hunor is started with new series named "HUNOR EASY". The kits are for wargamers. The kits comes without Decals, PE parts and has few parts


hunor/he72001/01.jpg hunor/he72001/02.jpg hunor/he72001/03.jpg hunor/he72001/04.jpg hunor/he72001/05.jpg hunor/he72001/06.jpg



Kit HE003 - TOLDI I

hunor/he72003/01.jpg hunor/he72003/02.jpg hunor/he72003/03.jpg hunor/he72003/04.jpg hunor/he72003/05.jpg hunor/he72003/06.jpg hunor/he72003/07.jpg hunor/he72003/08.jpg

Kit HE004 - TOLDI II

hunor/he72004/01.jpg hunor/he72004/02.jpg hunor/he72004/03.jpg hunor/he72004/04.jpg hunor/he72004/05.jpg hunor/he72004/06.jpg




hunor/he72006/01.jpg hunor/he72006/02.jpg

Model built by Balazs Bognar

hunor/he72006/1/01.jpg hunor/he72006/1/02.jpg hunor/he72006/1/03.jpg hunor/he72006/1/04.jpg

Kits from old line

Kit 7201 - 44M Zrinyi Assault gun


Information Gergely Katona:
The Zrinyi kits with the 75mm an the 105 mm guns are the same kit, exept from the guns. The 44M Zrínyi I, incorporated a long 43M 75mm gun, but it did not pass the prototype stage. The 40/43M Zrínyi II was armed with a 40M 105mm L/20 howitzer.

Kit 7202 - 43M Zrinyi Assault gun

hunor/7202/01.jpg hunor/7202/02.jpg

Kit 7203 - 41M Turan Medium Tank


Kit 7204 - 41M Turan Heavy Tank


Kit 7205 - 38M Toldi Light Tank


Kit 7207 - M39 Csaba Armoured car - (normal version)

hunor/7207/01.jpg hunor/7207/02.jpg hunor/7207/03.jpg

Kit 7208- M39 Csaba Armoured car - (commander version with a smaller turret and aerial radio frame)

hunor/7208/01.jpg hunor/7208/02.jpg hunor/7208/03.jpg

Kit 7209- Conversion set for CV35 Doc Models to make a CV35 of Hungary army.

This kit contains the modifications for the Hungarian vehicle: Commander's coupola, 2 Gebauer machine guns and a redesigned machine gun shield

hunor/7209/01.jpg hunor/7209/02.jpg

Note Gergely Katona:
The kit has the other parts of this tankette, so it is a full set of the tankette, and I had just only bought the conversion set, sold separately in a plastic bag.

Kit 7210 - 38M Raba Botond


Kit 7211 - Zrinyi SPG with Side-Skirts


Kit 7212 - photo-etched side-skirts for the Turan kit - No picture

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