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# 5-28 Building Jun Du Caise no. 293 Ke Yuan 6th Road, Jiulongpo District, Chong Qing, postal code 400039, China

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1/72 scale Plastic Models

Kit FH3000 - Renault FT17 - (2 variants in the box)

Cast turret with Hotchkiss 8mm M1914 mg or Puteaux 37mm Artillery gun

flyhawk/fh3000/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/05.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/06.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/07.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/08.jpg

flyhawk/fh3000/1/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/1/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/1/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/1/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/1/05.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/1/06.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/1/07.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/1/08.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/1/09.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/1/10.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/1/11.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/1/12.jpg

flyhawk/fh3000/2/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/2/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/2/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/2/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/2/05.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/2/06.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/2/07.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/2/08.jpg

Model built by Roman Volchenkov

flyhawk/fh3000/3/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/3/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/3/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/3/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/3/05.jpg flyhawk/fh3000/3/06.jpg

For "Marc Mercier's / OTW" review FH3000 & FH3001 - Renault FT17 visit:

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For "Al Magnus / OTW" review FH3001 - Renault FT17 (rivetted turret) visit:

logo "On The Way" Website

Kit FH3001 - Renault FT17 - (2 variants in the box)

Rivetted turret with Hotchkiss 8mm M1914 mg or Puteaux 37mm Artillery gun

flyhawk/fh3001/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/05.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/06.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/07.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/08.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/09.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/10.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/11.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/12.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/13.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/14.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/15.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/16.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/17.jpg

Pictures Alex Clarck

flyhawk/fh3001/4/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/4/02.jpg

Pictures Flyhawk Model

flyhawk/fh3001/3/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/3/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/3/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/3/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/3/05.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/3/06.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/3/07.jpg

flyhawk/fh3001/1/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/1/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/1/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/1/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/1/05.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/1/06.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/1/07.jpg

flyhawk/fh3001/2/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/2/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/2/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/2/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/2/05.jpg

Built model by Bas Slaats

flyhawk/fh3001/5/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/5/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3001/5/03.jpg

For "Marc Mercier's / OTW" review FH3000 & FH3001 - Renault FT17 visit:

logo "On The Way" Website

Kit FH3002s - German Pz. Kpfw. II Ausf. L "Luchs" - (one figure included)

flyhawk/fh3002/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/05.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/06.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/07.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/08.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/09.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/10.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/11.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/12.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/15.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/16.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/14.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/17.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/13.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/18.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/19.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/20.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/21.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/22.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/23.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/24.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/25.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/26.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/27.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/28.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/29.jpg flyhawk/fh3002/30.jpg

For "HenkofHolland's / OTW" preview Kit FH3002S - German Pz. Kpfw. II Ausf. L "Luchs" visit:

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For "HenkofHolland's / MiniAFV" inbox preview Kit FH3002S - German Pz. Kpfw. II Ausf. L "Luchs" visit:

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For "Rob Haelterman's / OTW" preview / construction review Kit FH3002 - German Pz. Kpfw. II Ausf. L "Luchs" visit:

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Kit FH3003 - German Pz. Kpfw. II Ausf. L "Luchs" - (with Zusatzpanzerung / up-armoured)

flyhawk/fh3003/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3003/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3003/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3003/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3003/05.jpg flyhawk/fh3003/06.jpg flyhawk/fh3003/07.jpg flyhawk/fh3003/08.jpg flyhawk/fh3003/09.jpg flyhawk/fh3003/10.jpg flyhawk/fh3003/11.jpg flyhawk/fh3003/12.jpg flyhawk/fh3003/13.jpg flyhawk/fh3003/14.jpg flyhawk/fh3003/15.jpg flyhawk/fh3003/16.jpg flyhawk/fh3003/17.jpg flyhawk/fh3003/18.jpg flyhawk/fh3003/19.jpg flyhawk/fh3003/20.jpg flyhawk/fh3003/21.jpg flyhawk/fh3003/22.jpg

For "Rob Haelterman's / OTW" preview / preview Kit FH3003 - German Pz. Kpfw. II Ausf. L "Luchs" - up-armoured visit:

logo "On The Way" Website

For "F. Giovagnorio's / OTW" review / preview Kit FH3003 - German Pz. Kpfw. II Ausf. L "Luchs" - up-armoured visit:

logo "On The Way" Website

For "HenkofHolland's / MiniAFV" inbox preview Kit FH3003 - German Pz. Kpfw. II Ausf. L "Luchs" - up-armoured visit:

logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot

Kit FH3005 - German Pz. Kpfw. II Ausf. J

flyhawk/fh3005/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/05.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/06.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/07.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/08.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/09.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/10.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/11.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/12.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/13.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/14.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/15.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/16.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/17.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/18.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/19.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/20.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/21.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/22.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/23.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/24.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/25.jpg

The making process of Pz.Kpfw II Ausf J(VK16.01)

flyhawk/fh3005/2/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/2/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/2/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/2/04.jpg

Model built by Roman Volchenkov

flyhawk/fh3005/1/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/1/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/1/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/1/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/1/05.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/1/06.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/1/07.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/1/08.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/1/09.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/1/10.jpg flyhawk/fh3005/1/11.jpg

For "Al Magnus / OTW" review Kit FH3005 - German Pz. Kpfw. II Ausf. J visit:

logo "On The Way" Website

Kit FH3006 - German Pz. Kpfw. 1 Ausf. F (VK18.01) Late

Note: - The showed sprue pictures are from a pre production version, which are maybe minor different from the official edition

- packing: very strong double box, with the parts separate packed in foam
- Parts, very sharp casted, no sinkholes, no distorbing or flash
- Instruction manual, PE parts and decals.
- 2 separate figures made by "Caesar Miniatures" are enclosed

flyhawk/fh3006/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/05.jpg

Parts are packed in strong carton box with foam inside

flyhawk/fh3006/1/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/1/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/1/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/1/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/1/05.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/1/06.jpg

Sprue parts

flyhawk/fh3006/2/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/2/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/2/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/2/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/2/05.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/2/06.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/2/07.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/2/08.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/2/09.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/2/10.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/2/11.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/2/12.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/2/13.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/2/14.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/2/15.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/2/16.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/2/17.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/2/18.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/2/19.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/2/20.jpg

Decals, PE-fret and nylon cable

flyhawk/fh3006/3/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/3/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/3/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/3/04.jpg

Enclosed 2 figures which are made by Caesar Miniatures

flyhawk/fh3006/4/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/4/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/4/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/4/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/4/05.jpg

Built model by Augusto Versiani

flyhawk/fh3006/5/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/5/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/5/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/5/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3006/5/05.jpg

For "HenkofHolland's / MiniAFV" inbox preview Kit FH3006 - German Pz. Kpfw. 1 Ausf. F (VK18.01) Late visit:

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For "HenkofHolland / OTW" inbox preview Kit FH3006 - German Pz. Kpfw. 1 Ausf. F (VK18.01) Late visit:

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For "Rob Healterman's / OTW" construction review Kit FH3006 - German Pz. Kpfw. 1 Ausf. F (VK18.01) Late visit:

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For "Francesco Giovagnorio's / OTW" preview Kit FH3006 with FH3012 - German Pz. Kpfw. 1 Ausf. F (VK18.01) Late & Early visit:

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For "Al Magnus' / OTW" preview Kit FH3006 - German Pz. Kpfw. 1 Ausf. F (VK18.01) Late visit:

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Kit FH3012 - German Pz. Kpfw. 1 Ausf. F (VK18.01) Early - (With metal barrels)

flyhawk/fh3012/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/05.jpg

flyhawk/fh3012/1/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/1/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/1/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/1/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/1/05.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/1/06.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/1/07.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/1/08.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/1/09.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/1/10.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/1/11.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/1/12.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/1/13.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/1/14.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/1/15.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/1/16.jpg

Built model by Francesco Giovagnorio

flyhawk/fh3012/2/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/2/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/2/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/2/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3012/2/05.jpg


In comperison with Kit FH3006 - German Pz. Kpfw. 1 Ausf. F (VK18.01) Late version, most of the sprue's are identical
Different are:
- sprue H (picture 6) and sprue V in picture 11
- PE sheet and decals (pictures 14 & 15)
- 2 Metal barrels - (picture 16) - (don't smile, but it's are very small parts, please be carefull!!)
Sprue D is deleted - (in picture 11)

For "Francesco Giovagnorio's / OTW" preview Kit FH3012 - German Pz. Kpfw. 1 Ausf. F (VK18.01) Early visit:

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For "Murat Ozgul's / MiniAFV" pictures Kit FH3012 - German Pz. Kpfw. 1 Ausf. F (VK18.01) Early visit:

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Kit FH3013 - French Streetscape

The diorama set is for all tank series. Flyhawk Model has plans to do more diorama sets in the future.

flyhawk/fh3013/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3013/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3013/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3013/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3013/05.jpg flyhawk/fh3013/06.jpg flyhawk/fh3013/07.jpg flyhawk/fh3013/08.jpg flyhawk/fh3013/09.jpg flyhawk/fh3013/10.jpg

Kit FH3300 - M1A2 SEP Main Battle Tank

flyhawk/fh3300/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/05.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/06.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/07.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/08.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/09.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/10.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/11.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/12.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/13.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/14.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/15.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/16.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/17.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/18.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/19.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/20.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/21.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/22.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/23.jpg

Built model by Roger Fabrocini

flyhawk/fh3300/1/01.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/1/02.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/1/03.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/1/04.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/1/05.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/1/06.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/1/07.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/1/08.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/1/09.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/1/10.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/1/11.jpg flyhawk/fh3300/1/12.jpg

For "Francesco Giovagnorio's / OTW" preview and review Kit FH3300 - M1A2 SEP Main Battle Tank visit:

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logo "On The Way", website - (Review with pictures built model)

For "Bernd Heller's / Modellversium.de" preview Kit FH3300 - M1A2 SEP Main Battle Tank visit:

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1/72 scale PE sets with resin parts

Kit FH72000 - JGSDF Type 74
Conversion set for Trumpeter 07218, Pit-Road SG02

flyhawk/72000/01.jpg flyhawk/72000/02.jpg flyhawk/72000/03.jpg flyhawk/72000/04.jpg flyhawk/72000/05.jpg flyhawk/72000/06.jpg

Kit FH72001 - WWII German Tools and Holders

flyhawk/72001/01.jpg flyhawk/72001/02.jpg flyhawk/72001/03.jpg flyhawk/72001/04.jpg flyhawk/72001/05.jpg

Kit FH72002 - SdKfz. 182 Kingtiger (Henschel)
Conversion set for Dragon 7361, 7362, 7240and 7246

flyhawk/72002/01.jpg flyhawk/72002/02.jpg flyhawk/72002/03.jpg flyhawk/72002/04.jpg flyhawk/72002/05.jpg flyhawk/72002/06.jpg flyhawk/72002/07.jpg flyhawk/72002/08.jpg flyhawk/72002/09.jpg flyhawk/72002/10.jpg flyhawk/72002/11.jpg flyhawk/72002/12.jpg

Kit FH72003 - SdKfz. 186 Jagdtiger (Henschel)
Conversion set for Trumpeter 07293

flyhawk/72003/01.jpg flyhawk/72003/02.jpg flyhawk/72003/03.jpg flyhawk/72003/04.jpg flyhawk/72003/05.jpg flyhawk/72003/06.jpg flyhawk/72003/07.jpg flyhawk/72003/08.jpg flyhawk/72003/09.jpg flyhawk/72003/10.jpg flyhawk/72003/11.jpg flyhawk/72003/12.jpg

Kit FH72004 - SdKfz. 173 Jagdpanther


Kit FH72005 - SdKfz. 181 Tiger I - (initial production)

flyhawk/72004/01.jpg flyhawk/72004/02.jpg flyhawk/72004/03.jpg

Kit FH72006 - US Modern AFV Sets (1)


Kit FH72010 - Tiger 1 / Sturmtiger Fender, Skirts and Grill set.


Kit FH72011 - Panther / Jagdpanther Fender, Skirts and Grill set.

flyhawk/72011/01.jpg flyhawk/72011/02.jpg flyhawk/72011/03.jpg flyhawk/72011/04.jpg flyhawk/72011/05.jpg

Kit FH72012 - Kingtiger / Jagdtiger Fenders, Skirts and Grill sets

flyhawk/72012/01.jpg flyhawk/72012/02.jpg flyhawk/72012/03.jpg flyhawk/72012/04.jpg flyhawk/72012/05.jpg flyhawk/72012/06.jpg flyhawk/72012/07.jpg

Kit FH72013 - US M1046 HMMWV


Kit FH72018 - German Pz.Kpfw III Fender, Schurzen and Grill set


Kit FH72022 - Soviet JSU-152 SPG


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