DToys from Korea

A manufacturer from South Korea. This corporation has released in cooperation with Academy a line from high class kits. (Combikits Academy kits with upgraded resin parts)

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Kit DT72-001 - M1126 Stryker Wheel Set for Academy kit


Kit DT72-002 - M977 Cargo Truck Wheel Set


Kit DT72-003 - U.S. M978 Fuel Tanker

dtoys/DT72-003/01.jpg dtoys/DT72-003/02.jpg dtoys/DT72-003/03.jpg

Kit DT72-004 - M1127 Stryker RV

dtoys/DT72-004/01.jpg dtoys/DT72-004/02.jpg dtoys/DT72-004/03.jpg dtoys/DT72-004/04.jpg dtoys/DT72-004/05.jpg

Kit DT72-005 - M1128 Stryker MGS


Kit DT72-006 - M1134 Stryker ATGM


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