DRAGON - Plastic kits - Scale 1/144

Dragon-Models from Hong Kong

Dragon released also injection moulded military kits in scale 1/144.
The kits in this scale are also from high quality with a lot of details

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Kit 14001-4

dragon144/144set1-2.jpg dragon144/144-set1.jpg

Kit 14001 - Sturm-Tiger and Bergetiger

dragon144/144-set2-1.jpg dragon144/144-set2-2.jpg

Kit 14002 - Maus and Tiger I (early)

dragon144/144-set2-3.jpg dragon144/144-set2-4.jpg

Kit 14003 - E100 and Tiger I (Late)

dragon144/144-set1-1.jpg dragon144/144-set1-2.jpg

Kit 14004 - Light Tank 38(T) and Pz. IV Ausf. D

dragon144/144-set1-3.jpg dragon144/144-set1-4.jpg

Kit 14505-10

Set 5 - 54cm Morser : Loki" and artillery crew
Set 6 - 60cm Morser "Odin" and artillery crew
Set 7 - 54cm Morser "Thor" and Beobachtungs Panzer III Ausf. G
Set 8 - 60cm Morser "Ziu" and Beobachtungs Panther Ausf. G

dragon144/14501.jpg dragon144/14502.jpg dragon144/14507.jpg dragon144/14508.jpg

Inside of Set 8 box

dragon144/14508-2.jpg dragon144/14508-3.jpg dragon144/14508-4.jpg dragon144/14508-5.jpg dragon144/14508-6.jpg dragon144/14508-7.jpg

Kit 14005-08

Set 09 - Marder III and Marder III Ausf.M
Set 10 - Panzer II Ausf.B and Panzer III Ausf.E
Set 11 - Panzer IV Ausf.F2 and Panzer IV "Hornisse"
Set 12 - Panther G Early and Panzer IV Nashorn

dragon144/144-05.jpg dragon144/144-07.jpg dragon144/144-08.jpg dragon144/144-11.jpg

Kit 14503-04

Kit 14503 - 28 cm K5E Railway Gun "Leopold" and artillery crew

dragon144/14503/01.jpg dragon144/14503/02.jpg dragon144/14503/03.jpg dragon144/14503/04.jpg

Kit 14504 - 28 cm K5E Railway Gun "Leopold" and artillery crew

dragon144/14504/01.jpg dragon144/14504/02.jpg dragon144/14504/03.jpg dragon144/14504/04.jpg dragon144/14504/05.jpg

Kit 14509-10

Set 15 - Morser "Karl" on railway carrier - with optional barrels
Set 16 - Morser "Karl" with munition-schlepper Pz. IV

dragon144/14509.jpg dragon144/14510.jpg

Kit 14021-24

Kit 14021 - Tank carryingcar with 38(T) and Railway Flatbed

dragon144/14021/01.jpg dragon144/14021/02.jpg dragon144/14021/03.jpg

Kit 14022 - Plattformwagen with Pz. III Ausf. F and railway Gondola

dragon144/14022/01.jpg dragon144/14022/02.jpg dragon144/14022/03.jpg

Kit 14023 - Artillerywagen and Boxwagen

dragon144/14023/01.jpg dragon144/14023/02.jpg dragon144/14023/03.jpg

Kit 14024 - Infanteriewagen and Kommandowagen

dragon144/14024/01.jpg dragon144/14024/02.jpg dragon144/14024/03.jpg

Kit 14025-28

Set 25 - Leopard 1A4 and Leopard 1A5
Set 26 - Leopard 2A4 and Leopard 2A5
Set 27 - Leopard 2A6 and M113A3
Set 28 - Challenger II and Warrior

dragon144/144-25.jpg dragon144/144-26.jpg dragon144/144-27.jpg dragon144/144-28.jpg

Kit 14037-40

Set 23 - AS90 and Challenger 2
Set 24 - M2A2 and MLRS
Set 25 - M113A3 and M3A2
Set 26 - M1A2 and M109A6

dragon144/14037.jpg dragon144/14038.jpg dragon144/14039.jpg dragon144/14040.jpg

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