Review of 1/72 Doc-Models from Italy

Doc-Models, normally a resin-manufacturer, has now released some injection moulded plastic kits. The kits are of a very high quality in casting and fine detailing.
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Doc-Models 1/72 plastic kits

Kit 72001 - CV-33 Italian Light Tank

docmod/72001/01.jpg docmod/72001/02.jpg docmod/72001/03.jpg docmod/72001/04.jpg docmod/72001/05.jpg docmod/72001/06.jpg

docmod/72001/1/01.jpg docmod/72001/1/02.jpg docmod/72001/1/03.jpg

Model built by unknown

docmod/72001/2/01.jpg docmod/72001/2/02.jpg docmod/72001/2/03.jpg docmod/72001/2/04.jpg

For an "Florin David" review about kit 72001 - CV-33 Italian Light Tank visit:

logo "1-72depot.com" Website

For "JyeHang Kau's / eternityomega.blog" pictures built Kit 72001 - CV-33 Italian Light Tank, visit:

logo "JyeHang Kau" Blog

Kit 72002 - CV-35 Italian Light Tank

docmod/72002/01.jpg docmod/72002/02.jpg

Model built by Luciano Marcuzzi

docmod/72002/03.jpg docmod/72002/04.jpg docmod/72002/05.jpg

Kit 72011 - AB-41

docmod/72011/01.jpg docmod/72011/02.jpg docmod/72011/03.jpg docmod/72011/04.jpg docmod/72011/05.jpg docmod/72011/06.jpg docmod/72011/07.jpg

Doc-Models 1/72 resin kits

Quality me unknown - Who can help me with pictures from built models?

Kit 72200 - Fiat 626 NML
Kit 72202 - Trailer
Kit 72204 - Closed sheet for Fiat 626 NML
Kit 72208 - Fiat 626 NML with closed sheet

docmod/72200.jpg docmod/72202.jpg docmod/72204.jpg docmod/72208.jpg

Kit 72212 - Fiat 626 Ambulance
Kit 72213 - Fiat 626 NML Tank+Trailer Tank Mu
Kit 72220 - Fiat 626 Oven/Cooken
Kit 72230 - Fiat 626 "corriera" (bus)

docmod/72212.jpg docmod/72213.jpg docmod/72220.jpg docmod/72230/01.jpg

Kit 72260 - Fiat 626 NML with Italian Colonial Troops
Kit 72261 - Fiat 626 NML with Italian Troops and Fittings
Kit 72262 - Fiat 626 NML with Breda 20/65 AA and Italian Artillery men

docmod/72260.jpg docmod/72261.jpg docmod/72262.jpg

Kit 72300 - Lancia
Kit 72304 - tilt for Lancia
Kit 72308 - Lancia with closed sheet

docmod/72300/01.jpg docmod/72304/01.jpg docmod/72308/01.jpg

Kit 72312 - Lancia 3Ro with gun 90/53 in emplacement
Kit 72313 - Lancia 3Ro with gun 90/53 equipped for transport
Kit 72314 - Gun 90/53

docmod/72312/01.jpg docmod/72313/01.jpg docmod/72314/01.jpg

Kit 72320 - Lancia 3Ro Workshop truck


Kit 72400 - TL 37


For an "Stephen Brezinski" review about kit Ace 72282 vs Doc Models 72400 - Trattore Leggero TL-37 visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72402 - TL 37 with Kitchen Trailer
Kit 72408 - TL 37 With Sheet

docmod/72400-1.jpg docmod/72402.jpg docmod/72408.jpg

Kit 72403 - Kitchen Trailer
Kit 72404 - Trailer with sheet
Kit 72405 - Trailer without sheet

docmod/72403.jpg docmod/72404.jpg docmod/72405.jpg

Kit 72410 - Tractor TM 40 with closed sheet
Kit 72411 - Tractor TM 40 with open sheet

docmod/72410/01.jpg docmod/72411/01.jpg

Kit 72500 - AS 37 "SAHARIANO"


For an "Stephen Brezinski" review about kit 72400 - AS 37 Sahariano visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72600 - DOVUNQUE 35

docmod/72600/01.jpg docmod/72600/02.jpg

Finished model by Luciano Marcuzzi

docmod/72600/1/01.jpg docmod/72600/1/02.jpg docmod/72600/1/03.jpg docmod/72600/1/04.jpg docmod/72600/1/05.jpg docmod/72600/1/06.jpg docmod/72600/1/07.jpg docmod/72600/1/08.jpg docmod/72600/1/09.jpg

Kit 72606 - DOVUNQUE Protected


For more information and other (new) kits, visit:

(Choose Militar Vehicles - Doc Military - 1/72)

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