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Kit KR7201 - K-Wagen German Giant WWI Tank


For an "Tony Ivey" review about kit KR7201 - K-Wagen visit:

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Kit KR7202 - Schwerer Minenraumer Alket


Kit KR7203 - Pz-II Luchs SdKfz.123 - early version

Kora/7203/01.jpg Kora/7203/02.jpg Kora/7203/03.jpg

For an "On The Way" review about kit KR7203 - Pz-II Luchs SdKfz.123 - early version visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit KR7204 - Pz-II Luchs SdKfz.123 - late version
Kit KR7205 - A7V German WWI Tank - (Rochling) Early-version
Kit KR7206 - A7V German WWI Tank - (Krupp) Mid-version

Kora/KR7204.jpg Kora/KR7205.jpg Kora/KR7206.jpg

Kit KR7207 - A7V German WWI Tank - (Krupp) Late-version

Kora/7207/01.jpg Kora/7207/02.jpg Kora/7207/03.jpg Kora/7207/04.jpg Kora/7207/05.jpg Kora/7207/06.jpg

Kit KR7208 - Maresal M-05 - Rumanion Tank Hunter
Kit KR7209 - E-25 German Jagdpanzer
Kit KR7210 - E-10 German Jagdpanzer

Kora/KR7208.jpg Kora/KR7209.jpg Kora/KR7210.jpg

Kit KR7211 - ADGZ Armoured Car


Built model by Tomas Hrdlicka

Kora/7211/1/01.jpg Kora/7211/1/02.jpg Kora/7211/1/03.jpg Kora/7211/1/04.jpg

Kit KR7212 - Cristie Tank T3


Kit KR7213 - Tatra OA vz 30 Armoured Car


Kit KR7214 - Skoda T32 tankhunter

Kora/7214/01.jpg Kora/7214/02.jpg Kora/7214/03.jpg Kora/7214/04.jpg Kora/7214/05.jpg Kora/7214/06.jpg

For an "Miro Baric" review about kit KR7214 - Skoda T32 tankhunter visit:

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Kit KR7215 - VW type 155 Ausf.III Snowtracks
Kit KR7216 - VW type 155 Ausf.IV Snowtracks
Kit KR7217 - Panzer IV L70A "Zwischenlosung"
Kit KR7218 - VW Kubelwagen Panzer Atrappe

Kora/KR7215.jpg Kora/KR7216.jpg Kora/KR7217.jpg Kora/KR7218.jpg

Kit KR7219 - Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar late
Kit KR7220 - Schw. Plattformwagen type Ssyms
Kit KR7221 - Waffentrager "Ardelt"
Kit KR7222 - Tatra DM4-440001 Mod.1944 Kyklops
Kit KR7223 - Tatra DM3-30001 Mod.1930

Kora/KR7219.jpg Kora/KR7220.jpg Kora/KR7221.jpg Kora/KR7222.jpg Kora/KR7223.jpg

Kit KR7224 - Hanomag SS100 LN

Kora/7224/01.jpg Kora/7224/02.jpg

Kit KR7225 - Panzer I Ausf.A


Kit KR7226 - Lebedenko Tsar Tank

Kora/KR7226.jpg Kora/KR7226-1.jpg Kora/KR7226-2.jpg Kora/KR7226-3.jpg Kora/KR7226-4.jpg

Kit KR7227 - Mendeleyev Tank - Russian first project tank

Kora/7227/01.jpg Kora/7227/02.jpg Kora/7227/03.jpg Kora/7227/04.jpg

Built model by Jaroslav Kotlaba

Kora/7227/1/01.jpg Kora/7227/1/02.jpg Kora/7227/1/03.jpg Kora/7227/1/04.jpg

For an "Doug Edsall / OTW" preview about kit KR7227 - Mendeleyev Tank visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit KR7228 - BMM Jagdpanzer 38(T) STARR


Kit KR7229 - BMM Jagdpanzer 38(T) first Hetzer variant


Kit KR7230 - A4/V2 with Meilerwagen and SS100 Hanomag Tractor

Kora/7230/01.jpg Kora/7230/02.jpg Kora/7230/03.jpg Kora/7230/04.jpg Kora/7230/08.jpg Kora/7230/06.jpg Kora/7230/07.jpg Kora/7230/05.jpg

Kit KR7231 - Hanomag SS100 LN - Holzgasvarianat


Kit KR7232 - triple AA railway wagen

Kora/KR7232.jpg Kora/KR7232-1.jpg Kora/KR7232-2.jpg Kora/KR7232-3.jpg Kora/KR7232-4.jpg Kora/KR7232-5.jpg

Kit KR7233 - Hanomag SS50 Tractor

Kora/KR7233.jpg Kora/KR7233-1.jpg Kora/KR7233-2.jpg

Kit KR7234 - Jagpanzer G-13 - (Swiss Service)


Kit KR7236 - Kleiner Panzerbefehlswagen Ausf.A (SdKfz.265)


Kit KR7237 - Austro Daimler ADGZ - Tatra vz30 and figures

Kora/KR7237.jpg Kora/KR7237-1.jpg Kora/KR7237-2.jpg Kora/KR7237-3.jpg Kora/KR7237-4.jpg Kora/KR7237-5.jpg Kora/KR7237-6.jpg Kora/KR7237-7.jpg Kora/KR7237-8.jpg

Kit KR7238 - Flakpanzer 38(D) Kugelblitz

Kora/7238/01.jpg Kora/7238/02.jpg Kora/7238/03.jpg Kora/7238/04.jpg Kora/7238/05.jpg

For an "Miro Baric" review about kit KR7238 - Flakpanzer 38(D) Kugelblitz visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit KR7239 - 10.5cm Stuh 42/2 Ausf.F - Jagdpanzer 38(D)


Kit KR72200 - Siebel Lizensbau Focke-Wulf TA 152H-I und raketensegelflugseug fur Mistel Konfiguration


Conversion parts & Accessoires

Kit KRA7201 - Sdkfz 251/20 UHU conversion
Kit KRA7202 - 37mm Flakpanzer Coelian conv.
Kit KRA7203 - 37mm Flakpanzer Coelian conv.
Kit KRA7204 - 3cm Flakpanzer Kugelblitz

Kora/KRA7201.jpg Kora/KRA7202.jpg Kora/KRA7203.jpg Kora/KRA7204.jpg

Kit KRA7205 - Sdkfz 251/21 drilling

Kora/KRA/7205/01.jpg Kora/KRA/7205/02.jpg Kora/KRA/7205/03.jpg Kora/KRA/7205/04.jpg Kora/KRA/7205/05.jpg

For "Rob Healterman's / OTW" review of Kit KRA7205 - Sdkfz 251/21 drilling visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit KRA7206 - T34 with 2cm drilling


Kit KRA7207 - T34 V2 engine + transmission set

Kora/KRA/7207/01.jpg Kora/KRA/7207/02.jpg Kora/KRA/7207/03.jpg

Kit KRA7208 - 5,5cm Flakzwilling (Krupp) for Panther
Kit KRA7209 - 5,5cm Flakzwilling Gerät 58

Kora/KRA7209.jpg Kora/KRA7209.jpg

Kit KRA7210 - FA172 Detail Conversion Set for Acadamy Ground Kit (3 types)

Kora/ac7210/01.jpg Kora/ac7210/02.jpg Kora/ac7210/03.jpg Kora/ac7210/04.jpg Kora/ac7210/05.jpg Kora/ac7210/06.jpg

Kit KRA7212 - Jagdpanzer E-100

Kora/KRA/7212/01.jpg Kora/KRA/7212/02.jpg Kora/KRA/7212/03.jpg Kora/KRA/7212/04.jpg

For an "David Lodge" review about kit KRA7212 - Jagdpanzer E-100 visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit KRA7213 - Flakzwilling E-100 - 8.8 cm

Kora/KRA/7213/01.jpg Kora/KRA/7213/02.jpg Kora/KRA/7213/03.jpg Kora/KRA/7213/04.jpg

For an "David Lodge" review about kit KRA7213 - Flakzwilling E-100 - 8.8 cm visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit KRA7214 - 3.7cm flakpanzer "Coelian" Turret for Panther

Kora/KRA7214.jpg Kora/KRA7214-1.jpg Kora/KRA7214-2.jpg

Kit KRW7201 - Kaiten-1 - Japanese Special Suicide Submarine
Kit KRW7202 - Kaiten II/IV - Japanese Special Suicide Submarine
Kit KRW7203 - Neger - German controlled Torpedo with car
Kit KRW7204 - Marder - German controlled Torpedo with car
Kit KRW7205 - Schwertal-1 - German Submarine Fighter
Kit KRW7206 - Schwertal-2 - German Submarine Fighter
Kit KRW7207 - Kairyu - Japanse submarine
Kit KRW7208 - Ukanamono - Japanese Special Submarine

Kora/W7201.jpg Kora/W7202.jpg Kora/W7203.jpg Kora/W7204.jpg Kora/W7205.jpg Kora/W7206.jpg Kora/W7207.jpg Kora/W7208.jpg

Kit KRW7209 - German Torpedo G7e
Kit KRW7210 - Japanese Type A Midget Submarine
Kit KRW7211 - Japanese Submarine "Shinkai"

Kora/W7209.jpg Kora/W7209-1.jpg Kora/KRW7210.jpg Kora/KRW7211.jpg

Kit KRW7240 - Railway transporter voor German V2/A4 Missele

Kora/KRW7240.jpg Kora/KRW7240-1.jpg Kora/KRW7240-2.jpg

Kit KRW7276 - "Little Boy" US Atomic Bomb with transportcar
Kit KRW7277 - "Fat Man" US Atomic Bomb with transportcar

Kora/KR7276.jpg Kora/KR7277.jpg

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