Peter BUNDERLA - Part Three

Presentation of models from Peter Bunderla from Australia

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K-18 170mm - SHQ, K-18 210mm - MRS
150mm Sig33- Milicast, Langer Morser 210mm - SHQ, K-18 100mm - SHQ
Pak 43/41 - Hincliff, Pak 38 50mm - Alby, Pak 38/97 75mm & Pak 50 short - Alby
Russian Guns; M31 203mm tracked howitzer - Hincliffe, M39(r) 76.2mm

Bunderla-3/224.jpg Bunderla-3/201.jpg Bunderla-3/202.jpg Bunderla-3/210.jpg

Toldi types 1, 2 & 3 - Ostmodels
BT-42 and Vickers T26/E in Finish service - Ostmodels
Samochod Pancherny Ford Tc A/C - RPM, TKS with 20mm gun - Ostmodels

Bunderla-3/206.jpg Bunderla-3/209.jpg Bunderla-3/207.jpg

French Partisans with Citroen 2CV - Resinmaster
Citroen 2CV - S&M models
Jagdpanzer Maricel (French) - FCM, T-15 - Ostmodels, SAFRC 47mm - Ostmodels

Bunderla-3/211.jpg Bunderla-3/212.jpg Bunderla-3/208.jpg

AMC P16/M29 - ITA, Lafflet & White 80AM - CromwellModels, Unic P7 - Alby
Laffley W15 TCC 47mm, Laffley W15C - Alby
Schneider WWI - RetroModels
Char D-2 - unknown, Somua S-35 - Ostmodels

Bunderla-3/213.jpg Bunderla-3/214.jpg Bunderla-3/215.jpg Bunderla-3/216.jpg

Wurzburg Riese Fuse-65 - Extratech
Horch Ambulance, Horch 69 flak 38, Horch 69 Staffcar, Kfz.15 E - scratchbuilding
Panzerfahre - FCM, Landwasserschlepper - GMSC
Panther G Prototype VK3002 (Daimler Benz., Sonderfahrgestell with 88mm flak 36 - CromwellModels,

Bunderla-3/217.jpg Bunderla-3/218.jpg Bunderla-3/219.jpg Bunderla-3/222.jpg

Lauster-Wargel LW-5, Alkett minenraumer - FCM
Krupp Minenraumer S - FCM

Bunderla-3/221.jpg Bunderla-3/223.jpg

Staghound with Crusader turret, Staghound Frazer Nasher AA turret, Staghound MKI - CromwellModels
Coventry MKI & Coventry MKII - Milicast
Covenanter hull - Matador, Turret and tracks - Airfix

Bunderla-3/203.jpg Bunderla-3/204.jpg Bunderla-3/205.jpg

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