Peter BUNDERLA - Part Two

Presentation of models from Peter Bunderla from Australia

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Maus conversion with Sturmmorser - conversion
E-100 Crocodile
E-100 Crocodile STUH with 21cm

Bunderla-2/001a.jpg Bunderla-2/002a.jpg Bunderla-2/003a.jpg Bunderla-2/004a.jpg Bunderla-2/005a.jpg

Maus - Maus with twin 88mm with Sturm-Maus (manufacturer Cromwell-Models)
E100 - E100 with twin 88mm with Crocodile - manufacturer FCM (Fine Cast Models)
German Pz.Kpfw-753(r) with 7.5 Kwk 40 - Pz.Kpfw-754(r) - Pz.Kpfw-753(r)1/1A - manufacturer PST-Models

Bunderla-2/b20.jpg Bunderla-2/006a.jpg Bunderla-2/007a.jpg Bunderla-2/008a.jpg

German SPW 38(d) Prototype - Production version - manufacturer FCM
German Sd.Kfz 222 (New Art) with Puma Turret 20mm KwK - Puma Turret Standard - manufacturer Cromwell-Models
German E-25 - manufacturer Cromwell Models - Vac-U-Cast
German Waffentrager 38D with 88mm - Krupp-Steyer with 88mm - manufacturer FCM

Bunderla-2/009a.jpg Bunderla-2/010a.jpg Bunderla-2/011a.jpg Bunderla-2/012a.jpg

German Jagdpanzer 38(d) with Paw 1000 - manufacturer FCM
German SWS with UHU, Munition-carrier with Rocket-Launcher
German Einheits-Diesels - Einheits-Diesels Kfz.61 - Manufacturer ZV-Models
German 8x8 Man Pioneer (FCM) - Sd.Kfz. 247A (SMA) - CMP 15cwt "Kubel" (wespe 72011)

Bunderla-2/013a.jpg Bunderla-2/014a.jpg Bunderla-2/015a.jpg Bunderla-2/016a.jpg

German Man F4 (Wespe Models) - Faun ZR (Planet) -Styer 1500 (Alby)
German Rad Schlepper Ost (RSO) Skoda - manufacturer ExtraTech
German Bussing Nag 900L with 88mm - manufacturer Mars

Bunderla-2/017a.jpg Bunderla-2/018a.jpg Bunderla-2/019a.jpg

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