Peter BUNDERLA - Part One

Presentation of models from Peter Bunderla from Australia

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Zis-44 ambulance - scratchbuild AER kit
Zis-33 halftrack - AER truck with Ostmodels halftrack parts
KV-II - PST hull with Vacum Cast Turret
KV-II - PST HULL and Turret with 107mm Naval gun
STZ-5 & STZ-5 with Katiusha - Ostmodels

Bunderla-1/b01.jpg Bunderla-1/b02.jpg Bunderla-1/b03.jpg Bunderla-1/b04.jpg Bunderla-1/b05.jpg

BT-8 - manufacturer Ostmodels
KV-1 E - manufacturer PST
SU-100 - manufacturer AER
T-44 - manufacturer Resinmaster

Bunderla-1/b06.jpg Bunderla-1/b07.jpg Bunderla-1/b08.jpg Bunderla-1/b09.jpg Bunderla-1/b10.jpg

T-34 with flak 38 (German Service) - AER hull, other wheels & Resinmaster turret
Sam Missile, trailer, Rocket and Launcher - Resinmaster - truck conversion Zil-157 Omega-K

Bunderla-1/b11.jpg Bunderla-1/b12.jpg Bunderla-1/b13.jpg Bunderla-1/b14.jpg Bunderla-1/b15.jpg

JS-III - hull from Airfix, Track-units and barrel from PST, turret from Skytrex
T-62 - hull from Esci, wheels from Resinmaster
SWS with UHU - U.S. Casts with updated wheels

Bunderla-1/b16.jpg Bunderla-1/b17.jpg Bunderla-1/b18.jpg Bunderla-1/b19.jpg

V2 with trailer and truck - SS100 Hanomag and Meilerwagon from Resinmaster, V2 Rocket from Condor
V2 Unit; trailer and V2 on Meilerwagon, Opel Kraftstof tankers and SdKfz.7 command/fire vehicle
Syrian and Egypt SAU-122 on T-34 chassis - manufacturer AER with wheels from Resinmaster
Amphibious Tracked Landing Vehicle KA-TSU - Manufacturer Ostmodels

Bunderla-1/b21.jpg Bunderla-1/220.jpg Bunderla-1/b22.jpg Bunderla-1/b23.jpg

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